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"Are we there yet?" A collective groan sounded throughout the cab.

"Does it look as though we're there?!"


"Then we not."

Leo sighed and leaned back into Bumblebee's back seat. Could this road trip be anymore boring? When Major Lennox informed him that they would be making a small detour back to the Tomb of the Primes, Leo had at first been surprised that he was included in the 'they' and then beside himself that he would once again be travelling with the Autobots. He had spent the best part of an hour after being told about the road trip envisioning what it would possibly be like. Cool alien races, driving at warp-speed, everything a Star Wars and Star Trek film had ever taught him.

But this. This made him want to tear every hair out of his scalp one by one. Anything to escape the boredom. Aliens weren't suppose to drive in a perfect line, Optimus leading and Ironhide bring up the rear, nor were they suppose to drive at the speed limit. A slowly moving eighty miles per hour. They were suppose to drive in a cluster, driving at what ever speed they wanted. Not like this.

Oh God, make it end!

Leo shifted in his seat, impatiently tapping his foot. Looking out of the window was out of the option, as there was nothing of interest to look at but sand and more sand. Every electronic item that had been on him had either been destroyed by Jetfire's space bridge or Sam (though Leo had decided to forgive him for the phone jumping incident. The guy had been under a huge amount of pressure.) So playing tetras was out also. He could pester Sam and Mikaela for more information on the Autobots. That would surely pass some of the time. Leo raised an eyebrow and smiled. And I believe we have a winner, he thought.

"Hey!" Leo said loudly, slamming his hand into the back of Sam's head rest. Mikaela started, spilling some water over the passenger seat, and Sam swore, turning to glare at him. "I wanna know more about the Autobots."

"How about I show you how Ironhides cannons work?" Mikaela hissed, mopping the spilled water up with a rag. "Sorry 'Bee," she added.

"It-zzz alskk righzzz," crackled Bumblebee.

"All right?" Sam muttered, "Way to give me a heart-attack, Leo."

Mikaela huffed at Sam, who grinned sheepishly.

"Yeah, sorry about that," Leo said quickly, releasing his seatbelt. Bumblebee twittered angrily at him. Leo glanced at the radio (he had always imaged this as Bumblebee's face when he was a Camero) and simply smirked. "C'mon, Bumblebee. Like hell I need to wear a seatbelt. There's, like, no one out here but us!"

Bumblebee released a string of grappled noises and fell silent. Sam patted the steering wheel.

"Leo," started Mikaela, looking at him. Her blue eyes shone in the afternoon light and Leo felt his heart melt a little. Could she be anymore perfect?

"No, no," Sam told her, winking. "Let him find out on his own."

Mikaela contemplated this for a moment before grinning and turning back around to face the front. Leo felt a surge of fear in his gut. What did Sam mean by that?

"You guys aren't going to do anything to me, right?" He blurted out.

"Maybe, maybe not," answered a mans voice from the radio. "You'll just have to wait and see."

"No, seriously, are you?" Leo asked, voice picking up speed. " 'Cause after all that crazy shit back there I'm not sure I can handle a-"

"So!" Sam interrupted, turning to grin at Leo. The sun glinted off a burn on his cheek and Leo tried not to stare at it. "What-"

Suddenly, Bumblebee's cab was filled with a loud beeping. Leo started, glancing around him wildly, heart beat picking up. Was that some sort of alarm? Were they being attacked again? Oh God, no. He couldn't go through that again, not now. It was far to soon. Sam, Mikaela, and Bumblebee, though, weren't reacting to the noise at all and Leo wondered if the three were so use to a sound of an alarm that, when sounded, it failed to produce any panicked reaction.

Sam, on his part, was still looking at Leo, an amused expression on his face. "Wish I had a camera," he muttered.

"Already filmed it," whispered a voice to his left. Sam grinned. "Storing it…away to upload…to youtube later."

"Filmed anything else?" Sam whispered, watching as Mikaela explained to Leo that the beeping was nothing more then a walkie-talkie.

"Yes," came the reply, "Been filming…off and on…since…Leo's…freak out a few days…ago."

