Well this is pretty self explanatory. It's not actually one of those shuffle challenges, though, because I haven't stuck to a time or word limit...I guess I just twisted it to suit my own purpose. I do plan to continue with this, though I don't know when I'll update again. I've got the next couple of chapters, but after that it might be slow. Obviously, don't own any song lyrics. I've written the name of the song, the band/singer, and the album, and included the lyrics that inspired each little peice.

Background Music

1. Great Romances of the 20th Century – Taking Back Sunday – Tell All Your Friends

But I love the way you roll

Excuses off the tip of your tongue

As I slowly fall apart (slowly, quietly, slowly) fall apart

It's falling apart, it's falling apart, it's falling apart.

The words didn't matter anymore. He was still talking, still trying to explain himself, still trying to convince her that this was all for her own good. And she was pretty sure he believed it all, just as she'd been pretty sure this was going to happen, sooner or later. At least he'd waited until after the funeral, Ginny thought, almost bitterly. Waited for Dumbledore to be laid to rest.

She'd waited a long, long time for Harry Potter. And, really, she'd known she wouldn't get to keep him. She'd known all along it would end like this, because she knew him. And though she'd told herself to just be greatful for the memories, for the time they'd had, she couldn't. She was prepared for it, fully, completely, prepared, and that changed nothing. It still hurt, and a tiny part of her hated him for it.

Ginny waited for him to stop with his excuses, then recited the words she'd settled on only a few days ago, during yet another sleepless night. She'd known sooner or later she'd have to face this, and would always be glad she'd been prepared. If not, she may have humiliated herself. And that would only have added to the misery of the day.

And then she walked away, determined not to let him see her falling apart. Because, though it felt like life was spiralling out of control, she was determined not to let anyone know just how much she was struggling.

This won't mean a thing come tomorrow

And that's exactly how I'll make it seem


2. Cold As You – Taylor Swift - Taylor Swift

You put up walls and paint them all a shade of grey

And I stood there loving you and wished them all away

And you come away with a great little story

Of a mess of a dreamer, with the nerve to adore you

She wouldn't cry. No way in hell was she going to cry over him. No way in hell was he going to reduce her to such a pitiful thing.

Astoria squeezed her eyes tight shut, fighting back the tears. He hadn't broken up with her. He hadn't ended their relationship. He'd simply discarded her, coldly. And she wasn't sure if that was made better or worse by the fact that he honestly believed he was protecting her by doing so. That he honestly believed that this, hurting her this way, was better for her in the long run. And that she'd seen in his eyes that he was hurting, too, that he didn't really want to lose her. Did that make it worse? Or better?

He'd built all those damn walls around himself, keeping her out no matter what she did. And then he'd walked away.

How had she never noticed he was so cold? Why had she ever believed she could get through those walls and heal his damaged soul?

Forgetting her pride, her breeding, forsaking her dignity, she sank to the floor, her back against the hard, cool wall. And she sobbed, for both of them.

You never did give a damn thing honey

But I cried, cried for you


3. Disco – Metro Station, Metro Station

I know you're dying to get out,

But it's in you deep inside

Can you feel in it your veins,

The poison rushing through

She threw herself, recklessly, into the argument, taunting Alecto Carrow mercilessly. The Death Eater got redder and redder in the face, and, watching, Neville was torn. He knew why Ginny was being so stupid, understood why she was forcing herself into danger.

Luna had been missing for a month, now, and it was driving both of them crazy. Things seemed to be getting worse, rather than better. But this, this was not the right way to deal with things. When the bell rang, Neville lept to his feet, grabbed his bag and then snatched hold of Ginny's hand, pulling her from the room before she could be hurt.

"Are you crazy?" He hissed, when they were in the safety of the crowded hallway. "Dammit Ginny, if you carry on like this, you'll get yourself killed."

"They won't spill pure blood." Ginny snapped. Her temper had been shorter and shorter lately, and he understood that she felt safer taking out her pain on him. Didn't mean he had to like it, though. "They won't kill me. And I don't care if they do!"

She stormed away from him, and he sighed. He felt like he was losing the old Ginny to this careless version, one who was in so much pain, so lost and confused and scared that her only way of dealing with things was to put herself at risk.

And he could think of no way to help her, other than be there for her.

But can't you see that in your heart,

I'm still there for you


4. My Way Home Is Through You – My Chemical Romance – Famous Last Words B-side

Can't find my way home

But it's through you and I know

What I'd do, just to get back in her arms.

Can't find my way home

He threw his bag across the room. Stupid, petty, and it accomplished nothing. It didn't even make Ron feel any better. He threw himself down on the bed, and stared at the ceiling, despising himself.

He'd abandoned them. Just walked away, when they needed him. Left them because things had gotten a little too difficult. (And, as if it wasn't bad enough, it made him feel exactly like Percy.)

If he was smarter, better, he'd have figured out a way to find them already. He'd be there, apologising, pleading for forgiveness.

And Hermione would make him suffer. He smiled slightly at the thought, despite his misery. Hermione wouldn't forgive him easily. Eventually, he was pretty sure, but not easily. Why had he never realised he loved that about her? It frustrated him, of course, but still...

She mattered, so much, too much, and he was a little worried that she was coming to mean everything to him. That without her, nothing felt right.

All he wanted, right then, was to be back with them. With her.

But it's through you and I know

What I'd do, just to get back in her arms.


5. Pins and Needles – Billy Talent – Billy Talent II

Why does she mean everything to me?

Is it worth the pain

With no one to blame

For all of my insecurities?

Remus stood, in the dark, looking at the house. The lights were all off, the windows dark and empty. The door would be locked, and he knew that if he took a step closer, the protection spells would send him flying backwards, and send Tonks flying out, wand in hand, ready to curse him.

He didn't, right now, think she'd hold back that curse once she realised it was him. Most likely, she'd just pick a stronger one.

He still wasn't sure what was right. She meant everything to him, meant the whole world to him, and though he'd convinced himself that she was better off without him, he didn't think he could stay away much longer. And after everything Harry had said, he wasn't sure if he should leave the baby, either.

With a slight sigh, he moved forward. As expected, he was sent flying backwards, landing heavily on his backside. And then Tonks was flying out of the house, he wand in one hand, her other hand spread over her stomach. Protecting the baby, he thought dimly. Like he should be.

"It's me. It's me, don't..."

"The last thing you said to me?" She demanded, her wand aimed at his chest, her eyes burning into his. He winced, knowing exactly why she'd picked that question to acertain his identity. And, just as intended, it caused him immense guilt.

"I said that nothing you could say or do would make me come back. I'm sorry. I'm so sorry -"

Despite himself, he felt a stirring of pride at the way she glared at him, without lowering her wand, without any flicker of emotion. He was crazy about her.

How did I ever let you go?