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"Hmm it does feel oddly quiet without that idiotic four around." Zexion remarked, looking over at the surgery table to where the Riku replica laid.

"It does, as I don't hear you two fighting anymore." Lexaeus said in his normal deep voice.

The slate haired man grinned. "Ahh but of course, he never listened to me, all high and mighty, but looked what happened when his pride got too high, he fell and couldn't come back." He purred maliciously.

The taller man nodded, he was a little more talkative Vexen wasn't around, but he felt tension between himself and Zexion, like the shorter man was plotting something other than taking Marluxia down. "Violence isn't the key you know." He said quietly, closing his eyes.

"I know that, but Axel is gone and he was the one we were trying to turn on eleven."

Lexaeus nodded and sighed, this is how he saw everything everyday.


Vexen looked over to where Marluxia worked, he knew they had gotten closer and the kiss had proven it. "Marluxia, how much do you want to keep Larxene around?" He asked curiously, as he calculated something in his mind which didn't look so good for the savage nymph.

"Until we have our freedom." He said and smiled over towards his blonde, he too had noticed how close himself and Vexen had gotten since the kiss, but he didn't want to rush anything.

"Don't send her to kill Zexion." Vexen said simply, the blonde had worked it out, he knew Zexion was smart and manipulative and could cause Larxene real trouble, he knew she was smart and strong but not smart enough to beat Zexion.

"Why?" Marluxia asked curiously, focusing his attention on Vexen, he knew his lover had something important to say, he always listened when the man knew something or had an answer.

"Because of his illusions, they would kill her, it would be better to beat Zexion at his own game, manipulate Sora into thinking that Zexion had done something Riku, thus causing Sora to go into some kind of form and kill Zexion and we saw how he killed Axel." The blonde said simply.

The Assassin nodded, "You are right dear, I shall tell Larxene, she is good enough to wind him up and trick him." The pink haired man stated.

"Then shall Zexion be out of the way and the three of us shall be free to escape, Larxene would be free to go her own ways if pleased and I could stay with you in some place that is worth hiding at and we begin a new life together." He said softly with a blush.

"Such a smart scientist, and of course. I have a place planned out for us, as well as Larxene, she won't be living in the same world as us but in a different one, one that shall suit her needs." He smiled.

Vexen blushed more, he couldn't help but notice how beautiful Marluxia looked when he smiled, a normal true loving smile, nothing evil or malice. "S-Sounds good."

"Larxene will be in from her short mission into town to get food, and then we tell her the better plan." The Assassin smiled.

Vexen nodded, he was used to sleeping with Marluxia in his bed, he was now used to sleeping in his boxers and blushed every morning when he saw the Assassin dress. "Although it would be nice if it was you and me for the whole day." He said softly.

Marluxia grinned, "Now what would we do on that day, Vexen dear?" He purred.

Said one blushed, "Watch a few movies together, have a nice lunch... set the mood?" He suggested, not sure.

"You sound willing there my dear, but I'm not pushing you into it." The pink haired man replied.

The blonde nodded, "I know, and it makes me feel more sure and it feels far more right that way."

"It does, and it means we can truly get romantic." Marluxia stated, finishing off his paperwork and moving back to the bed where Vexen sat cross legged.

The blonde moved to rest his head on Marluxia's shoulder. "This is what I call this the life." The academic said softly.

"Yeah, my scientist doing no work, but I can't risk it you know or Zexion might find out you're alive... and I don't want that." Marluxia said softly, gently stroking Vexen's forehead, and nibbling on the tip of his ear.

"Marluxia." Vexen said in a stern voice, a slight pout on his lips.

Said one chuckled, "Are you sensitive there my dear?" He purred.

"Possibly... and I don't want Larxene to walk in on anything." Vexen replied with a slight frown, not liking the idea of being walked in on.

"Oh and what happened to setting the mood my dear?" The assassin asked, raising a delicate brow as he pulled Vexen into his lap.

Vexen jumped a little, not expecting Marluxia to move him. "We are, but not now." He pouted again, resting his head on Marluxia's chest, listening to his non-exsistant heartbeat.

"Okay my dear scientist, I promise I'll take care of you... even if you have a nice set." The pink haired man chuckled, kissing Vexen's forehead as he wrapped his arms around his scientist, holding him close.

"My hips aren't lovely." Vexen grumbled against Marluxia's chest, sighing a little as he snuggled closer. "I want to be out of this hell hole..." He said bluntly, closing his eyes, wishing the time would come. "With you." The blonde added.

"Every part of you is lovely, and of course I'd love to leave this place with you... and making sure Larxene is somewhere safe." Marluxia smiled, kissing his scientists jaw down to his lips.

The blonde closed his eyes keeping the kiss nice and breif before pulling away and smiling. "And I can start on new plans for our life together."

"Now what plans are those, since I've never heard you speak of these plans?" The Assassin chuckled, brushing Vexen's hair back behind his ears.

"Something to make our lives more romantic and real." He spoke softly, letting Marluxia do as he pleased.

"Hmmm a heart for us?" Marluxia guessed jokingly.

Vexen's eyes shot wide open. "Woah, that was quick."

"I was actually only playing around, but really?" Marluxia's midnight blue eyes were wide with amusement.

"Only if I can get the materials for such our hearts... the replica has a successful heartbeat." Vexen spoke softly, then he frowned.

"Whats with the frowning... aren't you happy?" Marluxia asked, kissing Vexen's temple.

"Zexion's probably messed up all of my experiments... that snake." He hissed, nuzzling closer to Marluxia.

"Hush, he'll be gone in sometime, just need to be patient." Marluxia said softly, stroking Vexen's forehead, playing with his hair with a smile.