"Think we can use any off it as blackmail?"

" Oh, Defiantly."

Bumblebee and Sam laughed quietly. "Then keep filmin', 'Bee." Sam mumbled.

"Aye, aye."

"They gave you guys a walkie-talkie?" Leo was asking shakily. He watched out of the corner of his eye as Sam twisted back to face the front, a grin tugging at the corner of his mouth. What was he smiling about?

"Yeah, so we could stay in touch," Mikaela said, "So there's no need to freak out."

Leo leaned back in his seat and crossed his arms. "Sorry if a guys a little on edge," he muttered sourly.

"Yeah, well, get use to it." Sam said, eyes closed. He rubbed his shoulder, frowning.

Leo opened his mouth but before he could get a word out, Lennox was speaking over the walkie-talkie. Mikaela carefully placed it in one of the cup holders, making sure that the speaker was facing them.

"You four all right in there?" Lennox asked. Leo turned to look out the back window. Lennox, sitting in Ironhides front seat, waved at him. Leo hesitantly waved back.

"Everything is just super, Will," Sam answered. He re-opened his eyes and sat up straight.

"Yeah right, Sam," Lennox said, "I see you rubbing your shoulder."

"Its fine," muttered Sam angrily, "Just burning a little."

"Ratchet will wan-"

"What are the other Autobots up to, Will?" Mikaela asked quickly. She winked at Sam and he smiled back in gratitude. "All of them have been very quiet."

"Briefing Prime," Epps said, "Informin' him of what happened while he was, uh…away. In detail this time, not just a quick summary."

Sam and Mikaela glanced at the radio. Leo watched quietly, feeling boredom start to creep up on him again. He started to count the stitching on the back of Sam's seat, eyes half-closed. He wondered briefly whether Sharsky and Fassbinder were having a field day over the worldwide broadcast. Hopefully they'd managed to recorded it and put it up on the website.

"I chose…not to…partake in the…briefing," answered Bumblebee slowly.

"Ironhide told us," Lennox said.

"Yeah, 'Bee," Sam said, frowning at the radio. "How come?"

"I have more important matters to attend to," Bumblebee said, switching gears. "Prime…is okay…with me…informing him…about what happened…while away…from others…later."

"What important matters?" Leo piped in impatiently. "There's nothing important out here!"

"And apparently, the last week and a bit has taught Leo nothing," sighed Lennox. Epps snorted.

"Sam and Mikaela… are…of course…the important matters," Bumblebee said stiffly.

Leo looked blankly at the radio, then blushed. "Oh right. Sorry," he mumbled, feeling stupid. He should have known that. During the previous week Bumblebee had always, at least to Leo, gone out of his way to make sure that Sam and Mikaela were all right. From making sure that they had food and water to staying up all night with Sam when he couldn't sleep, allowing him to absently draw symbols on his shine plate as they talked.

Sam patted the steering wheel, smiling, and Mikaela leaned across to kiss the Autobot insignia in the middle of the steering wheel.

"Aww, shucks," Bumblebee said, embarrassed.

"Thanks, 'Bee," Sam said. Mikaela nodded.

"We should do something for him," she proposed, undoing her seatbelt and sliding onto Sam lap. Sam carefully wrapped his arms around her and kissed her neck. Leo looked out the window, envious. How Sam had managed to get a girl like Mikaela would always remain a mystery to him.

"Yeah, we should," agreed Sam.

"Wash and wax?" Bumblebee suggested happily.

Leo giggled quietly. A giant robot wanting a wash and wax? He'd have to see that.

"Sure," murmured Sam, eyes closed. "Anything you want."

Bumblebee chirped cheerfully.

"We'll give you one once we're on the ship back to NEST," Mikaela told Bumblebee.

Leo leaned in between the front seats. "So, basically you two are going to give him a bath?"

"Call it what ever you want," sighed Mikaela. "Tell me again. Why are you riding with us?"

Leo snorted. "Jeez, do I feel loved," he muttered.

