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Worth the Wait


Edward and Charlie have a talk about Edward's REAL age that surprisingly ends up bonding them. Fluff! Post-Breaking Dawn with spoilers!
This chapter is completely credited to Kari Twilight Mist and was written in its entirety by her. Thanks so much to Kari for turning a simple fan of your story into a co-author.
Starting in chapter two 'Worth the Wait' will be continued and co-written by Kari Twilight Mist and 4everhis91.

Edward POV

Charlie and I sat on the couch at my house watching the History Channel. Well I was anyway. Charlie seemed to be pondering something but I couldn't tell what. I laughed at yet an inaccurate fact about life in America in the 1920's.

"What's so funny?" Charlie asked.

"How grossly inaccurate half of these statements are" I chortled in response.

"How do you know?"

"I'm a fan of American history."

He grunted then went back to pondering. "Edward what was your mother like?"

I looked at him startled. "My biological mother you mean?" and he nodded. "Well she had my hair. We also had similar views on things except the war-"

"Which one?" he interjected.

"Afghanistan at the time." I lied. I then continued "She was unconventional at times-"

Once again he interrupted "was she a hippie?"

I debated my response then decided I couldn't sully my mother by saying yes. (AN: nothing against people who were/knew/know hippies this is just his view in this story not mine) "No but she was for people's rights. She also was the one in charge of the family. You couldn't lie to her either she always knew when you were."

"How did she die?"

"She and my father died of the flu."

"Wow it had to have been a bad strain to kill them."

I couldn't suppress a shudder "you have no idea."

He changed the topic "where were you from?"


"You're used to the cold then?" it was half a statement half a question.

"Yes Sir. I've been up north for a long time." Minus the time in Appalachia where we met Emmett I mentally added.

"You look like you would burn easy so that's a good thing I guess."

I let out a strangled laugh and he looked at me funny. "Yes Sir I don't do well with heat."

He barked out a laugh "no wonder Bella said you stayed inside while you visited Renee."

I chuckled uneasily.

"How old were you when they died?"

I answered without thinking. "Seventeen."

He froze "Edward I thought you were seventeen two years ago but moved from Alaska two years before."

Crap! "Need to know." I tried.

He glared at me then half-yelled "I though I said no more lies!" He quieted then and asked slowly "how old are you."

If I'm going to Hell I might as well do it thoroughly. The words from long ago echoed in my head. I took a deep breath and said "One hundred and six." I then flinched waiting for the explosion while hoping he would think it was a lie.

He didn't.


I flinched and swallowed audibly while nodding.

He was so mad he was purple. "You had me believing you were some punk teenager while you could have been my GRANDFATHER!" We both shuddered at that.

"In my defense sir my mind is stuck at a seventeen-year-old level so I am mentally still a teen."

"Oh yeah?! Then why don't you talk or act like one?!"

"I was mature when I… was frozen. I also was taught to behave like I do by my mother."

"Wait… that means your parents died so long ago because there was no medicine right?" he asked calming down a little.

"Yes Sir." It was technically true since there was no cure.

"I can see why this is all need to know." He was gradually calming down.

"I'm not lying when I say you daughter was my first love… my first everything really."

"OK, OK I don't want details!" he said hastily. "You waited that long with… nothing though?"

I nodded seriously.

He whistled low. "Well kid...." he looked at me to see if I was offended now that he was in the loop.

"It's fine."

He shrugged and said continued "well kid you're stronger than me that's for sure!" he chuckled.

"She was -is- worth it. They both are."

"Bella's eyes changed too. What color were yours?"

"Emerald green. My mother had them as well. I was very sad to loose them At least I have her hair still."

He looked at me sadly. "Well kid I'll be honest. You're not my favorite person in the world but without you Bella wouldn't be happy. I can see Jacob and her were only meant to be friends seeing how happy she is with you. Plus you helped make my angelic granddaughter. Not only that but you waited so long for the both of them… what I'm saying is… for a son-in-law who is as old as you are… you're and OK guy." He gave me a heartfelt smile and I was touched especially since he and Bella hate emotional moments.

"You're a good father-in-law yourself Sir." And he nodded.

I turned back to the television but for the life of me couldn't care less about the errors in the program. All I could think about was how this whole experience was definitely worth the wait.