Title:Guess Who's Coming to Dinner? [1/?]

Character/Pairing: Uhura/Spock, Kirk, McCoy, Sarek, Amanda, T'Pau, Sorel, Daniel Corrigan, T'Mir, Samara, the rest of the Enterprise gang

Rating: G, *gasp* ikr?

Summary: The Enterprise, nearing the end of its five year mission, heads home after picking up a few passengers. But first, Spock learns the value of a good song.

A/N: Obviously, these characters aren't mine and I'm just borrowing them. This also goes for the characters of Daniel Corrigan, T'Mir and Sorel, who are original characters created by Jean Lorrah author of the great ST book The Vulcan Academy Murders. Harb Tanzer, is a creation of Diane Duane, from her novel My Enemy, My Ally. Samara is my creation. This follows Return from Lycaon IV.

'Mr. Chekov, you will cease that noise at once.' Spock straightened up from his viewer and looked over at the young navigator.

Chekov abruptly stopped humming his song, 'I am very sorry, Mr. Spock. But I couldn't help it. Sulu's been humming it all day and it's very catchy.'

Sulu snickered softly, his hands flying over his board as he brought the Enterprise into orbit around Deneba Prime.

Kirk raised his eyebrows, his eyes darting back and forth between his crew. His people were a little edgy, as they were getting closer to home, to loved ones and to the end of the mission. There was a certain nervous energy, an excitement that filled the air that Kirk knew could get out of hand. Hell, he'd seen his fair share of end of mission shenanigans.

He shot a smirk over his shoulder at Uhura, looking to see if she was watching too. They made eye contact briefly and she rolled her eyes at him.

He stifled a laugh, not wanting to undermine Spock, who, after all, had been a godsend these past few months. While Spock had always managed to retain the respect and discipline of the crew, things had tightened up even more after the events at Lycaon IV. The crew were still whispering about Spock's lupine transformation, helped along of course by Scotty's first hand account of Spock's near single-handed fight against the Romulans and werewolves.

Performance efficiency and attendance were at the highest levels Kirk had ever seen. Conflicts and mistakes were at practically negligible percentages. Mr. Spock was indeed a most formidable Vulcan officer, even if he had a tendency to obsess over crew stats to the tenth decimal place.

'Noises do not catch, Mr. Chekov….' Spock was now standing beside his viewer looking down sternly at the hapless Chekov.

Kirk cleared his throat, 'Well, Mr. Spock, you'll have to excuse Mr. Chekov and Mr. Sulu, as they're clearly excited about the movie that'll be shown later tonight.'

Spock quirked his eyebrow at Kirk, 'I do not understand how this bears upon the situation, Captain.'

'Ah, of course. Chekov was humming a tune from the movie. I'm surprised you don't recognize it. It's one of the most famous Terran movies ever. You should go see it. To further your understanding of great 20th century films.' He raised his own brows in challenge to Spock.

Uhura looked on, amused at Spock's hesitation and the way his eyes flicked over to her with uncertainty.

'I believe I shall, Captain.' He turned back to his own station and continued as if nothing had happened.

'Glad to hear it, Spock. Status, Mr. Sulu?'

'Standard orbit around Deneba Prime, Captain.'

'Excellent, carry on Sulu.' Kirk swiveled in his chair to face Uhura, 'Well, Lieutenant, you are dismissed as requested. Please say hello to your sister for me. I'm sure I'll be seeing her soon.'

She gave him a big smile, 'Thank you, sir. I shall.'

He winked at her before turning back to the main screen and she left the bridge for the turbolift, getting a last glance of Spock looking into his viewer again as the door swooshed shut.

She could feel his amusement at her excitement, but she couldn't help it. She would finally be seeing Samara 'in the flesh' after five long years. Her younger sister had accomplished much in those five years, having graduated from the University of Nairobi at the top of her field in biology. She had re-located to Deneba as a research scientist studying local farming techniques.

This was in fact the only reason that Kirk had managed to justify bringing Samara on board for the trip home. She would act as a consultant to the Biology department while also transporting genetic material from Denebian crops back to the collaborating research lab in Nairobi.

Uhura recalled how Kirk had hand waved, 'You know, for humanitarian purposes.' But he had winked at her and she knew that she would owe him a favor later. God only knew for what though.

When she got to the transporter room, Scotty was already there, starting the beaming procedure. She hurried to the steps of the transporter pad as the golden sparkles glowed and buzzed to coalesce into her sister.

