He captured her with a gentle force, gazing into her eyes that held so much pain and betrayal he wonder momentarily if he was doing the right thing, but that thought was fleeting, for he knew the truth, he was the truth.

"How… tell me how can you side with them Seraphina," If anyone was to feel betrayed it was him. He was betrayed by his father and brothers and now her, his wife.

"Because you are wrong." she shook her head, her cascading locks of golden hair shimmering in the light. "You will fall," Brilliant light sparkled as her tears gazed her eyes as she stood before her husband, "He will not let you get away with this."

Lucifer scuffed, "And who is he?" he turned away from her his anger blazing. "I have done nothing but love him, and he asks me to bow before his lesser toys?" The disgust in his voice was obvious. "I will gather with my brothers, Its time to take back what is our rightful place."

Seraphina eyes gaped open, "You are speaking foolish," She moved closer to her husband and whispered in a hushed tone, not to be heard. "To speak of a rebellion-"

"Who would stop me?" He asked mockingly, "Michael? His power is limited." He walked away, "In time you will come to realize the truth of my words, and you will follow behind me."


She watched him as his legion grew everyday, stronger and more powerful. Watching silently she listen to him speak, "Tell me brothers and sisters, Should a son of fire be forced to bow before a son of clay?"

She turned quickly, unable to listen to more of his poison. Walking the great halls she knew where she had to go, if only to stop him before it was too late.

She stood in the center of the lush green grass, the tall snow capped mountains and crystal lake surrounding her. Closing her eyes she tilted her head up towards the sky, "Michael, I need you." She whispered softly, knowing he would answer her call.

She felt his presence before the sound of his wings cut through the air, a small sad smile graced her face as she turned to her dear friend. "Michael," She whispered his name as if it was song, as if it was a prayer.

He smiled at her, his wings giant and powerful behind him. "Seraphina, it has been a long time." He walked towards her and took her small graceful hands into his powerful ones.

She gazed into his eyes, as he frowned down upon her as she let him read her thoughts, not being able to speak them. He cut the connection almost imminently, moving his hands from hers "You know I can not interfere or save him from his fate."

She felt acid raise in her stomach, "Father knows then," she asked him hoping for the answer she knew she wouldn't get. "Of course he knows, our father is omniscient, you don't need me to tell you that."

"Then there is no stopping him" She asked stepping back from Michael, her brother, her friend.

"There is no stopping what has already begun," Michael took a step towards her. Once again wondering how it was that Lucifer had caught her attention out of all the angels in the garrison, how he captured her ran down her face, as he watched her.

"What am I to do Michael?" He shut his eyes, wanting to tell her to leave, to hide away from her husband, but he couldn't it wasn't his place. "That is something only you can answer."

She gave a small nodded knowing the truth of his words, "How are you handling this?"

He looked away quickly, "All is well here."

"Michael-" She started but he interrupted her, "I'm sorry," He said sadly, looking into her eyes, "I have to go." He vanished as quickly as he came.

"Oh Michael," She sighed his name, not knowing he was still listening. "I love you dear brother, please be safe."

I got my internet back, finally! I'm so excited, & I just wanted to post something ASAP, you so i can remember what it feels like. (I know, my withdraw is that bad) and cause' of last weeks episode, I figured this is a good place to start! & I know it's short! But, It's just a little somethin' somethin' there be more later. :D