Hello, people of Earth and beyond (stolen from my friend Margery. If your reading this, I love you :D). I love All Human stories. They are my secret addiction. I've been trying to come up with a good idea for forever, and I still haven't, but this will have to do till I have a really good idea. Well, I'll stop talking and let you read the story(and possibly leave an itty bitty review). Hehe.


"Beeelllaaa!" I heard my roommate and best friend Rosalie screech.

"What?" I called, not amused by her childishness.

"Can I invite Jasper and Alice to dinner tomorrow night?" She yelled back up.

"Sure, whatever!" I was suddenly excited. I couldn't wait to meet the infamous Alice.

I made my way downstairs just in time to hear Jasper say, "What?" through the phone.

'Speakerphone.' I mouthed to Rose. She complied.

"Well. " She huffed. "Can't a girl call her favorite brother to invite him to dinner?" She sounded heartbroken.

"Rose, I'm your only brother. And why do you have to call me so early?" He whined.

"Jazz, it's two in the afternoon."

"My point, exactly." He said, matter-of-factly.

"God, Jasper. Just shut up come at six tomorrow, with Alice." She hung up on him.

"That was interesting." I commented.

"Oh, shut up." She snapped, but smiled to show she was kidding.

"Well, what do you want to do? I'm bored!" I whined.

"Well if you need something to do, go make me lunch." She said, smugly, obviously happy with her brilliant idea.

I turned around and said, "No way. I'm already cooking your 'family dinner' tomorrow. Order takeout." After my little rant, I marched upstairs, grabbed a book and yelled down, "Now you can be bored!"

I read for hours while Rose did God knows what. "Rose!" I called

"The pizza will be here soon." She yelled, knowingly. She knew me so well.

"Thank you!"

We sat on the couch and watched TV until the pizza came. When the doorbell rang, I got up and told Rose I would get it.

"Hi." I said before I even looked outside. And when I did I was glad I had already spoken. The man standing in front of me was a God. His tousled bronze hair shone in the porch light. His green eyes were bright and excited. His expression was happy, as if he was content with life at the moment. A goofy grin was spread on his face. I realized I had been staring at him for far too long. "Um, thanks." I seemed to have shaken him out of a stupor. He handed the pizza over to me and his fingers brushed against mine. An electric shock ran through my entire body.

"That'll be seventeen fifty." Oh my Lord, his voice was like melted honey. I blushed and looked down. He was muscular, but lean. I hadn't even noticed before, too taken with his face. I handed him the money and thanked him.

Before shutting the door, I surprised the both of us by saying, "Could I have your number?" He looked confused. Stupid, I don't even know his name! But then he smiled crookedly and my heart stopped.

"Sure. What's your name? I'm Edward." Oh, swoon. I then realized he was waiting for an answer. I blushed and looked down again.

"Bella, Bella Swan." I took my cell phone out of my pocket.

"Well, Ms. Swan, I would be delighted to have your number." He said in a fake British accent, bowing to me.

I giggled and said, in and equally fake accent, "Well, there you are, dear sir."

I handed him his phone back and he, mine.

"I'll call you later then. Bye." He said in his velvet voice.

I could only nod.

My eyes were drawn to him as he walked away. I closed the door, sliding down it as my legs folded into my chest and my lips curled in an involuntary smile.


Well, I hope you liked it.