So, here I am with another story that I just can't stop myself from writing. It won't be a super long story…because my attention span won't allow me to write something with more than 20 chapters. For those of you that are reading Tainted Love, the next chapter will be out soon. I promise. I had to get this out of my head before I could finish that story and give it the concentration it deserves.

A few things. While I can promise that this is a Bella and Edward story, as well as promise lemons and the typical language associated with my stories…I can't promise that Edward and Bella will have an easy go of things. Just try to hang in there and I think (hope) you will enjoy the story.

Disclaimer: Twilight and all characters associated with the series are not mine.

ONLY meant for mature audience! I have a tendency to overuse four-letter words and a slightly unhealthy obsession with lemons. Shutting up now.

*****Chapter 1*****

"Fuck. Fuck. Fuck." I stared at the little stick on the bathroom counter for the last 10 minutes and it didn't change what I was looking at. Even when I willed myself to hallucinate a different image. Nothing changed the fact that I was now looking at 2 very clear lines.

"Fuck. Fuck. Fuck." I knew I needed to stop staring at the stupid thing, but my body was against me and would not move at all, save for the minute tilting of my head as I made myself think looking at the stick at a diagonal would change the results. It didn't work, by the way. Still two lines.

"Bells?" I heard my best friend's voice on the other side of the door and jumped. "Bells. You've been in there for 20 minutes. Is everything okay?" I finally got my head to move enough to turn it toward the door and stare at the only barrier between me and the one person I knew would comfort me in a time like this. The only problem was the fact that I would have to admit to keeping things from the most important person in my life.

"Fuck. Fuck. Fuck." I just felt like getting that in one more time before opening the door and sharing my biggest secret.


I opened the door to find my best friend with a deep frown on his face, looking at me with extreme concern. His hulking form stood completely in the doorway and his baby blue eyes searched my face for a reason I seemed to be freaking out. Even without looking at his eyes, I could tell he was seriously worried about me by the look of his dark brown curly hair in messy disarray from him running his hands through it. It was something he only did when worried or upset.

"Hey Em." I attempted a smile at the big oaf, but knew it didn't come close to reaching my eyes. Without saying anything else, I wrapped my arms around his waist and buried myself in his chest. He remained quiet, but completed our embrace by encircling me in his arms and squeezing me tightly.

After a few minutes, I knew his curiosity was getting the better of him. He was beginning to get fidgety and loosened his hold on me slightly. It was enough for me to notice, so I knew it would be time to tell him everything soon.

"Bella honey. Wanna talk about it?" I knew he was wondering why I freaked out earlier today while we were eating lunch and ran out of the apartment mid-meal, only to have him see me running back into the apartment 20 minutes later and straight up to the bathroom.

"Um." I pulled away from him and looked up into his eyes. "I can't say it. Can you just go into the bathroom and look on the counter?" I bit my lower lip when I saw his eyebrows furrow and knew he was beginning to piece everything together.

I stood with my back to the bathroom, still barely in the doorway as Emmett attempted to squeeze his way around me. I counted in my head to see how long it would take him to react to what he was about to see.

"Ewwww!" I whipped around to look at him and jumped out of the way just in time as he ran out of the bathroom.

"Ew? Em? That's all you have to say?" I heard my voice raise in pitch as I questioned him.

"Yeah. Bells. That's pretty fucking disgusting. I fucking picked that thing up." Still not seeing what the big deal was, I rolled my eyes. "I picked it up by the end that apparently you pissed all over." He threw his hands in the air before looking at them, shrieking and running to the kitchen. I followed him and shook my head when I saw him rush to the sink and scrub his hands roughly. In the middle of his third time lathering up his hands with soap, he froze.

"Um. Emmett. You're wasting water." I quickly pointed out to him. Ignoring my comment, he turned to me with wide eyes.

"Wait. You're knocked up?" I would have laughed at him if this wasn't such a serious time for me.

"It would seem that way." I bit my lip waiting for his response.

"Oh." He turned back to the sink, rinsed his hands off and turned the water off before drying his hands with the kitchen towel.

"Oh?" I questioned, still not getting the reaction I expected. He shrugged his shoulders, before sighing and turning to me again.

