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Creeping as silently as he could through the shadows, Nuada clung to the walls' every shadow. It hadn't proven too difficult to escape from his cell; all it had taken was a few softly uttered spells, and the door had flown open of its own accord. Although, he had to admit that he was slightly disappointed in the B.P.R.D.'s security. It seemed that the organization hadn't even bothered to change the defense measures from the last time he broke into the facility. "Humans," he muttered underneath his breath. They were never ones to admit their ignorance, no matter how obvious it was. And that was yet another reason he despised the damned species. How could a race so demented, so boorish, actually pose a threat to the most ancient and powerful races of the world?

It was as Nuada seethed in the shadows that he suddenly heard a deafening crash come down the hallway. Pieces of debris shot through the hall as an unseen force threw a familiar red blur through the wall nearest Nuada. As various profanities could be heard through the hole in the wall, Nuada narrowed his eyes in contempt. One did not have to wonder long to figure out that it was that blasted demon that had passed by him. The question was, who had thrown him? Deciding not to stay long enough to find out, Nuada resumed his sneaking through the shadows. Escaping this place was at the top of the prince's priorities now. Enough of his time had been wasted in the presence of simpletons.

"Freeze!" a harsh voice suddenly shouted behind him. Narrowing his eyes in disdain, Nuada clenched his fists in preparation for the oncoming battle. Turning around to face his opponents, the prince found himself face-to-face with what seemed to be the B.P.R.D.'s entire security force. Each guard was armed with at least one gun, while a few were supplied with enormous hand-cannons.

"It's good to see that you've learned to start taking more precautionary measures," he sneered.

"Your Majesty, it would be in your best interest if you willingly returned to your cell," one guard said gruffly, adjusting his gun. "We have been ordered to take action if you fail to comply."

"Comply, you say?" Nuada repeated, slightly cocking his head to the side. Suddenly, his expression began to darken. "Why would you even fantasize that I would care to obey your race?" he spat.

"I didn't want this to get messy, Your Highness, but you brought this on yourself." Raising his weapon point-blank at Nuada's head, the soldier jumped when he felt a heavy appendage clap itself on his shoulder.

"Bert," Red said casually, pulling out a cigar from the folds of his coat.


"What the hell do you think you're doing?" he murmured in the same calm tone as before, lighting his cigar. "On second thought, let me get some facts straight. You want him to come with you, right?"


"And he ain't?"


"And you're going to shoot him, right?"

"Boss's orders."

Heaving an exasperated sigh, Red casually blew a ring of smoke into Bert's face. "One more question. Whose room is over there, right where you're about to shoot?"

"Erm… yours?"

"Someone give this man a cookie," he muttered. "Now, let me tell you why it wouldn't be a good idea to shoot there— AND STAY WHERE YOU ARE, TWINKLE TOES!" Hellboy roared as Nuada attempted to make his subtle escape. With over a dozen guns trained on him once more, Nuada crossed his arms and settled for glaring at his enemy. "Now, where was I? Oh yeah, the list. First thing's first, there's the Missus. She'll get mad at me. Then, first and a half, there's the cats. Then the kids. And here's the million-dollar-question… What the hell are you thinking?"

"Look, it's not my problem. Orders are orders," Bert shrugged.

"It's not my problem," Red mimicked underneath his breath. "Well, how about this then? I take care of Fancy-Pants over here, and you take your damn guns to the other side of the damn building before one of my damn kids gets shot from a misfire? Deal?"

Managing to glare at Red for a solid fifteen seconds before backing down, Bert muttered, "You heard him, men. Let's go." As the guards trudged collectively down the hall, Nuada noticed the demon rub the bridge of his nose in frustration.

"Sorry about them. Security around here is not really known for being that bright." Heading off in the direction opposite of Nuada's cell, Hellboy turned back toward the elf. "You comin'?"

"… You're not taking me back?"

"Nah. Well, not just yet anyway. Manning's gonna blow a gasket if you're not there when he checks up. Until then, though, come step inside for awhile," Red said, gesturing for Nuada to enter the gaping hole that now acted as a second door to his room. "Wanna come in?"



"Are you really so foolish to usher an enemy into your own quarters? Have you honestly learned so little in these years, demon?" Nuada fumed in frustration.

Pausing by his room, Hellboy slowly turned toward the elf. "Look, I'm going to be painfully honest here. You're no threat anymore. If anything, you need our protection now."

"You insolent-"

"Hey, let's play nice," he said, wagging a finger. "Now, do ya wanna come in or not?"

Muttering darkly, Nuada begrudgingly entered his former-foe's room that smelled distinctly of cat and alcohol.