Character/Pairing: Uhura/Spock, Sarek, Amanda, McCoy, Kirk, Samara, Sorel, Daniel Corrigan
Rating: PG-13, for language
Summary: Spock and Nyota meet with T'Pau. Things get a little...hairy.
A/N: Aaannnggggst!!Longer update though. These characters aren't mine, I'm just borrowing them. Story takes place after You Better Run Girl!

At 0800, Spock was waiting outside the large conference room. 'You are on-time, Nyota.'

There was some trepidation in her smile, 'Actually, I'm early.' She searched his face for any betrayal of emotion and found nothing, though their bond fairly crackled with anticipation.

'No. You are just on-time. Come, they are waiting.'

'Oh.' They touched their two fingers together and entered the conference room.

T'Pau was seated at one side of the room with her two attendants behind her. Sarek and Amanda sat to one side of her. Kirk, McCoy, Daniel Corrigan, Sorel and Samara were seated on the opposite side. They took their place in front of T'Pau.

'Kneel before me. Give me your thoughts, Spock, son of Sarek and Amanda.' T'Pau brought her hands to Spock's face after he knelt before her, finding his meld points. Several minutes passed before she spoke again.

Long fingers reached for Nyota's face, 'Give me your thoughts, Nyota. Daughter of Upenda and Joseph Uhura.'

Nyota lifted her face and forced herself to relax as no other had ever touched her mind except Spock. Her stomach fluttered as T'Pau's dry, papery fingertips gently touched her face. It all was happening too quickly and she tried to shut off her panicky feelings.

'Do not fear me, Nyota. My touch is only that of a healer and as a leader to this family. Show me when you first saw Spock as a werewolf.'

She had a brisk touch, deftly moving from memory to memory as Nyota pointed them out to her while T'Pau asked very specific questions. Mainly, she had asked about the instances of communication between her and Spock and his responses. T'Pau had mercifully refrained from delving into any sexual memories. Nyota got the sense that she had thoroughly done her homework on Lycaon IV and so relaxed somewhat.

T'Pau then led her in the chant that severed the meld and placed them each back in their own consciousness.

'Your marriage bond is sound. What is to be determined, however, is how sound it is when you have changed into your other self, Spock. We shall hear from everyone and then I will make a determination based on the testimony. Do you both understand and accept this?'

Spock and Nyota nodded. She wanted to look over at Spock, but held her gaze upon T'Pau. She nodded at them and they both got up to sit on the chairs brought to them by her attendants. The knot in Nyota's stomach began to tighten again. What was implicit in T'Pau's statement was the fact that she could decide to sever the bond. And Nyota felt helpless in the face of that. A human wedding, though no less meaningful, would be a pale shadow of a full Vulcan marriage bond. She did not want to see Spock denied.

'McCoy, come forth. Tell me the differences in brain and body composition between Spock's two states.'

McCoy got up and launched into a fairly detailed report on Spock's lupine brain activity and behavior. Nyota sat and listened as McCoy finished his testimony and Sorel and Corrigan in turn gave their own opinions on the data gathered so far.

T'Pau then asked how Spock was able to turn back into his Vulcan self, setting off a lengthy discussion between all of the doctors in the room, with Spock occasionally adding something of import. As the topic veered away from Spock's medical condition toward the more philosophical side of the nature of self-awareness, Nyota could see Kirk's eyes glaze over and wander around the room. She smiled as he caught her eyes and waggled his eyebrows at her before turning back to the discussion.

She was startled out of her daydreaming when T'Pau turned to Spock and said, 'You were wise, Spock, to initiate the marriage bond so early. Nyota saved you from losing yourself.'

At this, McCoy spoke up, 'If I may interject here, T'Pau. Back at the settlement on Lycaon, it seemed they were pretty successful in managing their dual natures. But I suspect it was due to strong familial ties and sexual partnerships. They have a support network in each other. As well as the time to develop control over their ability. You must realize that Spock has had mere months, well, maybe even less than that, to adjust to this new ability. Not to mention managing it in deep space and struggling with the effects of the antidote. Spock's been completely on his own. It's just too new. For everybody, really. It's unprecedented.'

'Indeed. Much like his birth.' Her eyes narrowed as she appraised Spock. 'Spock, I must see for myself. I will initiate a mind meld with you once you have changed. Do you agree to this?'

' not know. I do not know if I would submit so readily. Perhaps you could initiate one now and then I would shift.'

'You would be somewhat connected, Nyota, through the bond. Are you prepared?'

Nyota nodded.

T'Pau stood and Spock went to her and leaned over slightly so she could reach his face. She placed her fingertips on his meld points briefly and then released him.

Spock hesitated for a moment before T'Pau, 'I would like some privacy.'

Kirk glanced over to Nyota, 'Lieutenant, accompany Spock to the bathroom.'

