Okay, I gets ahead of myself. This lil' idea has been hacking at my brain for a while now and I finally decided to go ahead and start typing it out. This one will probably go slow due to the fact that it's technically the 3rd fic I'm writing on at the same time, with Secrets Within being my primary baby at the moment.

Plot: This is probably not a new idea, as a matter of fact I know its not. But it's my version of this idea and I find it rather amusing.

Fangirl finds herself suddenly in the Transformers universe. However, she knows all about the Tfverse and even her laptop 'Ruby' still contains tons of saved data from her fandom, BUT no one else knows about it and it's suddenly vanished from the interwebs. Suspicious? Is this just one really messed up prank or what? Let's find out.

I do not own Transformers, their universe, their likenesses, or anything that has to do with them. I do own my character Aurian Fae Towns, her car and her lappy 'Ruby'. And maybe the ideas within...don't know about those though!

Also note that this is set in the movieverse, not a combination or anything like that like I've done in Secrets Within. I'm not ready to take on another fic like that just yet! It is set between the two movies...mostly. Haven't decided if TF2 will occur during this fic or not. We shall see.


Journal entry; weird days:

So, you know those days when you wake up and everything just seems normal and then you find out that everything is definitely not normal? Okay, maybe it's just me.

I woke up today like any other day, ate breakfast and headed out to work. Nothing seemed out of place or weird until I happened to see a really awesome truck. You know when you've got an appreciation for art of all types you must check out the art of the automotive type too! I really did just want to look. It had a really cool emblem on it and I asked about it...that's when I realized it was not a normal day...

~Aurian Fae


Aurian was a typical non-typical young woman. She was slightly above average height, medium brown hair that hung slightly past the middle of her back, gray eyes and built like a warrior. She enjoyed the simple things in life like music, art, horse back riding and fencing. She was an avid sci-fi movie watcher and adored action dramas. Once or twice she had been known to become obsessed with a thing and carry it way too far into her life, such as a certain alien movie with giant robots that transformed...

Mornings were routine; get up, shower, eat breakfast, brush teeth and go to work. That's the way it had been every day (except for Saturday) since she had made her failed attempt at collage. Now, Aurian was no dunce, she was very intelligent actually and that was her problem with school; she became so board with the lesson plans that she would drift off leaving her open for failure when it came to pop quizs. Her intelligence was what had gotten her into the position she was now in. She had overheard some corporate big wigs complaining about some silly problem with their science department and she had offered a suggestion that, apparently, they found greatly helpful and had taken her on immediately. At the time she was thrilled but quickly realized that she hadn't had a choice when it all came down to it. If she hadn't agreed to work for them they had methods. 'Oh, well,' she often thought, 'at least I have fun.'

This morning had been no different as she headed out the door with the thought of 'at least I have fun,' fresh in her mind, bag of things that she would need for the day slung over one shoulder and keys jingling in her hand. Only today as she pulled up to her customary reserved parking spot she happened to look over at a new vehicle that was parked not too far away from her. It was taking up four parking spaces and she didn't for a second wonder why, the truck was a beast! Her brain reeled with excitement as she recognized the make and model of the truck and was instantly drawn to it. She had to see it closer.

The beast of a machine definitely dwarfed her slightly taller than average size easily and she was nothing but amazed by the sheer size!

"Wow." She whispered as she paced slowly around it. When she came around to the tailgate and saw the custom logo emblazoned on it she nearly fainted. "That's so awesome."

"Can I help you?" A middle aged man asked as he approached the woman with something between caution and amusement.

"I was just appreciating this beauty." She blushed slightly as she realized how silly she sounded. "I mean, it's a nice truck."

"Yeah," the man agreed, "I tend to think so. Can be a little touchy sometimes though."

Aurian laughed. She always gave her vehicles personalities of their own and enjoyed when other people shared in her little game of make believe. "I love this decal, where'd you get it done?"

The man stiffened slightly and Aurian could have sworn she saw the truck roll just a little bit on its tires. "It kinda came with the truck."

"Oh, that sucks. I've been considering finding one for my car. I know it's dumb but I'm a little obsessed." She chuckled again, "You have no idea how hard it is to find an Autobot logo around here!"

