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Moments Like This: Chapter Sixteen

"You're not used to this type of environment, are you?" Sarah asked as she and Parker rinsed dishes then loaded the dishwasher.

"Am I that obvious?"

Sarah smiled reassuringly at the younger woman. "You've done a good job of hiding it, but I can tell there are moments where you're uncomfortable and aren't quite sure what to do."

"How much has Eliot told you?" Parker asked as she rinsed a plate.

"Not much. Eliot's not big on talking. He just said that you hadn't had a typical childhood," Sarah replied as she took the plate from Parker and put it in the dishwasher.

"I grew up in the foster system. Most of the families I was placed with were the worst of the worst so I never got to experience this."

"It seems like you've done a good job of overcoming that."

Parker laughed as she picked up one of Gina's sippy cups and admired the Minnie Mouse design. "Most of that happened after I met Eliot and the rest of our team. They gave me stability and taught me how to trust."

"I think you've done the same for Eliot. For so long, he was devoted only to his job and then that started changing. When h started mentioning you, I was pretty sure the object of his devotion had shifted and now that I've seen the two of you together I know I was right."

Parker smiled slightly as she handed the sippy cup to Sarah. "It goes both ways. Eliot's changed me as much I've changed him."