See You In Faery

Chester's was in full swing – humans clogged the dance floor and leaned against the bar, pouting and fluttering in their attempt to catch the eye of an Unseelie faery. There were a fair number of them letting humans of both sexes rub against them or lick their various body parts – most still attached, some not.

May crouched with two other girls at the feet of an Unseelie with inky black eyes. His four fingers were tipped with razor sharp talons and occasionally he would lick the sweat of the girls gyrating against him with a long, forked tongue. His expression was bored – but that was a good thing! May would not say what she was about to if she thought he was in a foul mood.

"Excuse me, Master Bracus?" she whispered and waited a tense moment before his head inclined just the slightest, "I was wondering if you had seen Harriet? I mean, I haven't seen her in, um, a few days now. And – and last I heard she was...she was with you."

Bracus made a hissing noise and after a moment May realised he was laughing. His thin-lipped mouth had twitched into something that resembled a smile and his empty eyes seemed to glisten with amusement. He tipped her head up roughly.

"Do not worry, human. Your friend is safe," his mouth twitched, "She is in Faery."

A group of rhino-Unseelie nearby snorted and stamped their hooves.

May gasped, "Faery! How? When?"

"A few days by your reckoning. She was very…good and pleased me much, so I granted her greatest wish," he stroked her cheek lightly, drawing blood, "If you wish to join her, you should attempt to please me as she did."

May nodded eagerly, overjoyed that her friend had achieved the goal of almost every single human in the underground club, and continued to service the faery.

Ryodan glanced down at the tortured, mutilated body of Harriet O'Flattery that had been found rotting in an overflowing dumpster outside Chester's.

"Get rid of it."

Just read Dreamfever and this fic popped into my head. I did rush it a little as a have to go out soon. So, let me know if I need to change anything.