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The blonde man fell to the ground, blood pouring from the deep wound on his side.
"Axel why?!" Vexen cried, emerald green eyes looking up at the red head.
"You said to much, got it memorized." The red head replied.
"Wha-" The blonde got cut off as a bright light struck Axel, he closed his eyes, not risking his eyesight, his hand clutching his side as he was on his knees, in a rather pathetic position.
"What the hell is wrong with you people?!" Sora yelled, his keyblade out where Axel was. Did Vexen see what he believed, while Axel was rambling Sora killed him, although Vexen didn't want to risk his own life, making a small weak portal, he escaped falling to his lab floor. Either everyone knew he was dead, or was going to die. "Why me?" Vexen asked himself quietly, moving to support himself on the lab table, he felt truly and utterly weak, but the thing he needed to do now was stitch his wounds before something got infected, or he possibly died of blood loss.

It was very long three hours later and Vexen had managed to stitch himself up and clean the wounds, they seemed very deep. I need rest. He thought to himself, Vexen knew Marluxia had tried to kill him, but why though, and now there was a fairly angry keyblade warrior running around the castle, although he could thank Sora for saving his life, although he didn't want to risk being killed.


"Marluxia whats wrong?" The savage nymph asked, looking at her friend, they seemed very successful at the moment, two members out of the way, now Lexaeus and Zexion needed to 'disappear'
"I just feel, I'm not sure, guilty for killing Vexen, What if he wasn't going to tell Sora, and now he and well I never really liked Axel are gone." Marluxia stated, trying to keep a stoic face.
"So you did 'like' Vexen." Larxene cackled, playing with a piece of her hair, a small smirk on her face with her findings.
The Assassin scoffed, "Oh please." Marluxia growled, "Go play with Sora, pester him or something." Marluxia suggested.
"Oh maybe I will, since there is no Axel to pester, I'll go play with Sora and warm him up for Lexaeus or Zexion." She cackled, opening a portal. "Have fun with your memories dear~" The blonde spoke, before walking through the portal.
"Why did Vexen have to go? It's my fault he's gone, I mean I called Axel to kill him." The Pink haired botanist sighed. The man decided on walking to walk down to the labs where Vexen used to be.
"If only I could bring him back, take back my actions, then I'd be able to see him again.... But I just couldn't have Vexen ruin my plans." The Assassin sighed, walking into Vexen's bedroom, not noticing the fact Vexen was there, sitting down on the bed.
A very sore and tired blonde opened his eyes, if he could, would've yelled and sworn at Marluxia, but decided on keeping quiet to listen to his rambling.
"Maybe, just maybe I make a clone of him.... but then again it wouldn't work." Marluxia sighed once more.
"Would you just shut up!" Vexen snarled, closing his eyes as he moved to turn over.
Marluxia jumped, staring down at the bed to find a not very happy Vexen looking at him, Like always. He sighed, "I'm sorry Vexen." He mumbled.
"Of course you are." The blonde said sarcastically, yelping in pain as he moved too much.
"Where are you sore?" Marluxia asked quickly, his face one with worry as he watched his scientist in pain.
"My ribs you idiot." He hissed, clutching them again, screwing his face up in pain. "Can you get me some stuff to treat it." Vexen uttered, pulling his hand back to notice blood on it.
Marluxia blinked, but quickly did so, knowing Vexen wasn't in good health.


The Assassin didn't like watching Vexen stitching himself up, but didn't say anything about it, but when Vexen passed out Marluxia took the blonde up to his own room, letting him rest in peace on more softer sheets, while the Assassin filled out papers, also tending to his plants. He heard a knock on his door, he went over to it, to find Larxene giving him a curious expression. "It's not like you to be in here all day." She said crossing her arms.
"I've come down with something." He said in a croaky voice, watching as Larxene fled quickly, he knew she never liked being sick. He shut the door with a sigh, looking over at his bed where Vexen lay, resting as Marluxia knew Vexen would be much safer here.
Vexen you silly man, can't you see I love you, how much will it take for you to see this, I know my mistakes and I'm truly grateful you're alive and not even trying to kill me.


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