Again the tuck seemed to roll on its tires and the man shifted slightly on his feet. "A what?"

"This." Aurian pointed to the decal, saddened that such a wonderful prize should have fallen into the hands of someone who had no appreciation for the fandom. "You know, Transformers? Autobots? That's the logo."

This time Aurian knew the tuck rolled, it even shimmied a little and the man took two quick steps to close the distance between them. "What do you know about them?" He demanded, voice icey and commanding.

Aurian grew uncomfortable and rather nervous with this mans proximity. She had thought at first that he was rather attractive but any thoughts of flirting fled her mind completely with his actions. Now she thought he was kind of scary and rather dangerous, he was well built and a bit taller then she was and he looked like he knew what he was doing. "What do you mean? I'm a fan girl is all!"

"Fan girl?" His tone was disbelieving, "How do you even know about them?"

"Okay, you're creepy." Aurian took a nervous step backwards, testing the man's reaction to her retreat, "I just wanted to say nice truck, I'm leaving now." She turned to head back to her building, her heart pounding a little harder then needed and she could feel the man's eyes following her. She paused for a second when she felt a strange tingling run through her entire body and then she ran. Why? She didn't really know but she had the feeling that impending doom was looming over her suddenly and she didn't want to be there anymore.

Once inside the high security safety of her building she could finally breath. "What a freak." She mumbled as she headed to her station. If he didn't want her near his truck all he had to do was say something. She knew she was weird and she was used to people asking her to leave so it wouldn't have been any big deal. 'I guess he wouldn't know that though.' She mused to herself. 'Why are all the cute ones crazy?' She continued.

"Morning Aurian!" One of her co-workers called out to her with a hearty wave.

"Hi Connie. How are you today?"

"Good, how are you?" The customary conversation of inner office friends.

"Alright I guess. Ran into some creep in the parking lot."

"Oh? He didn't bother you did he?" Genuine concern filled Connie's voice. They may not be great friends but as far as office friends went they were pretty close.

"No. I guess I really kinda deserved it. I was admiring his truck and he got a little weird is all. I should really not do that, gonna get myself beat up one day." Aurian laughed a little as she continued on past Connie's station to her own. 'What to do today?' She wondered absently as she looked over her overloaded work station.

What Aurian did couldn't really be defined in any single idea, except maybe for the word idea. She created, improved, took apart, re-figured and generally caused havoc for anything that was electronic, mechanical or similar. She was good at what she did, that was for sure. Reverse engineering was her favorite thing to do despite the fact that she knew a few weapons came across her table. She didn't agree with making weapons but this was her job and she did have an insatiable curiosity.

As she scanned her tables she found a bit of tech that she hadn't noticed there before today. It was probably about the size of her leg and a brushed metal chrome color. 'How could I have missed it?' She wondered while at the same time concluding that it must have just arrived that morning. There's no way she could have missed something so sleek and shiny as that little device! "What is it?" She questioned the new item of her curiosity, there were no orders attached to it, no delivery slips, no nothing! What was she supposed to do with it?

"That was recovered from the Mission City incident." Another co-worker, Roger, informed her. He was her sometimes partner in crime when it came to designs and construction. "They gave it to me, but I'm not as good with reverse engineering as you are so I thought I'd give you the first cut." Roger leaned over her work station to see the device a little better. "You want it?"

"Are you an idiot, Roddi?" She'd picked the nick name for him and he didn't mind when she called him that though he had no idea where she had gotten it from. "Of course I want it! But what is it?"

"Don't know." Roger admitted. "It was found in all the mess at Mission City with some other unidentified derbies. This was the only thing that looked like it might be something."

"Mission City? What happened there?"

Roger sighed and almost slammed his head on the table, "Don't you ever read the paper? Watch the news? Anything involving current events?"

"You know me Roddi, I'd rather be surprised when it hits me then listen to all that dreary stuff."

"Well, surprise!" He waved his hands at the thing before them. "Mission City was mysteriously attacked, or as some of the reports say, there was a 'military mishap'," he crooked his fingers in the quotations gesture, "that destroyed a good portion of the city. When the cleanup began there was a lot of unknown metals and other things found. This little gem was amongst it and was spirited away to us under the radar." Roger scooted around the table to stand next to Aurian and tapped at the thing roughly, "I couldn't even figure out where to begin so it's all yours."

