Tales from the Desert

A collection of one-shots that all take place after Revenge of the Fallen. They wouldn't really go in any sort of order unless I say otherwise. Most of them will take place right after the battle in Egypt but before everyone is boarded on the ship. Hence the title. Enjoy.

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Bumblebee knew that what he was thinking about doing was going to earn him a one-way-ticket to the top of Skids and Mudflap 'mech's-to-make-fun-of' list. Probably Sideswipes too. Ironhide, for sure, was going to use every chance the weapon specialist got to blackmail him with it, which was fine (A few reminders to him about the time with to much high-grade and a sparkless drone would shut him the slag up). Bumblebee just hoped that Ratchet wouldn't drag him into the medbay at the NEST base for a full processor scan.

He didn't think his audio receptors could handle all the swearing.

Come on…

Standing at the back of the cluster of Autobots welcoming back there newly revived leader, Bumblebee kept one optic trained on his human charge (currently being treated by the medical officers) while he ran a vital scan to reassure himself that Sam's heart was still beating and wasn't going to give out anytime soon. The experience of seeing Sam lying supposedly dead on the desert floor, Mikaela screaming in grief, beside the body of the last Prime… the pain he had felt in his spark was a hundred times worse then Tyger Pax and wasn't something he wanted to go through again.

Shaking his head to clear away the images that kept flashing before his optics, Bumblebee was slightly startled to find all the 'bots staring at him as though expecting him to answer an unheard question. Blinking a couple of times he played a clip from an old movie.

" You say something…?"

Ratchet and Ironhide exchanged a glace with one another concern written on both there faceplates. Being a scout, he was trained not to miss any sort of noise or spoken word. Gathering intelligence was what he was meant to do, so it only made sense he would hear everything. That he had missed something was of some alarm- at least to everyone besides Prime, who was trying to hide a smile, and the twins.

The embarrassing thought continued to nag him all the while.

"We was jus' askin' ya what was up wit' tha' weird look on your faceplate, man," Mudflap told him, pushing Skids away from attempting to dump a large handful of sand on his head. " An' don't even ya stupid idiot!"

"Who's ya callin' an idiot, idiot!" Skids shot back at his twin and pushed him even harder. The result of this was the twins rolling away from the other Autobots both of them focused on punching the other out. Bumblebee resisted the urge to grab them by their neck joints and bash the heads together like he had in the Tomb of the Primes.

(Though it was very, very hard not to.)

Come on , you can do it…

Ratchet merely looked after them in disgust before walking up to him, digits transforming into various laser scalpels. Bumblebee twittered at the approaching medic and tried to back away from him. He wasn't so lucky. Ratchet had him in a gentle headlock before he had taken more then two steps. He clicked and twittered even more when he felt Ratchets fingers poke through his exposed wiring and attempted to worm his way out of his grasp.

The thought continued to grow… He was an Autobot for Primus' sake! Something like this shouldn't scare him so badly. All he had to do was suck up the courage and go for it. Get it over and done with. But the more he considered doing it, the more his spark quivered in its casing.

"Hmmm… Ravage may have damaged your audio receptors when he was biting your head plating," Ratchet mused, reattaching some wires Bumblebee didn't even know about. "You should have said something earlier 'Bee."

Ironhide growled in agreement.

000.5 seconds later, the same thing he had just heard rolled in front of his optic's.

'I can hear just fine Ratchet,' Bumblebee told the medic via comm link, 'I was just focusing on something else (two things actually, he added privately) and didn't hear what you guys were asking.'

Bumblebee could tell that Ratchet knew what he had been focusing on (one of them, anyway) and was grateful to the medic when he didn't start to immediately ask questions about it. He didn't feel up to answering them or sharing how he felt. Ratchet just grumbled to himself, finished poking around in his head wiring, and let him out of the headlock.

"All right, but once I'm done with Optimus and Ironhide, you're next and there's nothing you can fragging do about. Understood?" Ratchet snarled at him and turned back to Prime, presumably getting ready to treat him. 'And I'll take a look at Sam once he's done with the human medic, too. Primus knows their going to miss something important." Ratchet added in private to him.