"Come on." Emmett pulled me to the living room and we sat together on the sofa. "Tell me how this happened."


I continued to slam the shot glasses down as I restocked the bar and berated Emmett in my head. The stupid prick had asked me to come in and help out in his bar, Bar. Yes, he names his bar…Bar. He figured it would be easiest for all the drunks to remember. I have asked his mother if he was dropped on his head as a child, but she insists he wasn't. I'm still not convinced. But, I digress.

So, I showed up to Bar and got to work filling orders to catch the bartenders up. I thought it odd that Emmett asked me to come in to help when he really wasn't too busy, but I did what I always do when I help out and got the bar caught up with orders and restocking the glasses. That's when Em decided to come out of his office and saunter over to me with a huge ass grin on his face.

"Thanks for coming in Bella. I'm going to need you to close up. I have a date tonight." Yeah, that's exactly what he said. I was furious. I don't fucking working at Bar. I help out when needed, so I was pissed that he was going to take advantage of that and just tell me that I would be closing his business up for him. But, of course, as always with Emmett, I couldn't say no and just nodded, told him to have a wonderful time and pushed him out the door, calling him names in my head that would make a sailor blush.

In the middle of my tirade, and my new combo word, "motherfucking-tittie-cunt-douche", when I heard a chuckle coming from behind me. Without turning, because the task of alphabetizing the liquor bottles was very important to me, I hissed in the chuckle's general direction.

"Something funny assfuck?" I heard the chuckle cease and continued on with my task before hearing a throat being cleared. I rolled my eyes and huffed before turning with an obviously fake smile on my face.

"How may I help you sir?" I asked sweetly to the douche that apparently thinks I'm quite hilarious.

Unfortunately, it wasn't until I finished my sentence in the bitchiest manner possible that I looked at him. I may have been nicer had I seen the fuckhot man sitting on the other side of the bar. His emerald green eyes were dancing with mirth and his mouth was formed in the oddest crooked smirk that only he would be able to pull off. His hair, while one side of me wanted to tell him to fix that shit up, the other part of me wanted to ask how great the sex was to get his gorgeous copper hair into such a state disarray.

"….so I apologize." It was then that I realized he was talking, which then took my focus to his mouth. And fuck, I wanted that mouth on my body. I gripped the bar to keep myself from jumping on top of it, spreading my legs and telling him to have at it. I shook my head when I realized he was looking at me like I was crazy.

"Huh?" Yes, that was my reply.

"I asked if I could have your name." At that point, I wished I had been paying more attention to him speaking before. His voice was like melted chocolate that I wanted to roll around in, coating my body…and then have him lick off me.

"Bella." I mentally patted myself on the back for being coherent enough to answer his question. It gave me the confidence to try out a question of my own. "And yours?"

He cocked his head to the side and stared at me for a second, almost trying to decide if I was being serious. I decided he must have already told me when I was too busy watching his mouth move to actually listen to the words that were spilling from it, and thought I was completely mental.

"Edward." He continued to stare at my intently, still seemingly looking for something like recognition. But, he was not going to find it because I was pretty sure I would remember meeting my wet-dream-come-to-life before.

Two hours later, a few shared shots, and many inane questions like "what's your favorite color" later, I found myself locking up the bar and grabbing Edward's hand to lead him back to my apartment. I found that he was in town for business and his hotel was too far away. I wanted to get laid and my apartment was close by. He didn't seem to mind and willingly followed me.

When we got to my apartment building, I pulled him right into the waiting elevator and attacked him as soon as the door closed. By the time we reached my floor, he was stripped down to his boxers and I was in just my blue lace boy shorts. From there, we stumbled into my apartment, and quickly got rid of the remaining articles. Seeing his enormous dick spring free of its confines was enough to make me come. In fact, I took a mental picture of the beautiful thing and decided to build a shrine to it in my mind to worship on a nightly basis.

Before we could even make it past the entryway, I dropped to my knees and hungrily took his cock into my mouth, sucking and stroking like my life depended on it. I was spurred on by his hands tugged on my hair and the "oh shit" and "fuck" and "mmm…bella…so good" coming from his mouth. I hummed, grazed my teeth, swirled my tongue, and swallowed with him deep in my mouth in my effort to give him the greatest pleasure possible. I'm a giver, what can I say. It didn't take long for him to spill into my mouth, which I readily drank like a man stuck in the desert for 5 years.

