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I also don't own anything taken from Alice in wonder land. Nope, sir. That all belongs too Lewis Carroll :D

Title: White Rabbit.
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: ?/Oc

AN: Will go slightly AU.

It would be so nice if something made sense for a change.
Alice- Alice In Wonderland


She sat there on her computer her fingers tapping her desk as she wonders what to write.

Where should she take this story of hers, the readers on fan-fiction seemed be leaning towards a certain goal, a certain ending with a wrapped up storyline and happy endings. There was also a battle line clearly drawn to end up with Sam, while others swore it made sense that Dean be the one to...

Who should it be? She inwardly rolled her eyes, wondering why it seemed like she had such a hard time picking the guy, Dean or Sam? Dean, the bad boy who had a heart of gold. Or Sam? Oh Sammy, The nice boy who couldn't seem to keep himself out of trouble and only needed someone to save him. But, didn't Dean need someone to save him too?

"SOPHIA" her stepmothers voice made her cringe.

"Yeah?" she yelled back, slightly annoyed. "Don't forget, you have to get your brother at soccer practice." Of course she did. When didn't she have to get her brother from some place or another.


"Yeah, I got it." she grumbled, turning to her computer hitting 'save' before shutting it down.

I guess those Winchesters are just going to have to wait another night.

While making sure to grab her purse and car keys before turning off her bedroom light, She didn't notice that peering through her window a man stood grinning having other plans for her and the Winchesters.

Bwhahaha. :D