Accidents happen, don't they? I mean, things can't always go the way we want them to. They're not always as 'perfect' as what we would aim for. When you do something wrong and you say, "I'm sorry, it was an accident", people would usually say something to comfort you so you won't feel upset like, "Aw, don't worry it's not your fault" then they would give you a pat on the back and forget all about it – if you're lucky enough. But don't you just hate it when accidents happen in cases where people don't say 'aw' or things like 'it's not your fault', but instead they don't believe you and say, "Yeah, sure"? And what's worse is that it actually makes you feel like it really was your fault?

It's like reverse psychology. For instance, you got a letter from a college that would tell your results in the entrance exams; it could either make you jump for joy or jump off a fifty-storey building. So now you would feel like not opening it because you're too scared to find out. On the other hand, there's the 'anxious-than-thou' parents who can't wait to open it, so they would take the letter from you and open it themselves since you didn't want to. And now it would make you feel like you should be the one to open it since it was addressed to you. And yes, you end up opening it even though you didn't really want to in the first place.

It's a beautiful thing that one. It's very handy with friends, or with people attempting to commit suicide. Very helpful indeed. Not that I knew anyone who attempted suicide before, or not like I ever did. BUT HELLO? It's still not cool when people use it on you.

That was what happened to me on my second year at Madison Academy. Not reverse psychology, but close enough. An accident that made my life very, very, very, tragic.

It's the first day of a new semester. As I come out of the house on my way to school I could smell the fresh scent of blooming flowers telling me that spring is coming, and feel the faint breeze of winter still making my body stiff. I shiver. It was a long and lonely winter; Uncle Martin and Aunt Faye went to spend Christmas in Chicago with my cousin Paula. I wasn't able to go with them because of the exams coming up this semester – talk about good timing. Seriously, who sets exams straight after winter break? I had to stay to study. They are bound to come back tomorrow afternoon and talk about their fun and joyous Christmas while I was here in L.A. by myself, studying for countless exams. How cool is that?


Make that never.

I keep on walking, pressing my arms against my chest, the cool wind blowing on my face. I tell myself: "It's only for a few more days." I've hated winter for as long as I can remember; how pale it makes me look, how numb it makes my hands. Although I've always liked it when it snowed; the frosts on the window, sitting in front of the fire place drinking hot chocolate with extra sugar and tiny marshmallows, and not having to care about anything else. When I was little I would always go outside and catch snow with my tongue – it's a phase, everyone goes through that 'snow-eating' phase – and Mom would always tell me to go back inside because it's too cold. I miss winters with Mom. I guess it just made me feel calm and safe; like everything's a dream.

Ten minutes' passed and I get to the school grounds. There's hardly anyone around. Typical on a first day, but maybe I just came too early. I get my books out of my locker and walk around to see if any of my friends happen to be early at school just like myself. I find no sign from any of them. Instead I find someone lying on the grass; a guy. What kind of freak would lie on the grass during winter? I don't know about them but I know I would die if I did. I walk a little closer, trying to figure out who it is. Because whoever he is, he's doing a really good job keeping that blood of his running. Or maybe it's not running anymore... Maybe it's gone really cold and his heart's stopped beating... What if... What if this guy's already dead?

I walk faster, but something sticking out of the grass trips me – that's what happens when people litter. How hard is it for them to take a few steps to the bin, and just shove their trash in? The next thing I know is that my lips are pressing against his. My eyes open wide. I pull my lips away quickly, hoping that I didn't wake him up (that is, if he's still alive). I lie on top of him staring, waiting to see what will happen next. Looking at him, he's quite good looking, actually. Brown hair hanging over his calmly closed eyes. I wonder what color they are under those eyelids, and if I was honest to myself, his lips are really soft. I blush at the thought.

He starts making sudden movements. I panic inside my head trying to figure out what to do next. If I stand up and run away he would suspect me, even more if I stay on top of him, so I kiss him again. I have no idea why, but I feel him kissing me back. I feel his arms around me. I open my eyes realizing that I woke him up (no kidding) and pull away quickly. I get up to look at the litter that tripped me; it was a smashed Coca-Cola can that was frosted with the grass. Great. Thanks a lot litterers.

"Well that was one way to say hi wasn't it?" He suddenly speaks. I freeze. Oh no, oh no, oh no. I turn around slowly and I see him looking at me; one of his hands holding his hair back (which kind of makes him look hot). "Well?"

"Well," I step back, "it was an accident."

He chuckles, making me feel irritated.

"No, it was, I was just walking then I tripped on that can and–"

"You landed straight on my lips," he interrupts, taking one step closer. "That's clear."

I take another step back, "Look, believe it or not it was an accident and I did actually trip." I say picking my books up. The school bell rings which saves me from having to explain more. Thank God. "If you have problems with that go tell someone who cares." Then I walk away.

"Wait," he says following me. "That's it?" Students start to spread around walking to their own classes. Where'd all these people come from?

I turn to face him, "What do you mean 'that's it'?" I ask, getting more irritated.

He steps closer staring at me and shrugs, "You tell me."

I stare back at his eyes. Coral green... Interesting. I step away from him before I do something that I'll surely regret, "I already told you, it was an accident. Which part of that don't you understand?"

Once again he steps closer, "Everything." He touches my cheek. I can't move. God, what is with this guy and his pheromones? Honestly, he's not normal. I'm literally melting. He smiles and tries to kiss me but I push him and run off. Not taking a glance back.

I must say that after all that, even with the winter breeze and all, I feel hot. REALLY hot.