Bumblebee nodded his head. Come on, you can to it. You've faced off Decepticons, you can to this! Come on. There's nothing to be afraid of. Nothing at all…

He clicked to himself nervously, the doors on his back fluttering slightly. His spark quivered even more in his chest as he fell into step behind Optimus -being lead away to a small clearing by Ratchet- and Ironhide, who was holding one of his forearm cannons. He would have to do it soon. Nothing to be afraid of…

Ratchet point Prime to the middle of the small clearing, walking away to go and collect bits and pieces of the dead Seeker. Bumblebee stopped at the edge, sucked in a vent full of air to try and calm his flustered nerves, and shyly marched up to his leader. Ironhide was standing beside him, probably filling him in on some of the things he missed. Bumblebee nerves doubled with Ironhide standing in such a close range to Optimus and he almost decided to forget his plan.


You can to this, you can do this, you can to this….

"… and to the best of my knowledge that pit-slagged son-of-a-glitch was pushed out of the back of the cargo plane by Lennox just before we arrived in this forsaken place…"

He wondered what Ironhide was talking about but decided to wait until later to ask him.

Bumblebee stopped right beside Optimus, vents working hard to keep his frame from over-heating. You can to this. Raising a slight shaking digit he tapped Prime gently on his wrist. You can do this.

Optimus turned to look at him, his faceplate twisting into a smile. Bumblebee stepped slightly in front of him, spark getting ready to explode out of its casing.

Nothing to be afraid of…

"Hello Bumblebee," Prime said, voice sounding tired and completely happy at the same time.

He sucked in another vent full of air and 'went in for the kill.'

'I.. just wanted to say, sir, ummm… I'm glad your back.' Steadying himself, he moved forward…

…and hugged Optimus around the waist.

Bumblebee heard Ironhide draw in a shocked vent of air, Ratchet drop what-ever he had been currently holding, and Skids and Mudflap starting to snicker in the background. He knew this had been a bad idea from the moment it had formed in his processor and he started to feel embarrassment creep into his spark at what he was currently doing. Bad idea, bad idea! This was a bad idea! Oh Primus…

Until he felt Optimus place a hand on his head and the rumble of his laughter shake his giant frame. "By far the best welcome back I have gotten yet, little one." The hand on his head rubbed circles around his audio receptors and Bumblebee clicked happily. "Thank-you."

Still clicking away happily, he let go of Prime, clasped his hands behind his back and replied via comm link, 'Welcome, sir."

"Hate to break this up," came Ratchets slight awed voice, "But you still have a gapping hole in your chest that needs fixing Prime."

Optimus chuckled, "Of course."

Prime gave Bumblebee's head a final stroke and followed Ratchet over to were everything was laid out.

Bumblebee continued to smile, his spark warm in his chest. It was silly of him to believe there was something to be afraid of.

He felt Ironhide step over to stand beside him, his cannon held at his side. A private comm link request popped up in front of his optic's. Still twittering, he accepted it.

'You do realize that the twins are never going to let you live this down?' Ironhide sent. 'Neither is Sideswipe, for that matter.'

Somehow, Bumblebee decided not to care.


And my first ever one-shot is done. Yay!

Hopefully I didn't butcher the Autobots to much. If I did, sorry. I'll work on it.

The idea for Bumblebee to hug Optimus came from the only G1 cartoon I saw. Can't remember what happened in it, except at the end were 'Bee basically glomps Prime. And I thought, "Damn. That's adorable."

Arcee isn't featured in this because I figured she was in a recharge with her sisters after having their aft's kicked by a couple of missiles in the movie. And all I know about Sideswipe was that he was a Chevrolet Stingray.

Ratchet would want to drag 'Bee to the medbay, by the way, because I wouldn't think it normal for Bumblebee to go around hugging people.

A cyber-cookie for anyone who can figure out what part Ironhide is telling Optimus about.

Review please. Tell me if it was okay. Where I need to fix it. Whether you liked it or not. So forth.