A Different Kind of Hell

What is it like to die? For humans...maybe the experience is somewhat different. But for me, dying is a miserable experience. I still remember seeing you one last time just before the blinded light took me away from you. Every moment I lived in blackness, that was all I could remember. The look you gave me just before I died.

I just remember blackness after that, black accompanied by a miserable feeling of loneliness. It was strange though, the moment I blinked out of your world, everything became clear to me. Suddenly, my thoughts were coherent and intricate. So much so that I could understand the very concept of intricacy and coherency. But...it felt empty and meaningless knowing that you weren't with me anymore.

Then suddenly one day, my eyes were opened again. Suddenly I was able to see again. There was a strange man, who told me that it was your fault I died. Your fault that we died I mean. I was confused, but then again when I tried to speak the voice I heard wasn't mine. It belonged to some boy. So I just went with them...not that I had much choice.

But..but then I saw you. I finally saw you again. We were fighting, we were enemies, but I was finally with you again. Maybe it's not perfect...but at least I don't feel so lonely anymore. I can finally see you...my beloved sisters again. Even if I have to see you through the eyes of three boys, who I think you hate.

I don't enjoy fighting you...but I would do anything to be with you. And if this is the only option, I won't give it up.

I know you can't hear me though...

But I'm scared....I'm really scared.




It feels like I'm forgetting you. It feels like every day I struggle to wake up. It takes me a while to remember your names. That's why I want to keep saying them. I want to make sure I don't forget you: Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup. My sisters...I love you and I don't want to forget you. But...it's getting so hard to even recognize you.

Every day I have to tell myself my name. I'm afraid of what will happen if I can't remember it. I remember, it was Bubbles who named me. I remember laughing and bouncing around the lab. It was so much fun. I miss you all so much. I wish I could say something that would let you know its me. I feel like I'm screaming as loud as I can, but you'll never hear me.

Sometimes I wonder if you still remember me...do you?

Please tell me you do...before I forget who I am...

Before I go...I just wanted to say one more thing...

"This time, you girls are finished! You can't stop the Rowdyruff Boys!"