Author's Note: I was watching Cyclonia Rising, Parts 1 and 2 again, when this idea hit me. I though, how cool would that be?

This takes place after Cyclonia Rising, Part 2, as if all the things in the episode happened except for the fact that the Dark Ace is not killed, only transported to the Far Side, too.

I do not own the Storm Hawks. If I did, there would probably be way too much romance, Cyclonis would win every time, and Season 3 would already be up and running!


Master Cyclonis was cold, tired, hungry, and overall miserable, but she kept trudging on. She had seen a fire in this valley, and if it was who she thought it was, her life was about to get a lot easier.

One more ridge, and she was there. It was his familiar form: tall, muscular, the black hair. The Dark Ace had survived, and he had been transported to the Far Side by the huge blast of energy. "Hey," she said tiredly.

He whirled around, and she was surprised to see anger, not the usual respect, in his crimson eyes. His blade came out. "The only reason you're alive right now is that I need your Binding powers to defeat the Storm Hawk brats," he growled.

She cursed herself for misjudging his anger. The last thing she needed was rebellion from her most trusted Talon. She was cold and tired, and she wanted to sit down at his campfire, not fight him.

She let her cloak fall to the ground and whirled her staff, blasting him backwards. "Remember your place, Dark Ace," she hissed, lifting him in the air with her crystal energy. She threw him to the ground.

"Yes, Master," he grumbled. He stood up, dusting himself off, and sat back down next to his fire. Cyclonis stood awkwardly for a few seconds, then, realizing that she wasn't going to get an invitation, sat down next to him. He reluctantly handed her a bowl of stew.

In other circumstances, she would have been disgusted by the coarse fare, but she hadn't eaten in days, so she eagerly gulped it down. Dark Ace silently watched her eat.

When she was done, he took back the bowl, cleaned it, and packed it back up. She sat staring into the fire.

"So those Storm Hawks beat us again," he began. She didn't reply. "I'm going to get another shot at them, right?"

She glared at him. "Sure, we can fight them as many times as we want, until we're tired of being defeated and barely getting away. That's all that will happen, you know!"

His eyes flashed. "I could beat that stupid brat if you wouldn't keep failing at Binding!"

Cyclonis cast down her eyes. "That's the problem," she whispered. "I'll never be as good at Binding as that stupid girl Piper. I'll never reach Perfect Attunement."

"I don't see why not," Dark Ace replied. "You're already a superior Crystal Mage."

"Dark Ace," she said softly, "to reach perfect attunement with someone, you both have to be in love. Completely and totally in love."

The Dark Ace reeled back in surprise. He wasn't sure what he was expecting, but it certainly wasn't that.

"Aerrow and Piper are in love. Can't we use that against them?" Dark Ace asked.

"No," Cyclonis replied. "We don't have the power to defeat them and kidnap one. With their Perfect Attunement, they're unbeatable."

The Dark Ace sat in silence for a minute, but there was only one conclusion to reach. "Then we'll just have to find our own Perfect Attunement," he said, bringing his face close to hers.

Cyclonis scooted back. "Dark Ace…" she warned.

"What?" he asked, smirking. "You're willing to destroy Terra Atmosia to get those Storm Hawks, and you're afraid of one kiss?"

She stood abruptly. "I'm going to sleep," she said. "You can take first watch, or whatever, but I want to be alone."

The Far Side was strange and beautiful. The sky had so many stars, and the nights weren't as dark. Piper had been there for only two days, and she was already in love with it.

She felt great. After two weeks of being sick, tired, and miserable for every waking moment, she was back to normal. In fact, she was better than normal; she felt more cheerful and energized than ever before.

The team noticed, too. It wasn't that she was any less strict or responsible, but now, she giggled along with Finn at his jokes before she ordered him to be quiet, and she hadn't complained once at Junko's cooking.

Stork thought that the Binding was turning her crazy, and that she was doomed. She giggled at that one, too.

Aerrow had been way less distant than usual. With their skimmers in reconstruction, it was they who had to fly around looking for Cyclonis. As fun as it was to ride the skimmers, Piper had grown to love the free feeling of soaring through the air with her favorite Sky Knight. She thought that Aerrow did, too, but she wasn't sure.

She had never really been sure what he thought of her: was she just a friend, or like a sister? But she did know how she felt about him; ever since she had first laid eyes on him, she had been in love.


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