A new one-shot.

May your children be eaten by a rino.

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Zim stared at Dib, looking as though the human hadn't said anything at all. It annoyed the boy to see such a lack of emotion, he had half a mind to leave the room right that second.

He shoved Zim rudely and yelled, "Well? Say something!"

But Zim had nothing to say. He instead turned his attention back at the television set, and continued to act as though nothing important had happened.

Dib locked his jaw in rage, as Zim calmly sat down. He even went as far as raising the volume.

"Zim, you stupid moron… Didn't you hear what I said?" Dib reached for the remote in Zim's hand, but Zim was quick to move it out of the way.

Zim was always good at dodging questions.

Dib glared at Zim, practically bored holes into his skull. But Zim paid him no mind.

"This doesn't even bother you, does it?" Dib asked, but knew there was never going to be an answer. Not from him.

The TV blared on with its usual nonsense. The sound overwhelmed Dibs weakening voice.

"I did something horrible."

"Nothing is better than a tall glass of…"

"I didn't mean to… It just happened."

"Fever, aches, this pill cures it all!"

"He just bolted into my room, screaming like he usually does."

"Side effects include, but not limited to…"

"I worked hard on putting that presentation together. I was going to show it to the Swollen Eyeballs!"

"Vomiting, cancer, headaches, fever…"

"I was so mad. And Gir just kept throwing the bits of paper in the air, like confetti…"

"Now back to our scheduled broadcast…"

"I didn't think… The bat was… I only wanted to make a dent…"

"Happy monkey! Happy angry monkey!"

"But I couldn't stop… I just… he just kept laughing… he just kept…"

"Love angry monkey! Silly angry monkey!"

"I didn't stop, till he stopped… I didn't think I could… I…"

"Angry monkey, LA LALALAAA!"

"I thought he was advanced! I though you upgraded him!"

"Angry monkey loves you, lalalala…"

"I tried fixing him, I did! But there was barely anything to work with. The chips were smashed, and the wires… Will you just say something? Tell me off! Shoot at me! Swear revenge, I deserve it this time!"

Dib was shaking, unable to understand why Zim wasn't at the very least glaring at him. Was Zim really this cold? Did he even care for the robot? Was he so terrible, that he didn't even care about his own robot?

Zim only stared at the TV, not even looking at Dib.

Dib knew it was no use. He had to leave, he couldn't take the silence. But the moment Dib had his hand on the door handle, he heard Zim say something.

"Don't lock the door Dib Beast. Gir will be home soon. His favorite show is on."