"He's riding with you two," Lennox cut in, "because we thought maybe it wasn't a great idea to let him ride with Mudflap after that little insistent that happened between the two when we had to stop. We don't need anyone else injured nor for anymore arguments. The ones between Skids and Mudflap are enough."

"There arguments aren't that bad,"Leo said, "Just a little annoying."

Everyone laughed at him.

"Wait till you've been around them a little longer," Epps laughed. "You haven't seen nothing yet. They ca-kazzz."

The cab was filled with static as the walkie-talkie failed to keep a connection. Mikaela reached over to grab the device from the cup-holder, Sam groaning slightly in pain when she moved. Leo turned his head to glance out the back window. Lennox was beating the walkie-talkie against his hand, turning the knob on the top, trying to re-establish a connection.

Leo sighed and laid his head up against the window. He absently wondered what was happening back a Princeton. Whether or not they had managed to clean up the mess that Alice had made. Surely their dorm room had been searched, so all his and Sam's stuff had been rifled through while they tried to locate the source of the blast. Leo scrunched his face in disgust. He hated it when people went through his things. It left him feeling violated somehow. He wondered, also, whether Sam and him what be allowed back. The dean would probably see them as dangerous students and expel them. Great. So he'd probably have to find another school that would take him. There went his plans for the future.

Though, Leo decided he was still better off then Sam. The guy couldn't even show his face in public because of the Fallen's broadcast. So the possibility of him getting into another school was at an all time minimum. Leo wouldn't be surprised if Sam had to change his name or simply disappear of the face of the earth to led a normal life (as much as a normal life as he could live while knowing alien robots.)

"Piece of crap!" Lennox shouted, startling them all. Bumblebee swerved a little.

"We can hear you!" Mikaela said loudly, "Will, we can hear you again!"

"Finally," Lennox said, "With all the funding NEST gets you'd think they'd give us better walkie-talkies."

"Starscream destroyed all the good equipment with that EMP burst of his," Epps told him, "So this is all we got. Suck it up."

"You should invent something," Sam said tiredly, "Something like the 'bots comm links. Small and fleshed coloured so the can fit into your ear and be undetectable by the necked human eye, and any electronic device. Something that EMP burst wouldn't knock out and would allow you to communicate with one another no matter where on the planet you are, even underwater."

"Hmm…that actually sounds like a good idea, Sam," Lennox said thoughtfully.

"We should… get wheel…jack…to work…on it…when he arrives," Bumblebee said.

"Sounds like a plan," mumbled Sam. He rested his head against Mikaela shoulder and closed his eyes. She carefully stroked his hair.

"Who's Wheeljack?" Leo asked, thinking over what Bumblebee said.

"One of the craziest aliens you will ever meet," Epps said, "Though, we've only heard of him from Ironhide."

Bumblebee twittered.

"He's the Autobots scientist/ inventor," Lennox informed Leo, "Though, apparently, he has a tendencies to blow most of his inventions up."

Leo swallowed. "Great to know."

"We should get you and Wheeljack working on that communication device you mentioned, Sam, once he arrives." Lennox said. "Sam?"

"He fell asleep," Mikaela said quietly. She continued to stroke his hair. "My poor Sam."

"Well, that's good." Lennox said, keeping his voice low. "Ratchet will be happy he's getting some rest."

"As am I," muttered Bumblebee.

"You and Leo should get some sleep, too, Mikaela," Lennox ordered them. "I know for a fact you guys didn't sleep very much last night."

Mikaela looked suspiciously at the radio. A whistling track played. "Oh, you told them," she accused Bumblebee.

"Skids kept me up," Leo lied.

"Yeah right," Lennox said, "Get some sleep. We should be a Petra by sunset, so we'll wake you once we get there." With that, Lennox disconnected the walkie-talkies.

Leo reached over and shut the walkie-talkie off before Mikaela could get to it. She smiled at him gratefully and curled up to Sam, who sighed happily in his sleep.

"We'll tell you more about the Autobots later," she promised.

He nodded and stretched out on the backseat. All of the windows around them started to darken until the cab was pitch black and Leo could just make out calming music playing over the radio.

Huh, Leo thought, I didn't know he could do that do the windows. Neat.

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