If he was indeed dead then waiting wouldn't accomplish anything. But then again, Mike drove me directly here, he wouldn't have done that if the house was no longer inhabited. I sat down on the porch and debated with myself and while I did that several cars drove by and by the 7th, I decided to wait in the backyard and not make a bigger fool of myself. I got off the cold porch and my ass and legs were hurting for sitting down in the cold. The first steps hurt a bit as the joint and muscles cracked into work.

I walked around the house when I heard voices. I didn't recognize them. There were about 4-5 voice and one of them sounded very young. I didn't hear my dad so I hesitated to go any further. But I was in so close range that I could hear some of the talk.

"How am I just supposed to deal with this?" the young voice said.

"You just are. There's nothing to do about it." A very deep and dark voice said.

"it's in your genes Seth," a voice I recognized said. I couldn't stop myself and before I realized it. I was running towards the voice I knew belonged to a certain Black.

"Billy!" I shouted as I ran around the fence I was hiding behind. But I stopped short.

A big .. pack… of people was gathered in my fathers backyard. Some were managing the grill and some were wrestling and the porch some was talking to Billy and my dad.

My dad was alive! I couldn't help myself as I ran towards him and threw myself in his arms. I hugged him so close so that I was sure I wasn't dreaming. But something was wrong.

He wasn't hugging me back. He wasn't really reacting at all.

I stumbled back a bit. All the activities the yard had ceased and an eerie silence had fallen upon us.

"Daddy?" I asked.

He didn't say anything. he hadn't even looked at me yet. Slowly, as if painfully, he turned his head and looked at me. He looked me up and down before settling on my eyes.

"What Isabella? Do you think you can walk back and expect everything to return to normal? You left with no word and I haven't heard from you for months. Time didn't just freeze here. We moved on." There was mystery behind his way of talking. The way Jacobs's voice had when he told me the Quileute 'tales'.

I looked around and looked at the people in yard. They had a lot of traits in common. Tall, broad shoulders, tanned dark skin, incredibly well built, short cropped black hair. Quileute definitely and more specific Quileute werewolves. But I didn't see Jacob anywhere. I only recognized Sam, whom seemed to be the pack leader – alpha, if you will. Quil and Embry were also there even though I could hardly recognize them. Granted, they were humans last time I saw them.

How long had it really been since I left? I spend 3 days travelling here. And when I arrived in Volterra there was 3 weeks 'till the ball. But how long had we spent in Sweden? It seemed like a week or two, but it could only have been a few days. It couldn't have been more than a month. Maybe a month and a half tops.

Okay, I shouldn't just have left but at the time I didn't care. I was so down that I just left and didn't of what aftermath there might have been here in Forks. I could have called, I mean, I kept in touch with Renée, the other parent should've been informed too.

Back to scene at hand; no one moved, spoke or did anything but anticipated what was about to happen. I didn't know what to answer him.

"I'm sorry I didn't call," was all I could think about and when I spoke the lameness was radiating off it.

Charlie stood up. He had changed, the features was sharpened, like he wasn't eating. The hair seemed more... gray.

"It is not so much that, it's more the fact you kept the fact about your boyfriend being a vampire, your best friend a werewolf-"

Okay, not fair, I thought. "Stop right there! Billy knew and he's your best friend! You should be mad he didn't tell you!"

His anger rose. I could see it in his eyes. "I was at first, but he was keeping a tribe secret, a family secret!"

"You could say I was too! Edward was family at the time and I was protected his family secret! So was Jacobs! Neither secrets were mine to tell!" I shouted at my dad. "And so I didn't!"

"That is not point! I invited Edw..-him! into my house! I think I deserve to know if I was at same table as a predator!" he yelled.

At this I couldn't help but imagine that the 'spectators', were acting like they were watching a tennis match.

"You've been to Billy's when Jacob was there many times! You didn't know the 'threat' back then!"

"It is different! They're not family,"

"You sure did consider them one!" I shouted back. My chest was heaving with emotion and I could feel the tears threatening to come out behind my eyes. In this crowd I would not be weak. I refused to be so.

I forced my voice back under my control and said, "Besides you seem to know 'the big secret," I made drastic air quotations, "is that why you're thinner? Your hair grayer? Because now that the chief of police is involved in a supernatural secret, you protecting them? Making things disappear at station?"

No one said anything so I assumed I hit a nerve and a truth.