She was squealing with joy and jumping up and down before Samara blinked with awareness at her surroundings, then gave her own squeal and launched herself into Uhura's arms. Uhura staggered back under the force of Samara's weight, laughing. She could hear Scotty laughing too behind her. Although five years younger, Samara was taller and stronger, and certainly more capable in all her athletic pursuits than Uhura had ever been when they were younger.

'Ny!! I counted the days and the hours until you arrived. I was so surprised when you called that the Enterprise would be in orbit so soon. I thought that I'd have to go by transport to your wedding and it would've taken forever!' She squeezed Nyota in a bear hug before letting her go.

Nyota was breathless from laughing and hugging, 'Well, you can thank Captain Kirk for that when you see him. Come on, let me introduce you to Mr. Scott.'

'There now—no need for formalities, lass. Please call me Scotty like all my friends do.' He shook hands with Samara over the console with a huge grin on his face.

'Scotty, thank you! I feel like you're practically family. Nyota is always telling me the funniest stories and jokes that I know you've passed on to her. I can't wait to hear them again straight from the source.'

'Och, lass,' Scotty reddened slightly, wondering just exactly what Nyota had told her, 'you'll have to join us in Recreation for movie night once you've got settled in. It'll be a good time—plus, I'll break out the good booze and cigars later.'

'Ooo! I love a party!' Samara grinned and clapped her hands. 'Well! Where is this tall, dark and handsome you're marrying?' She looked around the transporter room expectantly.

Scotty and Nyota laughed, 'Spock's giving us some precious 'family time' together. He'll meet us later after the movie since he's still working on some other things.'

Nyota took Samara's arm and, with a wave to Scotty, led her out of the transporter room to her quarters.

Still smiling, Scotty beamed Samara's cargo and luggage to the appropriate places before putting in a call to Kirk, letting him know that all was aboard safe and sound. Then he put in a call to McCoy.

'Ay, lad. You'll be wantin' to go to the movie tonight, Len.'

'Yeah, I planned on it. So did Ny's sister get on board yet?'

'That's why I called ya! To warn ya that there's another beautiful woman on board. I dinna know how the ship will handle two Uhuras in one place!'

McCoy cracked up on the other end, 'She's cute?'

'Cute? Cute canna even begin to describe her. She is absolutely gorgeous. Legs up to there and beautiful! The face that launched a thousand ships, I tell ya! I hope the trip home will be short, cuz I can see quite a few hearts breakin' over this lass. She'll be following her sister's footsteps fer sure!'

'Aye, Scotty. That's for sure.'


'I am so excited, Ny! You can't imagine how happy I am that I'll be the first one to meet Spock. And then to meet his family. The Vulcan Ambassador to Earth! Oh my god, that's so huge! Bibi has talked non-stop about this. And to all her friends! She's driving Mom crazy.' She squeezed Nyota's arm.

'Yeah, Spock's looking forward to meeting everyone too. He's been spending a lot of time brushing up on his Kiswahili and learning everything there is on Kenya. But be prepared, Ra, for that famous Vulcan reserve. He's absolutely inscrutable when you first meet him and that can be intimidating to a lot of people. Also, you're very touchy-feely and you can't be….'

'Whoa. I'm touchy-feely? Girl, please! And god, you don't have to tell me about how to act right around Vulcans. I got every single missive on all the protocols, the likes, the dislikes, the blah blah blah that you sent to Mom. Sometimes I got that stuff two or three times 'cuz everyone kept forwarding everything to everyone. Of course, you realize that Uncle Reggie'll start something just to cause trouble? You know that, right? He'll be the first to crack jokes about pon farr and slipping chocolate and cinnamon into everything he's cooking.'

Nyota laughed, 'The hell he will! Besides, Aunt Mendi would have his head on a stick in a second. And once he sees T'Pau he'll behave quick. That lady could scare anyone straight.' They stopped in front of her door so she could key in her code.

'T'Pau? Who's that?' Samara asked, following Nyota inside.

'T'Pau? Only the leader of all of Vulcan? The matriarch of Spock's family? His great-aunt? Didn't you hear that she's coming too?' Nyota walked over to Samara's luggage that Scotty had beamed over and picked a bag up to put on the bed.

'No, I didn't have time to check my messages. I had to scramble to get my stuff together in time for your arrival.' She walked over and started taking clothes out, looking for something.

'Well, we'll be meeting her in a couple of days when we swing by Vulcan. There'll be a formal reception. It's a huge deal and it's kinda freakin' me out.' Just thinking about it put a knot in her stomach. Spock had been very cool about the whole thing, but she knew that he was as nervous as she was since, ultimately, T'Pau would have final say on Spock's status as a Vulcan. Nyota sighed, she still had to tell Samara about Lycaon IV too and what had happened. What was still happening with Spock.

