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Chapter Seven:

Two days after his accident Seifer was allowed back to the hostel with strict instructions not to go outside, until it was time for the SeeDs to return back to the garden.

"You mean I'm stuck inside, doing nothing for four fucking weeks?" Seifer shouted at the doctor that had given Seifer his diagnosis.

"Those are my instructions.  I'm sure you can think of stuff to do inside, as long as it's not to strenuous." The doctor informed his patient, eyeing Squall, leaving no doubt in anybodies mind about what type of strenuous activity he was talking about.  Squall blushed and quickly jumped off the bed that Seifer was in, while the rest of the SeeDs laughed and Rinoa spluttered indignantly.

"You mean I can't have sex either?" he shouted, embarrassing Squall on purpose.  Squall glared daggers at the blond and tried to think of a way to get the blond back.

"Yes I mean that, no sex, nothing that requires a lot of activity, I'm sure you're boyfriend can control himself for a few weeks until your legs better."  The doctor told the blond, blushing slightly, but showing no other embarrassment.  Rinoa glared and stepped up beside Squall grabbing his arm tightly.

"You're mistaken doctor, Squall isn't Seifer's boyfriend, he's mine." She informed the doctor glaring daggers at him.  The doctor looked between Rinoa, Squall and Seifer then looked at the small girl in disbelief before shrugging, "It doesn't matter, he still can't have sex."

It was a real bitch transporting Seifer back to the hostel.  He played his injury up, screaming in imagined pain every time Zell hit a bump as he drove.

"Watch it will you Chicken Wuss." Seifer glared at the small blond.  Zell rolled his eyes but slowed the car down somewhat, though that didn't stop Seifer's complaints.

"I'm hungry, I'm thirsty, the plaster's itchy." Every few seconds it was another complaint.  Until Squall had finally had enough and cast sleep over the tall blond.

"Oh thank you lord." Irvine prayed to the lord, "speed it up will ya Dincht."

Zell complied and before long the SeeDs were back at the hostel helping an unconscious Seifer out of the car.

"Fuck, will someone please cast Esuna on this great lump?" Zell demanded when it turned out that Seifer was even too heavy for him to help carry.  Squall complied, and then the SeeDs were once again audience to more of Seifer's complaining.

"Who's the bastard that cast Sleep on me?" he demanded, and then screamed when he accidentally bumped his leg against the car door.

"God dammit." Squall suddenly shouted, "Shut the fuck up Almasy before I Renzokuken your arse into the next dimension."

Everyone was so surprised by Squall shouting that Seifer actually didn't complain while they were taking him back to his room.  Once they'd laid Seifer down on his bed the SeeDs left him to himself and Squall breathed in relief at the blessed silence.

"Finally no more complaining." Except that he spoke to soon.

"Leonhart, get me a drink will ya?" Seifer shouted through the door, Squall drew his gunblade and was about to kick Seifer's arse when he was stopped by Irvine who was shaking his head.

"Seifer's always been a bad patient, remember when he was sick?  You just have to get used to it." Irvine told him comfortingly.

"It's easy for you to say, you're not going to end up being his fucking slave." Squall told the cowboy warily, but then went to the kitchens to get Seifer something to drink.

Ten minutes later Squall returned to the boy's room with a drink for his rival.

"Here you go." He said to the blond warily.

"It's about bloody time Leonhart, what took you so long." Seifer demanded taking a sip of the water.  Squall's expression darkened, then stood up and quickly left the room before he did something he'd regret.  Once Squall was out of the room, Seifer started to laugh, god he was going to have fun with this.  He loved seeing Squall angry, he's gray eyes darkened to blue and his perfect peaches and cream complexion started to flush.  He looked so sexy and he was going to do his damndest to keep Squall pissed.  Once Squall had been gone for a good five or six minutes the door opened again to admit Raijin.

"He's going to kick your arse ya know." Raijin told his friend.

"But it'll be worth it Rai.  He's fucking beautiful when he's pissed." Seifer informed his giant friend smiling in remembrance.  Raijin shook his head then went and sat on the bed opposite Seifer, which happened to be Irvine's bunk.

"Yeah well man, I'll be at your funeral ya know." Raijin informed him, but there was a smirk playing about the big man's mouth.

Squall stomped down the hallway, his gray eyes, dark and stormy desperately wishing for a training center he could take his frustrations out on.  He walked into reception and sat on the couch beside Quistis.

"I'm going to kill him." Squall informed the blond instructor, who smiled amused.

"Only after one day? He'll get worse before he gets better." She informed her friend.

"You think I don't know that?  And I'm going to be the one that'll be doing everything for him.  The arsehole just enjoys pissing me off, I'm sure of it." He told her angrily.

"I'm sure it's not that Squall." Quistis tried to reassure him, "Listen, Selphie, Rinoa, Irvine, Zell and myself are going to check out the resort down the road a bit, there's supposed to be a dance or something there tonight, why don't you come and leave Fu and Rai to watch over Seifer?"

Squall smirked and nodded his head, "Yeah okay, serve the bastard right.  What time are we leaving?"

Quistis smiled, "We're leaving at about seven.  I know you Squall, you'd better go start getting ready now."

Squall looked at his watch, noticing that it was now 5 p.m. and nodded his head, "Okay." He told her, and then headed to his room.

Five minutes later Squall entered the room he shared with the other guy's and began to dig through his suitcase for something to wear that night.  Raijin smirked at Seifer then casually left the room leaving Seifer and Squall alone.

"Squally!" Seifer called the brunette.

"Yes Seify?" Squall asked calmly as he turned to look at his rival.

"I'm bored." Seifer pouted, Squall smirked then threw a book his smirk widening when the book landed on Seifer's stomach.

"Read then." Squall ordered turning back to his task.

"Squall I have a broken leg I haven't gone through a complete personality transplant." Seifer informed the brunette disgusted.

"Then go to sleep." Squall told him.

"I'm not tired." Seifer told him put out that Squall didn't seem to be rising to his bait.

"Well then, I'm sorry, but I can't help you." Squall announced pulling out a black leather ensemble that he'd snuck into his suitcase before Rinoa could find out.

"Squally," Seifer whined, "entertain me."

"I'm busy." Squall said shortly leaving the room and heading towards the bathroom.  Seifer watched wide eyed, Squall hadn't lost his temper.  He guessed he'd just have to try that little bit harder to piss Squall off.