Beautiful Hard has had many people call him beautiful, he's seen the appreciation for that beauty in there eyes. But he hadn't really acknowledged his beauty as anything other than a commercial product until he had Dust riding the crest of an orgasim just by stripping.

Dangerous Dangerous: Dust was fairly certian that, if he had a visual dictionary, Hard's face would be displayed beside that term.

Laugh Hard growled and stalked out the door. Stupid neanderthal. His heart pinched a bit, thinking back to when he was the only one who could make Cry laugh like that.

Smile Dust still remembers the first time he saw Hard smile. Cry had just run up to him lookignexcited about something and he'd watched those thin lips curve into a small but gentle smile. That was the day Dust had fallen in love with him.

Sleepy He'd never admit it, but whenever he see's Dust wake up his hair mussed and his eyes all sleepy and droopy, he finds himself bitting back a rather girlish squeal. It just so cute!