'Oh, Ny!! It'll be alright.' She hugged Nyota. 'Besides, I'm here now.'

Nyota just laughed, 'Please tell me you brought something formal to wear?'

'Don't you worry about me. I'm always prepared to look good. And I've brought a couple of surprises for you.' Samara finally stopped rooting around and dragged out a pair of black jeans.

'Jeans? Really, Ra? I'm too old for jeans.' She took them from Samara and held them up skeptically.

'Trust me, these will look fabulous on you. Plus, they fit right. Don't worry. It'll turn heads.'


After much hemming and hawing, Nyota had finally acquiesced to wear Samara's jeans and found a pretty light blue flowy top to go with it. It was nice to be in casual, civilian clothes and a pleasant switch from her usual style of dressing.

She knew they would be late heading to the Recreation room. As they were dressing, she and Samara had talked at length about the wedding and all the details that Nyota had been stressing out over. It was a great relief to have Samara there as she really did need the help. She couldn't rely on Spock since the wedding would be held at home and he knew precious little about organizing human marriage rituals.

Harb Tanzer, the chief of Recreation, was standing outside the auditorium leaning against the wall with a big smile on his face as he watched them approach. 'Hello, ladies! I think some folks were waiting for you, but the movie's already started. Don't worry, you haven't missed anything good yet.'

Harb held the door open for them, quickly shaking hands with Samara before she and Nyota ducked into the filled to capacity auditorium. They stood in the dark for a moment, letting their eyes adjust. The movie had indeed just begun and the lush mountainside of Austria filled the screen.

Samara whispered into Nyota's ear, 'Oh my god! I love you! The Sound of Music!'

She could hear McCoy's whisper from the back of the theater, 'Ny, over here.'

They turned and scurried over to the back row where McCoy, Scotty and Christine were sitting. There were whispered introductions and Samara sat in between Scotty and McCoy and Nyota sat next to McCoy on the aisle.

Scotty leaned over and whispered, 'Maria's just come running down the mountain. So you haven't missed much yet.' He had his silver flask out and took a swig before passing it to McCoy behind Samara's head. ''Scuse me, lass.' He grinned down at her.

Nyota poked McCoy's arm and hissed, 'Len, where's my chocolate?'

McCoy's hand froze as he reached into a small paper bag. Spock's baritone had boomed from the front of the theater ordering for complete quiet while the movie was in progress.

Eyes wide, Nyota covered her mouth and looked at McCoy who cringed. It seemed the whole theater had drawn in its collective breath and was holding it. She shook her head to stop McCoy from opening the paper bag because with Spock's hearing he would know that it was them in the back row making noise.

Samara leaned forward and made a face at her that said, 'OMG! Who was that?!'

By this time, McCoy had closed his eyes and covered his own mouth to keep from laughing out loud.

Uhura leaned into the aisle to look for Spock and found him also sitting on the aisle, but down in the front. Reflected light from the screen illuminated his form, and she was surprised to see him slightly scooched down, his head resting on the back of the seat with his hands steepled in front of him. He was in full analytical mode.

She bolted upright with a stifled gasp as McCoy poked her in the side and pointed with his chin at Riley who had gotten up from his seat. Doubled over, so as to not obstruct anyone's view, he crept over to Spock, looking back over his shoulder to his friends who urgently waved him forward. Clearly, Riley had drawn the shortest straw.

'Sir? Permission to speak, sir?' Riley's 'whisper' could be heard throughout the auditorium.


'Sir, one of the important reasons for showing this movie, in addition to the great cultural enrichment provided to the crew…'

'Your point, Mr. Riley.'

'Sir, it's a sing-a-long. It's a big tradition to sing a long when one of the characters starts to sing.'

At this point, the nuns were already singing about the problem with Maria, and Nyota was amused to note that this version was subtitled, complete with a colorful ball that kept time by bouncing along the top of the words.

Riley pointed up at the screen, 'See? We have to follow the bouncing ball. It's all quite logical. And you'll also be pleased to know that sing-a-longs are a great morale booster…'

'Thank you, Mr. Riley. I am quite aware of the purpose of morale boosting activities.'

She could feel Spock's prickly irritation through the bond and she exchanged winces with McCoy at Riley's clumsy brand of persuasion with Spock.

'Very well, Mr. Riley. You are all allowed to sing a long, but that is the only vocalization allowed during the course of this film. Is that understood?'