"I'll be leaving now. Don't look for me," I said in a menacing voice and walked pass Charlie and Billy and into the house.

I could feel eyes boring into my back but kept going.

"Isabella you have one minute to leave the premises or I will arrest you for trespassing." Charlie voiced as I entered the house.

"You can't do that when I live here." I shouted back.

"I am the chief, I do as I damn please! 30 seconds," he replied.

I went upstairs and got a bag with some of the stuff I left behind that I would like to keep. Not before long I could hear heavy footsteps on the stairs. I threw the duffel bag I had packed over my shoulder.

"Isabella Marie Swan, you are arrested for trespassing on the," he checked his watch, "25th of May, 11: 48. You have the right to remain silent, anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law." He handcuffed me, behind my back and led me to the police car.

My own father arrested me and three days ago I escaped my mother's 'incarceration'. Come on Dr. Phil, where's your show?

He put me into one of the two small cells at Forks Police station and removed the cuffs.

"Oi! I have the right for a phone call!" I yelled as he walked away. He turned on his heel and locked me out and took me to the phone booth.

I debated whether I should call Alec or Aro. The last time I had seen Alec, he was incredibly rude and ignored me and drove away without a word. As much as I wanted to see him, two could play that game. He can't behave that way and expect me to not retaliate.

I picked up and dialed 411, "Can you patch me through to Aro in Volterra, Italy?" I asked the nice phone lady.

"Do you have a last name?"

And I wondered why I didn't know it. Mental note to self: get last names! "No, but I can't imagine there's that many Aro's in Volterra, Italy?"

"Oh I didn't hear you said Italy. I'll patch you through to the Italian information,"

"thank you," I said and went to hold.

A man picked up and talked so fast in Italian that I had no way of understanding. "Hey. Hey! I don't speak Italian!"

"Sori Signora. How mai I be of servise?" he said in poor English but I would give him kudos for the effort. I also loved his accent and the roll of his r's.

"I need to speak to Aro in Volterra,"

"I have twu Aro's in Volterra. Do yu have un last-"

"No," I said quickly. I really need to get them.

"Well I know he lives in a castle in the middle of the town… I don't know if that helps," I said and hope.

He didn't even answer me before the beeping sounds came. I crossed my fingers and hoped for the right Aro.

"Jane here" a nice familiar voice said.

"Oh Jane! It's Bella!" I exclaimed.

"Hello Princess! We have been trying to locate you without any luck,"

"Yeah long story, short; I'm in a prison in Forks," I said.

"Good Bella! But it takes 17 hours before anyone can get there. We have to drive to Stockholm to get a flight to Seattle and then drive there. Can you hang in there for that long?" she said in a concerned voice. I couldn't see Charlie's face, but I would like to know what his face expression was when he heard 'Italy'.

"I kinda don't have a choice do I?" I joked.

"I know sweety… But Alec is already on his way,"

"I don't want Alec to come. Can you send someone else?" I asked. Alec shouldn't feel obligated to come and get me, when he can't even treat me right and not give me any reason for his actions.

"Yes I think Aro actually wants to get you himself"," Jane said, "I'll put him on,"

"Hello my sweet Isabella, how are you holding up?" Aro asked.

Hearing his voice made the threatening tears, push out.

"I miss you , babbo" I cried.

"Honey, please stop crying. I cannot stand it" Aro sounded full of emotion, something I have never heard before.

"I'm sorry" I sniffed, "When are you getting here? I know Jane said 17 hours but can't you make it quicker?" I almost begged.

"Unfortunately not, my sweet. The flight itself takes 10 hours and from Seattle to Forks is a 3 hour drive and we have to get to Stockholm for the flight and that takes two hours and then there's small waiting time." He explained.

"Why do you not wish Alec to come." He sounded concerned when I actually thought he would be indifferent about my decision.

"He was rude last time we saw each other. He has to earn it."

"Well, I, Jane and Demetri are coming as soon as possible. Try getting some sleep."

"I will babbo, bye" I hung up.

I found some joy in the massive phone bill that the station might have. I have just called Sweden through Italy. Well that's what you get when you arrest your own daughter.

"Enjoy your stay," he said as he left me in my cell.

I pulled on the smelly blanket and lay on the smelly pillow in the very smelly cell. I figured time would pass more quickly while sleeping.

I just hoped that when I wake up, I will see a familiar face and feel safe and comforted. But even I know that the chance of sleeping 17 hours in a row is high improbable.

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