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Cyclonis's Point of View

Aerrow smiled, his quirky little half-grin that used to annoy me so much. Now, I found that I didn't really care. It didn't bother me that he was right, or that he had won. You see, in the end, he had won. After we explained our situation to him, it was obvious that we had no supplies, no secret hidden doomsday weapons, and no backup. He could do with us whatever he wished. So far, all he had done was escort us into the Condor to talk things over more with everyone.

Although, another thing we lacked was any inclination towards evil. I guess true love does that to you, but I feel so happy, so safe with Ace, that I'm willing to give up everything.

I'm willing to give up the world.

"So, what are the two of you going to do?" the Sky Knight asked. My violet eyes narrowed. Was he taunting us? "You have no home, nowhere to go, no lives waiting for you. No one even knows you're alive. I'm curious—what's your big plan?"

Now I was sure that he was mocking us. I searched my head for a witty retort, but my mind became annoyingly blank. The only thing I had to offer was the truth.

Oh, well. My days of lying were over. Even if these children were my enemies, they were honorable people. They were good warriors. It shouldn't matter if I seemed weak to them. I wasn't fighting anymore; I was allowed to be weak.

I clung to Ace's arm, drawing strength from his proximity, before admitting to my nemeses one of the things that scared me the most. "I have no plan. I don't know what to do."

Their mouths dropped down, and they stood there gaping for a few minutes. I was surprised they believed me enough to be so shocked.

Dark Ace broke the awkward silence. "We're done fighting. We wanted to settle down somewhere peaceful, and live out our lives helping, creating, inventing, and rebuilding. We're done with war, and destruction. Do with us as you will, but please—all we want is to live our lives in peace."

Piper, the crystal mage and navigator, my greatest rival, my "best friend," stepped forward, eyes flashing. "Do you think that all of the people whose lives you destroyed wanted anything other that to live in peace? Did you think of that before you destroyed their homes and enslaved them in your factories and mines? What gives you the right to a second chance?"

I sighed. Again, only the truth would suffice. "We have no right to a second chance. The evils we have committed are unforgivable, and we realize that. We will face whatever punishment you choose to give us." I stood proud, holding my chin high, but inside I was more scared than ever before. Would they kill us? Torture us? Throw us in a prison and leave us to rot? I squeezed Ace's hand tighter. Whatever they threw at us, we would face it together. They couldn't take us away from each other, and therefore, there was nothing they could do to hurt us.

So when Aerrow stepped forward, giving his little half-smile, I didn't know whether to be worried or relieved. He extended his hand. "We also don't know what the future holds. The Farside is a strange place to us. I, for one, say that we could use a lot of help. Will you join us?"

I looked at his reassuring gaze. Behind him, the Merb face-palmed; I guess he was paranoid about what sort of diseases I might bring on the ship. The Wallop smiled encouragingly at me. The blonde smart-alek had his mouth open in complete and total surprise.

My eyes flew to her face. Of all the Storm Hawks, she was the one I had opened my heart to, even though I didn't know it at the time. She had been the one girl I could call a friend. I know it broke her heart when I turned on her, when I betrayed her. Could she find it in her heart to forgive me?

She gave me a small, hopeful smile, which in turn caused a huge grin to cover my own face. Smiling felt…good, but in a strange way. I wasn't used to the feeling. It was like the muscles on my face were rusty. I really had a lot to learn about this "being a good guy" thing.

I wasn't sure about the future, but I did know that I wouldn't face it alone. Slowly, but confidently, I placed my hands into Aerrow's, shaking it firmly. Whatever was to come, now I had friends, and I had my love. I felt on top of the world, like I could do anything. Perhaps I could, who knew?

The future was limitless. It was a good feeling to be sharing it with so many people that I already cared so much about.


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