TITLE: A Holiday in Trabia


DISCLAIMER: All characters from the FF8 game belong to Squaresoft, all original characters are mine. I'm just messing around with the boys and girls of FF8, please don't sue, don't have any money.

PAIRING: Squall x Seifer, Irvine x Zell, and a little Selphie x Quistis

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WARNING: Not much in this chapter, but eventually it will have Yaoi/Yuri. That means same sex pairings.

(AN: Sorry to all those Squall fans, I love him too, but he was just too easy to make fun of in this fic.)


Squall wasn't listening anymore, he was too busy decided what to do about Rinoa to care that Cid had given him and his team a month long holiday. He hadn't had them as a kid, so he didn't see what the point of them was, going without holidays hadn't done him any harm yet. Things with Rinoa had gone from bad to worse, Squall didn't remember ever asking her to go out with him, but she had decided that they were, and it made him angry, the least she could have done was ask him what he thought about it. But did she care? No she didn't, she assumed that he would be honored to be with a great girl like her, her words, not his. But Squall had never been so scared than he was right then, he was 18 and she wanted him to commit to her.

"Hey Squall are you listening?" Irvine asked exasperated with the spacey brunette. After working with Squall and the others for the past six months Irvine still didn't understand why Squall was the leader. He didn't listen when he was supposed to, and he didn't seem to care about anyone, not even Rinoa his girlfriend.

"…Huh?" The brunette asked blinking his cold eyes in confusion, obviously Mister Leader had been communing with himself again.

"Cid and Matron just gave us a holiday, doesn't that excite you even just a little bit?"

"…Should it?"

"Squaaaaaaaaaaaaaalll, come on it's exciting. We're going on holiday." Selphie squealed bouncing up and down on her tiny feet. Irvine shook his head ruefully, he could swear that even the littlest thing would get Selphie all excited. The girl was a little ball of energy that never seemed to stop, the only one of them that even came close was Zell, another ball of energy that didn't stop, Irvine suspected that the both of them still moved while they were asleep.

"Come on Squall a whole month without orders or missions," Quistis mused breathlessly, even she was getting excited about the prospect of getting away from Garden and work.

"What!" Squall started, Irvine could see that the stoic one was panicking, //no orders, you mean I'll have to think for myself.//

"Hey are you okay Squall?" Zell asked calming down enough to be worried about his friend.

//Of course I'm bloody well not, no orders, I can't survive on that. I need orders to give my life some meaning.//

Hiding in the far corner Seifer could see what they could not. He could see that Squall was inwardly hyperventilating, Squall thrived on orders, when he was following orders it meant he was doing something. Squall had never been impulsive, not like everyone else. Even Quistis had been spontaneous if the situated demanded it. Quietly he came out of the corner and approached the small group silently.

"Squall calm down, surly you can handle a month without orders?" Seifer asked carefully, when Squall was like this you had to be careful.

"…" was all that the silent Commander said.

"Breath Squall, or you're going to hyperventilate. We can't have you fainting away on us. If it makes you feel better we can have Selphie organise an itinerary and she can give you orders." Seifer offered in his not so usual fashion.

"…?" Squall asked with a hopeful expression in his ice blue eyes.

"I promise if it'll make you feel better." Seifer promised ignoring the looks he was receiving from all directions.

"Is that you Seifer? What have you done with the real Seifer?" Quistis suddenly asked alarmed.

"Hey is it so surprising that I knew what was going on?" Seifer asked the instructor quietly, so that only she could hear. She was the only one that knew how Seifer felt and he wanted to keep it that way.

Quistis followed the retreating blond with a soft expression in her eyes. When she thought about it, it wasn't so surprising that Seifer would know, the only person that knew the Commander better than her was Seifer, so it was pretty understandable.

"You heard him Selphie, it's your job to get Squall past this holiday. He needs orders to function, so where are we going?" Quistis asked once again sounding like the instructor she was.

"Let's go skiing." Selphie piped up.

"But that means snow, and cold." Zell whined shivering inwardly.

"Come on, its Christmas. Christmas isn't the same without snow. Wouldn't you like to have a white Christmas?" She asked appealing to the romantic in them all, except no one had ever told her that Quistis didn't have a romantic side, all she could see was the endless snow and cold.

"Christmas is supposed to be warm." Zell insisted stubbornly, obviously Selphie hadn't expected any resistance.

"And you will be warm Zell. We'll stay in log cabins with an open fire, we can snuggle with our honey's in front of the open fire place, on a torama skinned rug." Selphie told him, eyeing Irvine predatorily.

"Really?" Zell asked his face brightening up, then suddenly it fell, "I don't have a honey."

"Ah, but that's where the skiing comes in Zell, think of all those single ski bunnies you can meet." Selphie explained a victorious gleam in her green eyes. Obviously she had finally appealed to the miniscule martial artist, because he pouted and muttered "whatever".

As they were leaving the Headmaster's office Selphie suddenly remembered something.

"Oh shit, how many of you actually have winter clothes?"

"Why?" Zell asked absently, as he shadow boxed his way out of the office.

"It'll be snowing in Trabia, remember that's the whole point of going." Selphie told him amused. It wasn't often that Zell was caught with his mind wandering. He seemed always to be in the present.

"Oh man, I don't. I don't think any of us do." Zell told her running his eye critically over what everyone was wearing.


"What did you say Squall?" Selphie asked confused.

"I said, isn't what I'm wearing warm enough for the snow?" Selphie eyed the leather clad figure steadily, she supposed that leather could be considered warm, but she was pretty sure that his jacket and t-shirt weren't.

"I don't think so Squall. Ah well, we'll find Seifer, Raijin, Fujin and Rinoa then we'll go shopping." Selphie decided for them, it wasn't like any of them couldn't afford a shopping spree, all except Rinoa were A class SeeD, so they weren't poor by any means.

They found Seifer and his posse in the cafeteria about 10 minutes later.

"You decided where we're going yet?" Seifer asked of Selphie in amusement, he just knew it would be somewhere wacky.

"Yep, we're going skiing. So come on you three, we're gonna find Rinoa then we're going shopping for ski clothes. Up you get." Selphie ordered, bouncing excitably as she ushered them out of their seats.

"Can't we finish eating ya know?" Raijin grouched, quickly wolfing down a hot dog he hadn't finished yet.

"SHOPPING." Fujin ordered her bumbling companion, surprisingly excited herself.

"Alright Fu, I'm coming ya know." Raijin told her following her orders like a whipped pup.

"Heh heh heh, Raijin you need to get a back bone man." Seifer snickered also getting up to follow the rest of the team on their shopping spree.

"I have a back bone Seif, ya know. It's just Fu's scary ya know." Raijin told his friend a little too loudly, as Fujin turned to the two boys and kicked Raijin in the shin.

"WHIMP!" She smirked as Raijin jumped up and down in pain while Seifer laughed to the side. But he wasn't safe either.

"PRICK!" She shouted also kicking him in the shin.

"Hey Fu, I didn't do nothing." Seifer whined as Quistis softly laughed to the side of the posse.

"You certainly have those two trained don't you Fujin?" Quistis smirked.

"OF COURSE!" Fujin told her smugly, ignoring the muted glares she received from the two guys.