"Hey Jazz Man! Can you do me a favor?" I asked excitedly through the phone.

Oh this is great! I wonder how he'll react?

"Sure Bells. Whatcha need?" he replied. "Well you see, I'm at this great little store and I found some fuck awesome shit that I have to get. But I left my debit card at home and they cant hold my things for me to go get them. I got the last of their stock and I don't want to chance losing this shit so I was wondering if you would bring me my card?" I answered trying my best to keep the giddy girl giggles from bursting forth. Yeah, didn't really work.

"No problem babe. Where you at?" he asked me. "I'm at Christy's on lindsay street. You got to hurry though Jay cuz they're closing soon." "Alright alright. Where's your card at?"

It's actually in my wallet, which is in my purse, which is in my hand. Muuaaahahahaha.

"It's on my nightstand. Thank you so much! See ya soon!" I said as I ended the call.

"Damn Bella I can't believe you just did that!" Alice laughed, Rosalie joining in. "You know my brother is gonna have a heart attack when he realizes that you are having him come to Christy's Toy Box so you can buy some toys right?" Rose said with a smirk.

Oh Rosie, Rosie, Rosie. If you only knew what was in the nightstand he's searching. I think the handcuffs, bottle of Good Head, and tube of warming lube will work wonders for my plan. Not to mention the nudie pics...of myself. Muuaaaahahahaha. Damn, I got to lay off the evil laugh, even if it's in my head.

"That's the plan my dear Rose. I want to bang your brother and I know he wants me. I'm just holding out till he snaps and makes me his..." I replied with a dreamy look about my eyes. Rose and Alice just laughed at my expression.

"Just keep in mind that I don't think he's looking for a quick fuck. So please don't hurt my big brother." Rose said in all seriousness with a solumn look on her face.

That sobered me up just a bit. I don't want to admit it to myself let alone anyone else but I am developing some strong feelings towards my roommate. I always had a crush on him. But I know this is deeper.

"I won't hurt him Rosie. He means to much to me to deliberately hurt him." I spoke quietly. Rose just gave me a head nod and a wink. She then turns to Alice, who miraculously was quiet throughout our exchange, "Okay miss Ali cat. We best be on our way before Jasper shows up."

"Just let me pay for these edible panties right quick. Felix is gonna love em! And if he doesn't, I don't care cuz I will!" Alice squealed.

"Oooo hey get me a pair too will ya? I know for a fact Em enjoys the fuck out of em." Rose laughed.

Ahhh, my family. We are all a little on the fucked up side. hehe

"Alright you two! You need to vacate the premisis...pronto! I got a orgasm inducing fuckhot man on his way just so I can make him squirm. So skidaddle!" I announced.

"We're leavin! Damn! Don't go gettin your panties in a twist!" my girls joked. I just laughed at them and waited for Jasper to get there.


I have torn her nightstands apart looking for that damn debit card and I still can't find the lil fucker anywhere! Oh I've found some pretty incriminating evidence that will keep me hard and the the spank bank full of visuals for the rest of forever, but still no card.

After fruitless searching I decide to go ahead and head on over there. I'll just have her use mine so she can get what she wants. Wanna keep my girl happy.

I find a little store called Christy's Toy Box with Bella's camero in the lot. I park next to the beast and climb out of my truck.

It's a toy shop! As in a SEX TOY SHOP! Oh my fuck...

I see Bella by the far wall that is covered in bright, shiney rainbow colored dildo's with a little basket that looks like it's full.

Fuck. My. Life.

Bella turns around when I start walking her way and gets the biggest shit eatin grin on her face when she spots me.

"Oh thank God your here Jay! They close in a few minutes and I would have cried if I didnt get this rabbit." she squealed as she pulled a box out of her basket to show me.

Can you die of blue balls? Or how bout a hard on? My dick is so hard it fucking hurts!

I'm speachless at this point and just stare at her like I belong on the short bus while she shows me what she's buying. I just pull my wallet out and hand over my debit card so she can make her purchase while my mouth is still hangin open. There may or may not have been drool present.

"Um...uhh...I c-couldn't find yours sooo just use Here ya go." I stutter.

She snatches the card out of my hand with cat like reflexes and literally skips her happy ass to the register, but not before stopping at a stand and grabbing what looks like edible panties and tossing them into the basket before she continues on her merry lilttle way.

Once again. Fuck. My. Life.

I leisurely make my way to the check out counter to "help" Bella.

Yeah we all know you just want a closer look at what she's buying.

The clerk was chattin with Bells as she rung her up and when I saw the total I about shit myself. It was over three hundred dollars of nothing but sex toys!

Bella was fixin to hand over my debit card to pay when something must have clicked in the worker's mind. "I'm sorry miss but I'm gonna have to see some ID before you can pay. Store policy."

"Oh that's fine! Let me get my license for ya." Bella says as she's diggin around in her purse for her wallet.

Once she finally finds it and pulls it out, she flips it open to show the clerk her ID and she says,"Well looky there! I found my debit card!"

This is all part of the game! She did this shit on purpose! Ohh ho ho, very well played Miss Swan. Havin me a blue balled stutterin mess.

As I'm having that conversation to my self Bella pays for her new dildo's, with HER debit card, and has her shit bagged and waiting on me with that evil fucking smirk on her face.

She know's she did good this time.

I decide to give her panty wettin smile of mine and pull her closer to me. "That wasn't very nice darlin." I whisper in her ear effectively earning me a shiver down her spine in response.

I was just about to throw in the towel and take her home and fuck her when we are interupted by the sound of giggling, only it doesnt sound right.

I turn to the Wall of Dildo's, yes in capital letters because that fucker is about as intimidating as the Great Wall of China, when I notice something that turns my blood to ice and my achin peen is no longer hard. It was like an instant deflation. Sooo wrong.

There, standing next to the Wall of Dildo's, is two older ladies comparing different artificial schlongs. Only when I say older, I really mean ancient. Complete with walkers and portable oxygen tanks. And the Granny's are giggling like little school girls while the try to pick which dick is best for them.

Fuck. My. Life.

I look to Bella to see the horrified look on her face as she witnesses what I just noticed.

Double Fuck.

I guess the game is still on cuz I know I aint gettin any tonight.