Title: Encore

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"All rise!" the man said before everyone in the room started to stand up "The honorable Judge Stevenson is now entering the court room."

The bailiff finished and went to stand on the side of the room.

She really wasn't up for this today. She was still exhausted from her night with Ray. While she had dealt with countless patients before, and not always dealt with them the way she knew she should have, she was still an excellent doctor. She never had to go to court before. Well, except for when she went to jury duty, but that didn't count and it wasn't the same thing. Not to mention it was a pretty long time ago.

The judge came and sat down as everyone else followed after that.

She was sitting with Sam and Abby on each side of her, with her in the middle, there for moral support. She hadn't felt this nervous since the day of her med school exam. But what did she have to be nervous about? She hadn't done anything wrong. She was the victim. He was the creep. All she had to do was tell the truth.

She was told this would be the only day they would actually need her in court, and since Ray still had amnesia, he wouldn't be taking the stand. She was glad. She wanted to handle this herself. Not that she didn't want Ray there. She would always want him there, but at the same time, she didn't. He had enough to worry about, he was still recovering and his memory loss could be so frustrating for him sometimes. He didn't need to worry about her, too. All he needed to think of right now was getting well again.

She took a deep, slow breath to calm herself down, which only seemed to serve little good. She was still so nervous.

"Call your first witness" the judge said authoritatively.

"The people call Dr. Neela Rasgotra, your honor" the lawyer said, then turned around to look at her.

She swallowed hard as everyone in the rooms attention suddenly fell on her. Of course, none of this actually showed on her face. To most people anyway. The only one who could tell was Abby, and if Ray had been there he would be able to tell also, but to people who didn't know her that well might think of her as being stone faced. You could say she was when she wanted to be.

She got up and started walking towards the bailiff, right next to where the witness stand was. She absolutely hated being the center of attention. She wasn't that type of person. She just wanted to get this over with. Hopefully confronting this would make the horror of that day finally stop haunting her on a regular basis. She feared the image of Ray being stabbed would never go away. She still had dreams about it. As if going through it just the one time wasn't enough. Now she had to describe it again a second time in detail, but of course this would be the last time. Knowing that much helped.

She raised her right hand.

"Do you solemnly swear to tell the truth…the whole truth…and nothing but the truth, so help you god?" the man asked

"I do" she said determinedly as she looked him straight in the eye.

She turned and took her seat in the witness stand, feeling her heart start to beat faster. She could see the man who had tried to take her life and who had injured Ray's out of the corner of her eye. She hated him and just knowing he was in the same room was enough to bring back all the anger, but she had to stay focused right now.

"Dr. Rasgotra…where were you on the 27th of January?" the lawyer asked as he approached the wooden railing in front of where she was and stood at her side so the jury and everyone in the courtroom could see.

"I was working at County" she replied calmly, in that mellow yet somewhat bored tone she sometimes used.

"On that day, was there anything different or out of the ordinary?" he asked, continuing.

"I was almost finished with my shift when a patient, a young man, came in with stomach pains" she said, starting to relive it. Maybe this wasn't such a good idea after all. She still continued to look him back in the eye. Trying not to lose her focus on what she came there to do. You could always count on Neela to be very professional.

"And what was so different about that?" he said, trying to get the information they needed out of her but trying to do so delicately. He had been a lawyer long enough to know that it wasn't always easy for the witnesses, especially the ones who had seen something very traumatizing. It was understandable.

"That wasn't really why he was there" she said softly and a little sadly, starting to think of Ray again.

"Go on" he urged gently, as he looked into her eyes trying to tell her that, yes, she had to say it, but that it was going to be fine.

Taking in a breath she said, "I told him I was going to get him something for it, but he grabbed me from behind suddenly and held a knife to my throat. He threatened to kill me if I tried to get help." She did her best to say it quickly and get to the point, making sure she didn't' leave out any of the important details that would be vital to the case. She knew this was something she was going to have to deal with for a long time. Ray had been stabbed and had amnesia, but she had been in there with him for a while before Ray had even gotten there. Her life had been threatened, too.

"Do you know what he wanted, Dr. Rasgotra?" he said, going along with it, but still trying to get the information.

"Yes." she nodded "He was a drug addict. He wanted me to get him drugs, but didn't want me to leave the room to get them. He locked the door when I wasn't looking" there was a little tremble in her hands, but no one could see it. She dreaded saying the next part.