Feeling the eyes of everyone on the back of her neck, she followed Spock into the bathroom off the conference room. As he began to take off his dress shirt and boots, Nyota wrapped her arms around Spock's waist. 'I'm so sorry Spock. I wish I could take this away. I wish we could just run away from all this. I hate that you're poked and prodded and put on display.' She buried her face in his back and tried to keep from crying. Fear was getting the best of her.

He put his hands over her own, 'Nyota, I regret that you must endure this examination. Perhaps I was wrong to initiate a marriage bond with you, especially if T'Pau sees fit to sever it. I acted in my own selfish interest.'

At this, Nyota began to cry, 'Why...why do you say that? I'm glad we did it. It helped you. She said so herself.'

Spock turned in her embrace and lifted her chin up with his fingers, 'I say it because it is the truth. You are my anchor. You have given me everything, ashayam. And yet, I have given you nothing but trouble. I am sorry for that.'

'No, don't. You promised me you wouldn't give up.'

'And I have not. We will not, no matter what T'Pau's decision. Am I not human as well? I think I could be content living on Earth with you for the rest of my days.' He stroked her hair, 'Dry your eyes, Nyota, and do not be afraid. We have a test that we must face together. And I can not do it without you.' He gave her a small kiss, before turning back to finish undressing.

She wiped her eyes as he began handing her his pants, dress shirt, undershirt and socks. She folded them neatly and put them on the counter. But she stopped him as his thumbs hooked the waistband of his boxers. 'You know, babe. Maybe you should keep those on.'

He looked at her blankly, but obeyed.

She took his hand just as it began to change, his palm growing coarser as hair grew, his nails, sharp and heavy, brushed the back of her hand. When she looked back up at him, the transformation was complete. And Spock, perhaps sensing the relative privacy they had in the bathroom, definitely had some other ideas on his mind.

He grabbed her by the waist and began sniffing and licking the tear stains from her face. Then, he began teasing her ears, licking them and the column of her neck. She laughed and squirmed out of his grasp. 'No, Spock! Stop it!' She slapped his hands away. 'No!' It's true. Werewolves can look disappointed.

She took him by his arm and led him out of the bathroom. 'Let's get this over with Spock.'

It was interesting to note the human reactions in the room. Nyota was resigned that humans had a lot to work through regarding their fear and prejudice to werewolves. Samara had outright gasped and covered her mouth with her hand. Daniel's mouth was agape in surprise and awe. Kirk frowned and shifted in his seat, leaning forward. Amanda's hands were tightly clasped together in her lap and she looked down. McCoy gave her a thumbs up and an encouraging smile, then, noticing Samara's look of distress, took the opportunity to put his arm around Samara to comfort her.

T'Pau was sitting down, perhaps effected by the change due to the mindmeld she had with Spock, but it was hard to tell with her. 'Nyota, one of the concerns I have is that pon farr can be extremely dangerous for non-Vulcans. With Spock's new ability, I need to determine whether or not you can effectively communicate with Spock under these conditions.'

She waved forward one of her attendants. Or rather, bodyguard. The big Vulcan looked too...broad shouldered and muscular to be some diplomatic attache. 'Take Ms. Uhura out into the corridor.'

Whatever T'Pau had planned, Spock decided he didn't like it. As the guard stepped forward to escort Nyota out, Spock got between them and growled quite loudly.

She tugged hard on his back fur, trying to restrain him, 'Spock, it's okay! T'Pau wants me to stand in the corridor for whatever test she's got for you.'

Was it because the guard was male and Vulcan? Nyota couldn't tell, but when the guard moved forward again to carry out his orders, Spock gave him another vicious growl and bared his teeth. The room became incredibly tense as Kirk was held back by McCoy from leaping up. She could hear Amanda whispering to Sarek to do something.

Perhaps Vulcans weren't so cool under pressure or maybe they just weren't immune to fear, because just then the guard decided to whip out his knife to keep Spock at bay.

Spock roared in the Vulcan's face and batted his huge hand down on the guard's arm. She could hear something snap as the guard dropped his knife and fell to his knees moaning in pain.

All hell seemed to break loose, between Amanda and Samara crying out to Nyota and Kirk yelling for security. The other guard stepped in front of T'Pau with his dagger drawn, anticipating a potential assault from Spock.

Angry, Nyota yelled, 'Everybody shut the hell up! I got this! I got this!' There was silence, save for the stifled groans of the downed guard, as Nyota grabbed Spock's arm and got him to look at her, 'It's okay, Spock! No one's going to hurt you. No one's going to hurt me, either. Ok?' She stroked his fur, trying to soothe him. She could feel his disorientation, perhaps from the presence of T'Pau. Yes. Spock must be aware on some level of whatever plan T'Pau had in mind for him and didn't like it.

She could see McCoy whispering into Kirk's ear out of the corner of her eye. McCoy edged forward to help the Vulcan guard. He and Sorel helped him to his feet and the guard left the room with Sorel.

