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Laughter like Tears

The air was crisp and warm, and just like every second Sunday Hermione was at the Burrow, joining in on the family lunch. Even though she and Ron hadn't been an item for months, the Weasleys all insisted she had to come, if only because Mrs. Weasley really did think she belonged with at least one of her sons. Today the tables were set up outside, among the bright orchids. Hermione sat, back straight in her chair as the large group of red heads chatted around her, laughter from one side interrupting the joke of the other. Occasionally the black-haired boy on her right would nudge her with his elbow, looking at her curiously. Still, Lunch went on as normal.

To Mrs. Weasley she seemed pale, her curls less shiny.

To Ginny she seemed less talkative, only answering when spoken to directly.

To Harry she seemed dull and bare, the normal bright halo of energy dimmed.

To Ron –just to him- she seemed just like normal.

Yet inside guilt was eating at her stomach, making her sandwich hard to swallow. Hermione knew she should savior today, as she may never be invited back, because this was the moment lunch didn't go quite like normal.

Hermione stood.

Okay, that was slightly normal, as Hermione was a very opinionative girl, and occasionally her arguments would get the best of her.

Yet this once, her temper had not flared, nor eaten up inside her. Still, all the Weasley's and extended family quietened as they saw her rise. For once Hermione seemed unsure of herself and in a tiny, fragile voice, she said;

"I think I love Draco Malfoy."

Well, they certainly thought she was joking; George couldn't help but burst out into loud laughter, followed by Charlie and Bill. Mr. Weasley simply continued to fill his plate with salad. Yet, Mrs. Weasley felt a nagging at her gut, Ginevra openly gaped, and Harry tried to form a sentence.

Worst of all, was Ronald.

"You're joking."

She let out a bark of a laugh.

To Ron, her laughter seemed like it always did, a tickling chime; but he wasn't hearing what everyone else was. To them, her laughter sounded like crying, dry sobs.

Ronald Weasley just simple couldn't understand Hermione Granger.

So of course he was confused when she turned on her heel, and walked out of the family lunch. To disappear with a crack.

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