"Draco, Harry come on you must eat breakfast before we go." The boys heard their mother and headed down.

"Morning Mommy, Daddy. Uncle Siri!" Harry exclaimed as he entered the dining are. His hair was tied back with a green ribbon and his eyes were sparkling. When he stood next to Sirius Black a family resemblance could be seen.

"Morning Mother, Father. Uncle Sirius how good to see you again." Draco stated than looked at his Harry.

"Yea, yea I know," Harry said rolling his eyes, "food!" the family laughed at the two boys antics and sat down to eat.


"Here we are boys. Looks the same." A snort came from Sirius and the three looked at him.

"Lucius, you're telling me that everything looks the same. Puh-lease, I'd bet that this is the exact same train." Draco and Harry laughed at Sirius's antics.

"Ah the stench of blood traitors." The boys looked at their father to see who it is they were to avoid.

"Weasley's." He told hem and nodded his head slightly to a huge group of red-heads.


"Come on Harry. Blay, Pans and the group saved us seats."

"I'm coming Dray. Hey look a pair of look alike weasels." He smirked at the twins.

"Look Gred! It's a Malfoy and a …well what is that?"

"well Forge I don't know. Do you think that…"

"A Malfoy…"

"Could answer that question?" Harry was getting annoyed, even if they were funny.

"Hey I know Gred. Hey you! What are you?"

"I'm not a what, I'm a who. My name is Harry James Potter. Son of Lucuis and Narcissa Malfoy. Now excuse us." With that declaration they went to where the group had saved their seats.


"Slytherin. Yes Dray aren't you happy we both got Slytherin. We'll get to be room mates and everything until we graduate."


"Harry get up. Come on. Class starts soon."

"I don't wanna go," Harry cracked an eye open and looked at his Dray, "and neither do you." With that said Harry grabbed Draco's arm and pulled him down.


"Har… Harry what are you doing?"

"Pulling you into my bed."

"Because I can and because you are looking sexy." I stopped resisting and looked at my Harry.

"Wha…what did you say?" Harry looked around than looked at me.