Abby and Sam looked at her concerned. They knew what was coming next and felt so badly for her. Neither one of them had actually heard the story before. Abby had tried to get her to talk about it, but she failed every time. Neela actually hadn't spoken of it since she had given her statement. Not to anyone.

"What happened next?" he asked her, feeling just as bad for her as her friends did.

She paused for a few seconds, hating having to finally say it out loud, and hoping she'd be able to get it out without crying.

Swallowing before taking a deep breath, she finally said, "One of my colleagues was trying to get in the exam room. He allowed me to answer it to get rid of him." She could feel the tears coming, but used everything inside her to hold them back.

"Who was it?" he asked, needing her to say the name.

"Dr. Ray Barnett" she replied "he had been looking for me to tell me about one of my other patients" she said, recalling everything even down to the littlest detail. Neela never forgot about anything it seemed.

"Did you say anything to Dr. Barnett about what was happening? Did you tell him anything?" he asked.

"No" she said as a reflex, responding to his question.

Suddenly, she noticed the bailiff out of the corner of her eye slowly bringing something into the room, not really sure what this was all about. The lawyer's attention had momentarily fixed on it as well. She looked at him curiously, wondering what was going on. Then, she saw he was carrying a small tape player.

What was this all about? The lawyer hadn't mentioned this to her.

"Your honor…members of the jury…after the witness finishes her sworn testimony, the prosecution has audio evidence that will prove, without question, that everything Dr. Rasgotra has said, is in fact the truth" he told the entire courtroom.

Neela suddenly looked at him in disbelief, betrayal, and terror as his words started to sink in, and finally understood what was happening.

There had been brand new microphones installed just a couple months ago in all the exam rooms, purely for safety reasons, for situations exactly like this one. High tech and very sensitive microphones, that would pick up everything that was going on in a room.

She had forgotten about those. They didn't have someone there listening to what was going on in every room yet. Right now they were still relatively new, but they did have them so they could refer to them later if they needed to. Something definitely needed to be done about that. They needed to hire somebody to be there manning the rooms, and County was so vast, obviously they would need several. They just hadn't gotten around to it yet.

"Excuse me?" she asked the lawyer offended and stunned, but quietly, so only he would hear, as the bailiff handed him the tape player. She knew full well what was going on, that was true, but still couldn't believe it. Just like when you know good and well what's happening, but part of you still doesn't want to accept it. She couldn't help feeling angry at him. This wasn't happening.

"What happened next, Doctor?" he continued on as if nothing had happened and like he hadn't heard her.

No. She wasn't doing this. She had already been on the edge as it was. She didn't have to take this. Neela wasn't the sort to be pushed around.

Leaning in a little, she whispered again, upset "What did you just say?" She wasn't going to continue until he told her and she wasn't going to stop asking until he gave her an answer.

"Neela, it's strong evidence for this case. We don't have a choice" he whispered back to her, not really wanting to talk about this right now. It wasn't the time or the place.

"Why didn't you tell me about this?" she said, even more upset now with her tone increasing slightly.

"Objection!" was heard from the opposite side of the room by the defense attorney "Your honor, this is completely unprofessional!" he argued, getting annoyed over the two of them consorting secretly with each other. His patience was running out.

"Sustained!" the judge called out, agreeing. "We don't have time for this. You can talk this out later" he warned.

They both looked at him, his words bringing them back to reality.

"Please answer the question, Doctor" the judge said politely. Neela found it a little odd, even though he was notably upset just a moment ago, he's still so polite.

But now she couldn't go on, even though she knew she should. It was all too much. Knowing what was going to happen after she was done. Having it playing constantly in her mind was bad enough. She was NOT going to listen to the tape, she didn't even want to HEAR it again. She couldn't bear to. She spent all her time trying not to think about it. She had to do it, but somehow she wasn't able to say a word. She could feel the tears coming closer now.

"Dr. Rasgotra" the judge said, slightly more stern this time

"I can't…" was all she could say as she closed her eyes. She would regret it later and she hated herself for it, but she just couldn't.

"Your honor, can we take a brief recess for the witness?" the lawyer asked, hoping to get permission.