"I'm trying, but I will be very satisfied once I see Zexion die to the keyblader, but I need you to fake your death." Vexen said softly, eyes flickering with playfulness.

"And how does my Mr. Sexy Gorgeous Smart Scientist suggest I do this, eh?" He chuckled softly, pulling Vexen closer to his chest.

The bonde went red, pressing his face into Marluxia's neck. "I make a clone of you, thus allowing Sora to kill it... and same thing with Larxene."

Marluxia grinned happily. "Such a smart man aren't you?" He purred, nibbling on his ear once more.

"Marluxia!" Vexen cried out, huffing slightly. "I said no."

"Aww you're no fun... well you are, but why not? It's not like nibbling is going to lead to anything." He pouted.

"You know very well Mr it will." Vexen pouted back, poking Marluxia's chest.

"Oh is that so?" He grinned, moving to suck on Vexen's very sensitive neck.

Vexen made a small noise, "Marluxia, you're so svelte." Vexen murmured, closing his eyes.

"Oh, is that so?" He chuckled, understanding one of the many tricky words the scientist used often.

"Yes, I've always noticed you are." The scientist uttered, tilting his head back slightly.

"And your neck is very sensitive my dear beloved scientist... or should I say Vexen?" He purred, moving to run his tongue up and down the pale neck of his scientist's neck, enjoying his scent very much.

"And heres me always thinking you were an unkind bastard." The blonde murmured, making another small noise.

"Ahh but of course." Marluxia smirked. "I am only much kinder to you and Larxene, as Larxene is my friend and you are much more, my dear." He added, nipping and nibbling at Vexen's milky white skin.

"Well good, I don't want you to be kind to anyone other than me and your friend." Vexen uttered possessively.

"As I want you do some very gorgeous things for me." Marluxia grinned, showing his perfect white teeth.

"Such as?" Vexen asked, opening his eyes and raising a brow.

"Very kinky and naughty things... but thats after we've first made proper love, and we've left this 'hell hole'."

"So you get these odd ideas in your head... You might forget half of them gorgeous." Vexen teased lovingly.

Marluxia latched onto Vexen's neck once more, sucking at it lovingly, listening to the sounds the blonde made, noises close to moans. "Don't hold back darling."

"Oh really now?" Vexen stuttered out, closing his eyes once more, he really didn't want Larxene walking in on this, he'd be mortified if she saw and thought that Marluxia was gearing up to take him. Which of course he wasn't, Marluxia was only showing affection in his odd ways. But of course Larxene didn't need to know that.

"Heh don't worry, Larxene is atleast polite enough to knock, she won't barge in." He chuckled, sucking at Vexen's neck lovingly.

"M-Marluxia!" Vexen cried out, gasping a little.

"Yes, that sounds wonderful." Said one grinned, before pulling away from the slender and love bitten neck of his scientist. "Now no-one else shall claim you as you've got my mark on you." The Assassin added playfully.

Vexen huffed a little, "How am I supposed to cover that?"

"Oh but darling you don't." Marluxia purred, kissing Vexen on the nose.

The blonde was going to reply before he heard a knock at the door, but didn't move from Marluxia's arms.

"Who is it?" Marluxia barked, taking up his superiorness again, like he'd told Vexen he was only kind to Vexen and Larxene, and to no-one else.

"It's Larxene, fag!" She called back, looking at her nails.

"You may come in then!" Marluxia replied, stroking Vexen's forehead gently.

"Do you have to shout in my ear?" Vexen asked softly, pressing his face to Marluxia's chest.

"You've got lovely ears." Marluxia chuckled before giving them a quick nibble.

"You still being romantic Marluxia?" Larxene grinned savagely.

Vexen felt his face go red, he was grateful that Larxene couldn't see that.

"Of course, as Vexen has come up with a plan." He grinned, kissing said ones forehead.

"Now what is that?" She asked casually, looking at Marluxia's back.

"That you end up getting Sora to believe that Zexion had hurt and done something utterly terrible to Riku, getting him in a strong trance and once he meets Zexion, thus there will be no more." Vexen spoke matter of factly.

"It also puts you out of danger of facing Zexion directly, he can pretty creepy with the illousens." Marluxia added, stroking Vexen's neck.

"Well thank-you boys, when you put it that way... I see where you are coming from." Larxene commented lightly. "And heres me thinking all you were doing was shagging each other like rabbits." She cackled.

Vexen's face went redder as he pushed it to Marluxia's chest.

"We've done nothing of the sort, yet." The Assassin replied lightly.

"Well good, I don't want to walk in on you fags doing it, and also if you want to keep Mr science in hiding then no sex." Larxene cackled.

"Don't worry, Vexen and I know the risks... as Zexion might just happen to walk past, we're waiting till the three of us leave... after you and I have faked our death." Marluxia said softly.

Vexen felt himself smile into Marluxia's chest. "Except after we leave... all of us will be getting a suprise." The Academic said firmly.

"You know I'm bad with suprises Mar." Larxene said sternly, shifting her weight and her hip jotted out.

"Can I tell her, darling?" Marluxia murmured softly in Vexen's ear.

"If you want." The blonde replied, looking up over Marluxia's shoulder at Larxene.

"Well, Vexen's planning on making us hearts once we leave." Marluxia smiled, looking over his other shoulder so he was looking at Larxene.

"Wow, to have feelings again would be good, well besides having anger and lust." She commented, a sadistic grin on her face.

It was decided by Vexen that he would make the three of them hearts, and he knew he could make them once they could leave the hell hole of oblivion, but he didn't know how long that would be.

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