Warning: Slash.

Disclaimer: I don't own Harry Potter or Helsing.

Summary: Alucard finds a stray.

Pairing: Alucard/Harry

Notes: Harry is 16 and was turned when the Dursley's were killed. Alucard's POV.

Word Count: 201(only actual Drabble)

One Drabble a Day Challenge, Date: Wednesday, September 9th, 2009


A kitten. That's what the little thing reminded me of. A stray little kitten in a cardboard box, sitting there looking depressed as he was soaked by the rain, crimson eyes staring down into the ground sadly. He sat with his knees on either side of his hands, which were pressed against the floor in front of him in a very kitten like pose.

His slightly pointed ears even drooped a little.

I smirked as I changed direction, making my way to the obviously newly turned kitten. His crimson eyes raised to look at me before he turned away, uninterested, and went back to staring at what I could see was a bug struggling to stay on a leaf and out of the water. More amused than not, I scooped the little thing into my arms with ease--even without vampirc strength the little kitten weighed no more than ninety pounds—and threw him over my shoulder calmly.

He squeaked but didn't protest as I made my way back to Helsing Castle.

The ghouls could wait, I had just found myself a stray. And I intended to have some fun.

And if the bulge poking into me shoulder said anything, so did he.