The tension had eased considerably as the audience let out a sigh of relief, but they were still tentative about singing due to Spock's inadvertent mood-killing. The singing nuns had stopped by then and folks were getting restless.

When the next song came on, about Maria trying to find the confidence within as a governess to seven children, audience participation was still very lack luster. But Scotty, bless his heart, and fortified with a good deal of liquid courage, began belting out the lyrics with gusto.

She could hear Christine laughing nervously beside him and joined in with Scotty as other nervous titters scattered through the dark. Nyota leaned forward and whispered into the ear of someone sitting in front of her, 'You do know that Mr. Spock gave a direct order to sing a long, don't you?' And so the song was saved by a very strong finish as more confident voices joined one another.

McCoy nudged her when 'Sixteen Going on Seventeen' started up and, under the cover of their boisterous singing, he opened the paper bag and took out a rather large chocolate bar. He quickly ripped off its wrapper and broke off some pieces to give to Nyota and the others.

She smiled contentedly as the dark chocolate melted in her mouth and then grinned as she felt Spock's curiosity tug at their bond. She'd let him wonder, allowing her mind to drift a bit in a sexual direction before focusing back onto the movie.

Later, the singing was raucous and there was hand clapping as they sped through 'Do Re Mi' and 'The Lonely Goatherd', but she was speechless and unexpectedly moved as she heard Spock's baritone singing 'Edelweiss'. McCoy nudged her and others craned their heads toward Spock and sang softer, allowing his voice to lead. People even clapped when the song ended. Spock would've made a great Captain Von Trapp and she smiled as she imagined herself as Maria.

Nearly three hours later, the credits were rolling and the lights in the auditorium had gone up. Harb was smiling happily at the success of his movie choice and nodding to people as they left. Crew members were singing happily on their way out, though careful to pick up after themselves under the stern eye of Spock.

Kirk was hanging around outside talking with Harb. He'd passed on the movie it seems in order to work out and was in his customary shorts. And that was about it.

Nyota groaned internally and then shot a glance at Samara, 'You should probably thank the man that let you hitch a ride home, Ra.'

Her eyes narrowed knowingly as she watched Samara take in Kirk's sweaty, yet appealingly bronzed appearance. Uhura wondered if he'd planned on meeting them like this in a blatant attempt to show off to her sister. She certainly wouldn't put it past him. A glance at McCoy's irritated frown only confirmed her suspicions.

But she made the proper introductions and of course Kirk was his usual charming and gracious self as Samara thanked him for helping with her research project and for the ride home. They chatted for a while about the movie with McCoy, Scotty and Christine, waiting for Spock to come out and join them.

Nyota turned from them as she felt Spock come up behind her, his hands clasped in their usual position. She could feel his eyes moving over her tight black jeans appreciatively. Kirk was right in the middle of telling Samara about his workout regimen, when he stopped and glanced over to Spock.

'Well, Mr. Spock? How did you enjoy the movie?' Kirk and Scotty exchanged sly looks.

'It was rather informative. I appreciate the skill in telling a story through song and the teaching of scales was done in a thoroughly logical way. I would recommend it to anyone as a fine example of Terran culture.'

'Heh, heh….ahm. Yes, it's definitely a rare thing to please a Vulcan….' McCoy was revving up to needle Spock, but Nyota smoothly headed him off at the pass by interrupting him to introduce Samara to Spock.

She nodded with approval at Samara's perfect execution of the Vulcan salute and greeting.

'Did you have a favorite song, Mr. Spock?' Samara asked with an wide smile on her face.

'You may address me as Spock if you wish Samara. As to favorite songs, I favored no one song more than another. Each had its own merits and purpose of furthering the story along. However, the song 'Edelweiss' was quite pleasant to the ear.'

Nyota smiled, 'Yes, I could hear you singing all the way in the back.'

Kirk's expression was of exaggerated shock, 'Mr. Spock? Singing? Really? What a shame I missed it!'

The group laughed heartily at Kirk's teasing, all of which was borne with well practiced patience by Spock. Soon after, Scotty and Christine said their good-byes and parted ways with them.

'Well, Miss Samara, seein' as you're staying in Ny's cabin, which so happens to be near mine, will you allow me to escort you to your door?' McCoy offered his arm to a slightly surprised Samara who smiled and agreed, slipping her arm within his and telling Kirk good night.

Nyota resisted the urge to do the same with Spock but knew how uncomfortable he was with public displays of affection. She stifled a laugh at the Captain who was gaping at the backs of McCoy and Samara.

Kirk looked at Nyota in mock outrage, 'How does he do that?!'