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I knew she was in the room. The lights were off and my eyes were closed but felt her presence. Her scent was different now; instead of a tempting, bloodthirsty smell radiating off of her it was sweet. Strawberries and cream almost, it was tempting in a completely different way. The rustling of her clothes seemed nonexistent if it wasn't for the smell of her she may have escaped completely.

"This is different," she whispered crossing her legs in front of me, I smiled lightly in return,


He was on the floor not moving a muscle just sitting there, I crossed my legs and sat next to him taking everything in. "This is different," I said causing him to smile halfheartedly. "Jasper why are you in the dark?" I said allowing the confusion to radiate throughout my being.

"I didn't turn the light on," he said hiding a grin. I sighed deeply and stood up turning the light on, I could see him before, maybe not as clearly as I could now but I could faintly see the marks marring his skin before. I knew he could feel the pity I had for him, but I would not verbally say it, instead I sat back in front of him and closed my own eyes.

"What are you doing?" he asked quietly

"Playing pretend now hush," I said allowing a glimpse of a smile to be heard in my voice. Reaching out my hands came in contact with his arms, smooth as stone still yet my fingers were able to leave dents in his arm easily, I smiled I could not help the joy that spread throughout me causing my body to hum. I continued up his arms until I reached the sleeves. "Off," I said he quickly followed through with my command. The marks were greater here more in number than his arms, they were everywhere. Rough under my now sensitive touch; it was almost mind-blowing that I never noticed them until now. My hands continued their pattern up coming into contact with his face I traced his lips and when they parted my fingertips traced his teeth, leaning forward I pressed my lips to his gently.


She hid it very well. The pity she felt for me almost caused me to jump out of my skin. I was tired of pity I was hoping for something new, I knew she was trying to hide it with her 'close your eyes and pray it goes away' method. When she began tracing the contours of my arms, as soon as her fingertips dented my skin she became elated causing me to smile brightly. After what seemed like forever her lips pressed against mine causing a fire to erupt underneath my skin. I threw my arms around her pulling her closer to me not ever wanting to let her go.

"Jasper….. I'm….Shouldn't….snapped," she tried to apologized between breathe but I forcefully cut her off pulling her away.

"Never, you should never apologize for what I did to you," I said shaking my head and quickly going to the window, "Alice told me you were going to go to sleep one day and not wake up. I hated myself for not letting that affect me. I was going to lose you and that was okay; especially after you told me not to let you burn."

"That's why you became so distant? Because I had a nightmare about burning?" she said laughing a little wrapping her arms around my waist. "I burned Jasper, and I'm happy for it."

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