Aurian couldn't contain her joy at this little treasure being turned over to her and lept on the man next to her declaring, "You're the best Roddi!"

"Yeah, yeah, you remember that when the next spytop comes in." 'Spytop' was the term they used for recovered computers that were believed to contain vital information that needed to be recovered. All of the techs wanted to get their hands on those, not only because of the hefty bonus that came along with breaking the encryption but because they were always so full of such 'nifty' things.

"Promise." She agreed eagerly.

Aurian was sufficiently enthralled with her new project and so was completely unaware of an argument going on near the front of the lab.

"I'm sorry sir but you don't have the clearance..." An elderly male voice scolded. This was the buildings senior security officer and despite the fact that he was pushing seventy the man was good at his job and was not usually pushed around easily.

"I have top clearance, sir. No disrespect to you but I need to recover an item that was taken from Mission City. We were told it was delivered here."

"I haven't received anything saying that anyone with top clearance would be coming here today. Until I get something to prove what you're saying I can't let you in. It's protocol. I'm sure you understand."

"Here." The short argument ended and quiet resumed.

"I see. Right this way."

The doors opening into the lab was usually enough to gain everyones attention and this was no exception, that is aside from Aurian. She had managed to find an access panel to the internal wiring of her new treasure and was elbow deep into the device, her brain recording everything as clearly as if it were a top quality computer. Just as she was about to remove a rather large sized motherboard type item from the inside she noticed an engraved emblem on the inside wall of the thing. Her heart stopped for two beats and she was sure she was going to puke out her insides as she brushed a nervous hand over the familiar symbol. 'Mission City?' She recalled the man from outside, he had been very familiar now that she thought about it. 'No way.'

"Aurian," she nearly jumped at the sound of their security officer. She could feel the blood drain from her face when she looked up and saw who had accompanied him to her work station. "This is Major Lennox. He has some claim to the new project that came in from Mission City."

Aurian looked guilty with her hands elbow deep in the inner workings of the very thing they were speaking of. "I have no idea what you're talking about." She fained innocence and returned to her work. She had to know for sure if her sneaking suspicions were real or not and the more time she could buy the better.

"I think you do." Major Lennox said in that military tone that Aurian had grown to greatly dislike over her term as an employee here.

"Why is that Major?" She would not allow herself to be deterred as she continued digging in the machine.

"You have your hands buried in it." He stated flatly.

Aurian had found the thing she was looking for, a small recording device. It was nothing fantastic, nothing a normal person would even recognize but she knew. It was a simple thing that read the amount of energy discharged at what rate and repetition. She suddenly pulled her hands out of the item as quickly as she could without snagging herself on the wires and looked at it as though it were something disgusting.

Major Lennox had misread her reaction and felt some concern, mostly amusement, but still, the woman had obviously been unaware. Or, so he thought.

"It's a piece of him..." she whispered stepping back toward the item, "This isn't real." She told herself.

"What are you talking about?" Roger was at her side, he had been there the whole time wondering how this little stand off would turn out. He had thought at first that Aurian had been electrocuted by the device, it wouldn't be the first time something like that had happened to the overly curious woman, but the look on her face declared that it was something more like finding a corpse suddenly...in the middle of the night...in the graveyard.

"It's..." She started then stopped. Was she really about to say what she thought she was going to say? Yes. Yes she was. "It's Jazz."


Journal entry continued; WTF?

Like I said. NOT normal. Well, the day continued to be so insanely not normal that I really began to think I had to be dreaming. I mean, come on. How could this be happening?

After I realized that I was digging around in dead alien parts I had something one might call a break down. I grabbed my bag and I ran! Oh holy crap did I run! Now that I think about it I really don't understand why nobody stopped me. It was really suspicious that a Major was speaking with me and then I suddenly took off. Doesn't that scream 'guilty of whatever he's accusing me of'? Well anyway, I ran out of the building and into the parking lot where that lovely truck still sat taking up four spots. Yeah, I puked right then and there. If this was all real then...

~Aurian Fae