"Very well" the judge agreed, seeing she needed a moment to recover from her distress, as well as consort with her lawyer about some things "There will be a 10 minute recess" he continued, before banging the gavel loudly, and getting up from his chair.

She stepped off the witness stand quickly and rushed hurriedly out of the courtroom, going just outside the door, needing some air.

She started breathing rapidly, almost hyperventilating, as she paced back and forth. What had just happened it there? She knew this wasn't going to be easy, but that was just ridiculous.

It wasn't long before she heard her friends calling her from behind. They both reached out to her and gave her a comforting hug, trying to calm her. Abby's was obviously somewhat longer and with more feeling behind it, seeing as how she was closer to Neela than Sam was.

"I'm sorry, Neela" she said sadly, meaning she was sorry she had to go through that.

Neela remained silent, still momentarily unable to say anything. She didn't want to talk about this right now. She needed to regain her thoughts. Just the idea of listening to what happened was making her heart start to pound hard.

"Neela, I talked to the judge" they heard a man say from behind them as the door started to open. It was the lawyer.

Looked like that wasn't going to happen soon. "You should have told me!" she almost shouted not letting him finish, looking angry and hurt. Honestly, what was the matter with him? Didn't he think?

"I know. I was going to, but there wasn't time." He was trying to tread softly and reason with her.

"I don't want to listen to your excuses. If you think I'm going to listen to that tape, you're out of your bloody mind!" But sometimes Neela couldn't be reasoned with, and Abby and Sam were both trying to hold back their laughter. He did kind of deserve it for not telling her. They couldn't blame her for the way she was acting, they would be doing the same thing.

"You're not going to!" he said quickly, not shouting but just wanting to get through to her. He understood why she was upset and was trying to calm her down, but she needed to stop yelling at him. They were still in the court house; people were beginning to stare.

"What?" she asked, not expecting his response, her anger starting to recede.

"That's what I was trying to tell you…" he said quietly, giving her a moment to soak it all in and calm down.

"I talked to the judge and explained to him how I didn't think you listening to the tape was a very good idea. He granted you permission to leave the stand after you give your testimony, and come back after the tape is played for your cross examination." He said it all at once, figuring if he didn't she wouldn't give him the chance to, given how upset she was. He wasn't an idiot. He realized what a complete jerk he had just been.

She just looked at him in shock for a few seconds.

Finally. Some sense.

Guess he did understand. She felt the relief flood onto her instantly. It was evident that her friends were happy for her, as both Abby and Neela both looked at her at the same time with a smile.

"Thank you" she said politely, which was all she could think of to say.

She wasn't about to apologize for her behavior, so seeing as how nothing else needed to be said, the lawyer turned and went back inside, leaving the three of them there.

She was glad that was settled. If he was going to say she had to get back in there, she probably would have backed down from this. She wasn't going to do it. That was that.

"Come on sweetie, have a seat" Sam said, pointing her toward the bench that was behind where they were standing.

Neela immediately obliged, needing to sit down after everything that just happened. Her emotions had just gone through the ringer.

At least the judge seemed ok; and reasonable. She was grateful for that.

"You going to be all right?" Abby asked, she was starting to worry about her now, hoping she would still be able to do this.

"Yeah" she mumbled "I knew this wasn't going to be easy" she sighed, answering her question but finishing there, not really wanting to talk about it.

Then suddenly…"Did I miss all the fun?" they heard a man say from behind. Abby and Sam turned around to see who it was, both of them still standing in front of Neela.

"Ray!" Neela exclaimed, surprised to see him. She leapt to her feet so quickly it surprised all three of them, as the girls moved out of the way while she rushed forward to give him a hug. She didn't normally act this way.

He just smiled as he wrapped his arms around her, gladly willing to embrace her back, and enjoying his warm welcome. She had gotten over that quickly.

Abby and Sam each greeted him after they separated.

"Hey, guys" he said, with a bob of his head and a smirk.

Abby looked at him and noticed that oddly enough, Neela was the one who had changed more after all this than he had. He was the same cocky, rock star, overachieving punk he always was, and always would be. She loved him for that.

"You look awful" she said, looking him straight in the eye, teasing him but being dead serious at the same time. She was always there to make him come back to earth whenever he was starting to get too full of himself. Both her and Neela.

What she said, of course, made Ray let out a loud chuckle. "Yeah. