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The Chronicles of Gerald – an RA fanfic

There once was a garden gnome called Gerald who was digging up shitake mushrooms, for his Poo Stew, in Redmont forest.
On this particular day Halt was teaching Will the most effective ways to look for food sources, so that he could make a stew (not Poo).

"Halt! Is that one ok?" Will asked his mentor.

Halt slowly began to smile then, "No."

Will looked disappointed but then he spotted another one. (at this point of the story you may be wondering what Will is 'spotting'...truth be told we are just the lamo authors and do not know any of the details...we just write the damn thing...)

"What about that one?"

"Will, you're just sad, really sad...and you stink."

"You smelled me? Was it when I bent over? It was, I know it was..."

"Will, Will, Will, you are a strange child."

Will grinned. "You taught me well."

Then Tug accidently walked so close to a tree that he touched it...only a little.

Suddenly it fell over!

It was at that moment that the two Rangers heard a scream.


"What the hell?" Will exclaimed.


Slightly freaked out at the random voice Will asked, "Who's there?"

"Will, calm down." Halt said exasperatedly. "I'm sure its just someone who we didn't see that was standing next to the tree and it fell on them."

"Yes, yes. You are indeed right my good man!" a really high voice came from under the tree. "Now, could you please get this prucking tree off me!?"

Halt, in no hurry to help the rude…man?...under the tree, slowly dismounted and Will followed. Together they raised the tree off the ground slightly and out crawled a small (and we mean REALLY small) man.


"Hey," Will replied uncertainly.

He studied the…man before him. He was about not very high and was wearing a purple dress adorned with fluoro green ribbons. His shoes were like that of pixies, pointed and curly at the toes and had jingling bells all over them. His beard was long and grey with bright orange strands through it and his hair was even longer, also grey, and was in three chunky braids. On top of his head sat an upright Santa hat.

"OH-MY-GAWD!!" Halt suddenly exclaimed. "He is soooo cute!!"

Will looked at his mentor, a look of horror on his face. "You have got to be kidding me!?"

The man took a few wobbly steps forward. "I don't feel so good..."

"I don't blame you," Will assessed. "You've just been hit by a tree."

"Because of you." Halt accused.

"What!?" Will exclaimed. "I fail to see how this is my fault!"

"If you would stop feeding that horse of yours so many bloody apples he wouldn't be so fat which would mean he wouldn't be knocking down trees everywhere he goes!"

"What the f-!"

Will's naughty word was abruptly cut off by a thump.


The man they had just found was now unconscious on the ground.

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