T'Pau was standing and watching Spock and Nyota. When Nyota got Spock to back up a little, she waved the guard back into his position and then addressed Nyota, 'Spock protects you as you are his mate. You provide for Spock his primary concerns, mainly food and procreation. Correct?'

Her face heated, she answered, 'Well, in a way. On Lycaon, he hunted. On the ship, well, yes, I've had to feed him. As to procreation, of course, he's my husband.' Her ears burned as T'Pau gazed at her and she fervently wished a hole would swallow her up. No, scratch that. She wished a hole would swallow T'Pau.

T'Pau broke their gaze and said to the room, 'I would agree that the marriage bond continues to function, though on a fairly primitive level. I would agree to validate this bond, though I have reservations.'

'T'Pau, with all due respect, could you make the decision without reservation? Spock is more than willing to live his life on Earth with me and to forget his Vulcan heritage.' She could hear Amanda gasp behind her, but plowed on, 'But I don't want that for him, I don't want him to make that choice. It's not his fault that this happened to him. We just need more time to understand what we're dealing with here.'

'I see.' T'Pau raised her eyebrow, and after a moment responded, 'I will agree without reservation, if you consent to my tutelage in mental discipline. When Spock's Time comes, it is imperative that you are prepared to ensure the survival of yourself as well as Spock.'

Relief. So this is what it felt like. Nyota began breathing again and smiled at T'Pau. 'I would be honored, T'Pau. There will be time for us when we return to Kenya.'

T'Pau nodded, 'Indeed, I look forward to enjoying your hospitality.' She looked at Spock and reached her hand out, 'Come to me Spock so I may extract myself from your mind.' Her hand reached up and she waited for Spock to respond.

'It's okay, Spock. It's over now.' Nyota was still stroking his back and he looked down at her blinking owlishly. Perhaps sensing the dramatic shift in tone in the room, Spock hesitantly stepped forward and sniffed T'Pau's hand.

T'Pau let Spock sniff her hand and she reached up and stroked Spock's face and ear before letting her fingers fall onto his meld points. After her hand fell away, she said, 'It is done, Spock. Live long and prosper.' She addressed the rest of the room, 'The examination is over. Spock and Nyota's marriage is valid in the eyes of Vulcan.'

With that, T'Pau left the conference room followed by her remaining attendant.

There was a moment of silence as the remaining humans, and Sarek, looked at each other. It was broken by McCoy who nudged Kirk with a laugh, 'Well, Jim, not every day you see that!'

Amanda came to her first and gave her a hug, 'Oh my darling! I am so happy! It will be such a glorious wedding, nothing will be hanging over your heads now.' Spock was still standing behind Nyota and sniffed Amanda's head covering delicately. With a look at Spock, she let go of Nyota and she and Sarek left the conference room.

Samara was next, with a bemused McCoy in tow whose hand she had not let go. She gave Nyota the briefest of hugs and froze as Spock eagerly sniffed her face, his nose going back and forth between the two sisters. She slowly backed away from Nyota's embrace as she restrained Spock from sniffing Samara some more. McCoy and Samara edged to the door.

Kirk and Daniel stood behind them, with Kirk waving his hand at her and shooting Spock a cautious glance, 'Congratulations, Nyota. I'll just stand over here though.' He looked at the door and started backing towards it.

Daniel laughed and followed, 'Agreed, Jim. And congratulations, Nyota. I sure hope the wedding is as exciting as this!'

After telling Nyota to use Spock's override command to let themselves out when they were done, Kirk locked the conference room doors after them. He breathed a sigh of relief and turned to his two remaining companions. Daniel had excused himself to go check on Sorel.

'What the hell just happened here?' Samara said, her eyes wide, to Kirk and McCoy.

'That, lady? What you saw there? Just another day in the life on board the starship Enterprise.' McCoy slung his arm around Samara's shoulders and squeezed. She laughed.

'Is it me or did your sister just call T'Pau's bluff?' Kirk said, frowning over her head at McCoy. He resignedly clasped his hands behind his back.

Samara laughed again, 'I have no idea. Oh my god, that was amazing.'

'Oh come on, Jim. You honestly think T'Pau is going to leave the sole heir to the house of Surak high and dry? Hell know how she dotes on that boy. This was all 'on the record' stuff. She's just covering her ass.'


McCoy shrugged, 'Well, you know what I mean.'

'I know one thing.' Samara folded her arms, getting comfortable in McCoy's casual embrace.

Kirk looked down at her, 'What's that Samara?'

'I think I'm ready on that offer for a drink. Nyota says you got a good stash hidden away, Len. You in, Captain?' She flashed a perfect smile at Kirk.

He melted inside a little, 'Oh yes. Indeed I am.'

'Hey, Samara. Did you ever hear the story of when Spock was fixing Jim's computer and found a bunch of pictures of Nyota on it?'

'What?!' Kirk and Samara said, in unison.

McCoy laughed.