Once he came down from his orgasm, he immediately pulled me up and kissed me with everything that he had. I was shocked at the passion coming from him, and felt myself begin to melt. We quickly made our way to my bedroom, where I was thrown on the bed, legs spread, and looking down at the most glorious bronze hair sitting in the middle of said spread legs. With a quick wink, Edward slowly licked my wet folds in one pass before biting gently on my clit. I couldn't stop the loud moan that came out with that action.

It was my turn to moan out the "oh fuck" and "shit that's good" and "you are a fucking master with your tongue" as he worked my body in ways I couldn't imagine. I felt fingers in many places at once while his tongue worked diligently on my clit, bringing me to the highest high I have ever known. I screamed in my release, reaching down to push his face into me as I came all over his fingers. This action was apparently a turn on for him because he growled and leapt onto the bed like a lion pouncing on its prey.

"In me. Now" I panted out, still trying to regain my composure after the best orgasm in existence. Without hesitation, he complied and thrust into me in one swift motion, causing us to both moan. His thrusts were rough and fast and I couldn't catch my breath from the overwhelming feeling of having him inside of me. I felt like I was on fire, but in the best way imaginable.

I think I screamed as I came the second time, after he pounded into my cunt without mercy and hit my sweet spot every time. At that point, I may have begun to speak in Latin. I'm really not quite sure. I just know I was on a whole new level of pleasure and I was determined to never come off of it.

I'm not quite sure how it happened, but in what seemed like one swift motion, Edward was sitting up with me straddling him, my back facing him, as I bounced on his cock like a pogo stick. In this moment, I thanked the many trips to the gym and my trainer's incessant need to make me do squats. I used every thigh muscle I had to ride him like he had never been ridden before.

It didn't take long before I felt his grip on my hips tighten and his breathing become so labored I was afraid he was going to hyperventilate. With two more rough thrusts, he violently came, calling out my name over and over again.

---------------------End Flashback----------------------

"Really Bells? You really felt the need to go into just graphic detail with me?" Emmett looked at me like I was insane.

"What? I thought it was a good story." I said sheepishly. I knew he hated when I went into detail about my love life, but I thought it was funny to watch him squirm.

"So, what happened after that? And with a little less detail please." He raised his eyebrows at me and I knew I needed to just get on with the rest of the story.

"Okay. So, after the mind-blowing sex, we felt asleep in pretty much the exact position we were in. I think he was even still inside of me." I bit my lip to keep from laughing when Emmett grimaced. "We woke up twice throughout the night to get it on again before I fell into a deep sleep. The next morning, I woke up and he was gone. He must have gotten our clothes from the elevator because my clothes from the night before were sitting on the end of my bed, folded."

"So, he just left?" He questioned me.

"Yep. No note. Nothing. Gone." I shrugged again.

"Okay. So, we need to figure out who this guy is, right?" I could tell Emmett wasn't sure what the next step should be and I knew the next bit of information was going to shock the shit out of him.

"Well, that's the thing. I already figured out who he is." I turned to the coffee table and grabbed the People magazine sitting under a pile of my books. I opened to the dog-eared page and handed the magazine to Emmett, who looked at me like I was crazy before looking at the photo staring right at him.

"Holy fuck." He breathed out.

"Yeah. That's pretty much exactly what I said." I nodded.

"Edward Cullen was the guy? As in People Magazine's Sexiest Man Alive?" He looked up from the magazine with wide eyes.

"That would be the one." I nodded.

"Wow. So, Edward Cullen is yo baby's daddy."

A/N: Okay. Here's the deal. I read so many stories with Bella getting pregnant by Edward and being a little bitch (sorry to anyone who has written stories like this…because most likely they are in my story alerts) and refusing to tell him. But, I can assure you that this story is completely different.

I hope you guys will give this story a chance. Let me know if you think I should continue. Chapter 2 is done and waiting to see the response.

Chapter 2: You'll learn about Bella's job and find out how she handles the situation of informing Edward about the pregnancy.

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