"Harry, come here." The young boy outside heard his Aunt Petunia and couldn't believe it. She had called him by his name. It's always been Boy or Freak before. Maybe today was the start of a new era. Young Harry went running in right away.

"Yes, Aunt Petunia?" He asked hope evident in his small voice. He was for a three year old or his birthday was yesterday, quiet. He didn't talk unless talked too. He was also small for his age. Height and weight wise.

Petunia Dursley looked at her three year old nephew and noted how he looked like her sister in small ways. She noticed the bruises Vernon and Dudley had left when he burnt supper yesterday. Seeing those she knew he wouldn't survive here. She decided to get him out. That away he had a chance to survive and she got to keep her small family.

"Aunt Petunia?" Harry asked nervously. She looked at him and smiled.

"Would you like to go to the park?" Petunia asked as she bent to his level. She watched as his face lit up. He never got to go to the park.

"Yes, Aunt Petunia."

"Go get ready than. Oh and Harry grab your blanket too." She smiled as she saw her sister's eyes light up in Harry's face. Contrary to popular belief she loved her sister. She just hated magic and the fact that she didn't and couldn't have it.

"Ready Aunt Petunia." She looked at him and smiled. He was wearing his best used clothes, three sizes too big , she noted and laughed when she saw he had tried to tame his jet blank hair by piling it down with water.

"Call me Aunt Tuney tonight Harry. It's what your mother used to call me."

"BOY…" Harry jumped at Vernon's voice. He went running to see what he needed. "YOU WORTHLESS FREAK. YOU CAN NEVER DO ANYTHING RIGHT!" Petunia when she heard this went running into the living room.

"Vernon, put Harry down." Her husband looked at her like she had lost her mind, "I'll explain later."

"Aunt Petunia." Harry began to be interrupted by her.

"I told you Harry, Aunt Tuney." She smiled at his confusion and held out her hand, "Come along now." It took two hours to get to the park.

Once Harry got out of the car he took off at Petunia Dursley's encouragement. As she watched her nephew she began to cry. She watched him for half an hour remembering her sister. Lily how she missed her at times. After that half an hour she got up and left. Harry saw her and knew that she wasn't' coming back. He was now officially alone in the world.

"Blanket, it's just us now. Aunt Tuney left us. I'll take care of us though. I promise."

*nearly two months later*

Near eight o'clock Harry headed back toward the park. He had a good meal tonight: half eaten sandwich and half a snickers he had found in the trash about a block away. It was from yesterdays trash but still was good. He felt sleepily and didn't notice until it was to late that someone else was there.

A family of blonds were still there. There was a boy about his age though he looked years older. If only I ate right Harry thought right before he was pointed out.

"Mommy where's that boy's parents?" The boy asked and pointed. Narcissa Malfoy looked at her son Draco than where he was pointing. The boy looked like a deer caught in the headlights as muggles would say. She pointed him out to Lucius.

"Stay here Draco," Lucius said. He headed toward the black haired boy. Noticing as he got closer that he was tan and it hid bruises that were healing slowly if at all. His green eyes were wide and he was clutching a ragged blanket. Not the best brought up kid around. In short he was the opposite of the blond family.

"Hello, kiddo. My name is Lucius. Can you say that?" The kid looked nervous.

"Lu…Luwi." He kept trying and his face scrunched up in concentration. Lucius smiled at the kid's attempts. It was better than most.

"Call me Lu instead. How old are you?"

"Three and two months and a day." Harry stated this proudly. He was younger than Draco by a few months. "Why is your hair long? Aunty says only punks have long hair." At this the blond man's; who we now know is Lucius, started laughing. The kid had guts not most would say that to him. A twinkle appeared in his grayish silver eyes as he answered.

"Maybe it is here. I wouldn't know but where I'm from it's a symbol of your wealth or your family's wealth. Where are your parents?"

"They are dead. Aunt Tuney left me here about two months ago. I've been taking good care of myself." He explained to the man. Just as he finished this he heard a gasp behind the man. Harry looked up to see the boy and a blond woman behind them.

"Lucius." He knew what she wanted and he wanted it to. With a sigh he looked at the kid again.

"Would you like to come home with us? We'd adopt you. Draco would be your brother we'd be your parents and you'd be our son in all the ways that matter." He watched as Harry's eyes lit up.

"Yes I'm Harry by the way. You also have to get Aunt Tuney to sign off." As Harry was telling them this papers appeared in the man's hands.

"Where does she live?"

"Number four private drive in Surrey. Its about two hours away. Well that's what one couple said that I overheard. Two hours later Harry and the family of three stood out side of number four.

A sneer appeared on Lucius face as he knocked. A fat walrus of a man appeared and what resembled a baby whale behind him. Also about the same age. His sneer became more pronounced. Filthy muggles. "Is Tuney" he arched a brow at the woman's name "here?"

"No one's here by that name." As the walrus was saying this he tried to shut the door. Lucius temper was nearing the end.

"Petunia Dursley." He heard in a quiet voice so he repeated the name. The walrus jerked the door open. With a gruff they were invited inside into the foyer.

"Petunia dear, some punk is here asking for you." Vernon Dursley stated as he headed toward the kitchen. Petunia Dursley appeared a few minutes later.

"Yes?" She asked the man. Lucius gave her the once over before shoving the papers at her. Tunia looked down and saw adoption papers. She made no move toward them.

"Sign these please. We'd love to adopt your nephew." Petunia looked around and spotted Harry with them. Without another word she signed them.

"What they want?" Vernon Dursley asked as he reappeared.

"They are adopting Harry."

"Good Riddance to the Freak." He said a smile appearing on his face.

"What do you mean Freak?" Lucius asked at this statement.

"You already have him. So we'll tell you. That boy is unnatural. He is ..magical" Vernon spat this last word like a curse. Lucius and Narcissa smiled at this. Without another word to the Dursleys the family that now consisted of four left.