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Worth the Wait

Here Comes the Father of the Bride

Edward POV

Alice had been planning like a madwoman for the wedding for quite some time so the fact that she stopped lecturing Esme on why the cake didn't match the dress right to burst out laughing should have told me to run. Alice never laughs 'that laugh' unless I am about to get humiliated. "Charlie is coming over Edward. He wants to have a talk."

I groaned "thanks for the heads up Alice. It would be more helpful if you stopped blocking your mind so I could be prepared."

"Edward Anthony Masen Cullen! Are you suggesting Alice help you cheat in this talk?" Esme scolded but I could hear the playfulness buried deep in her words.

I winced and muttered "I'm sorry that was wrong of me. My apologies.

Such a sweet boy Esme thought remembering the first time we had a real conversation. I could just pinch his cheeks.

"Esme!" I whined. Sometimes being both the "baby" and the "eldest" child had perks but there were drawbacks like smothering at times too. Just then I heard a familiar car approaching.

Time to make ourselves scarce Alice thought then said aloud "Esme why don't we give them some privacy."

That is one of the reasons why I love Alice as my favorite sibling. She may be a bit too much at times but at others she was good at knowing people's needs. Sometimes. Occasionally it would even come in handy and make things click into place.

I heard them leave just as the door to Charlie's cruiser opened. I walked downstairs and turned on the TV acting like I had been watching it for a while. I heard a knock at the door and got up at a human pace to open it. "Hello Chief Swan please come in. Everyone else is out so I'm afraid you're stuck with me."

"Good I was hoping to speak with you alone" he stated as he stared me down.

"Please have a seat" I said motioning towards one of the couches.

The jumble of thoughts running through Charlie's head was like a firestorm fueled by doubt, overwhelming concern, and a fierce need to protect his beloved daughter. Unfortunately I couldn't get a good read on the specifics until he began to speak.

"In less than a month you are-" he made a strangled noise then choked out "marrying my daughter. You may love her now but you need to remember I loved her first. I want to talk to you about what I expect. If I find out any problems I will make sure you never make them again" he added the last bit with a glare, fingers twitching reflexively to where his gun holster usually was.

He took a deep breath and continued "you had better get a job soon to support her. You are also too young to have children. For heaven's sake you aren't even old enough to drink! By the way if I hear one mention of drugs…" he let the threat hang.

"Sir, Chief Swan, I have only the best intentions for your daughter. I have a trust fund left over from my birth parents so we should both be able to go through college to get good jobs." Not that we will need to I added mentally. "As for the children issue I was sick at a young age and was told I am sterile. As far as I know that is impossible."

Charlie's thoughts became more organized now and I could see that this new information relieved some of his concerns, but he was determined to stay focused on his task.

He grunted. "Well If I find out you even thought of cheating on her you won't be able to have kids anyway" he said darkly.

"I would NEVER be disloyal!" I cried indignantly. "Bella is my life! I could never do such a thing to her. There is only one woman in the world for me and it is your daughter."

"You've hurt her before" he said with a glare and I paled more than usual.

"I have never regretted anything more in my life and will never forgive myself for hurting her."

"Why DID you leave?" he barked out. His tone was more like a demand than a question.

"I was afraid… I was afraid that she would get hurt if I stayed. I blame myself for the event in Phoenix and I hoped that if I left and told her I didn't love her she would get over me and never have to be in danger again. I hated the lie and it nearly killed me to do so. I will forever be ashamed of my actions."

"Why did she go to L.A.?" he asked with curiosity in his voice.

"Alice told my sister Rosalie that Bella jumped off a cliff and Rosalie misinterpreted it and thought Bella committed suicide. Rosalie told me about it and I almost… I almost killed myself in my pain." I shuddered and took in a gulp of air before continuing "Bella showed up and saved me. I saw her and realized the horrible events that took place while we were apart were entirely my fault. I had almost killed us both. I will never let her face that pain again. My heart was gone. Ripped painfully out. She healed me."

He stared at me for a while then asked "why were you in South America?"

I quickly thought up a lie and said "I took some classes there for advanced credit. I want to go into medicine and the private school I went to offered me a chance to study alternative medicinal practices."

"You speak Spanish?" he asked impressed.

"Claro qué si. Yes, of course."

He snorted then muttered under his breath "figures he's a genius."

Just then I heard Bella's loud truck pull up. I waited for her to knock on the door before getting up so as not to raise suspicion. As I rose, Charlie grabbed my arm and said with a withering glare "one wrong move and you are a eunuch am I clear?"

"Yes sir" I said with pretended fear.

Charlie's thoughts hit me all at once 'OH NO! I didn't know Bella was on her way here. She is going to be so upset with me. I wish she could understand that I am just looking out for her. What am I gonna tell her about me being here' An idea came to my mind. After all it would be best if Charlie and I could find some sort of common ground and maybe me keeping him out of hot water with his daughter would help.

I paused on my way to the door and handed Charlie the TV remote. My voice full of true respect for him with still a hint of pretend fear to convey his talk was effective. "Sir why don't you stay awhile and watch TV with us. I am positive Bella would love to see the two most important men in her life hanging out. I would really like you to see how happy Bella is here."

He took the remote in his hand. The shocked look on his face lingered while I walked to open the door for Bella.

"What took you so long? Why is the police cruiser in the driveway? What's going on?" Bella quickly rambled off the question before the door was even completely open. Her voice concerned and laced with irritation.

"Hello, love." I stated as I pressed a chaste kiss to her check and guided her in the door to face where her father was sitting.

Their eyes met and Bella's narrowed just a bit as her hands came up to rest on her hips. "Well, what is going on?" She asked again, but this time the question was directed to her father.

Charlie broke his eyes away from his daughter's glare and glanced down at the remote that was still in his hand. 'She looks really mad! There is no way I am telling her about the conversation I just had. She would probably not speak to me till the wedding' He thought then he stammered out a weak ,"Umm, Edward invited me to watch some TV."

"Oh, Ok." she said in a disbelieving tone. She had turned her gaze to me and I could tell I would have some explaining to do later. But for now I am going to focus on getting my soon to be father-in-law out of hot water.

"The rest of the family will be home in a little while and the guys are going to watch ESPN while you ladies go over some wedding plans. It'll be fun. I was thinking maybe the three of us could get a pizza now. Everyone else will have eaten before they get home." I stated in my most sincere voice and pleading in my eyes.

"Ok then. That sounds nice." She sighed as she walked over to take a seat near her father. Charlie visibly relaxed a bit after Bella got settled and turned to the TV and started flipping through the channels.

God I love my Bella and thank goodness I have a sister that I am sure saw a vision as soon as Charlie decided to stay and is this minute jumping for joy and putting everything in order for our little family night. After all Alice is good at knowing people's needs.

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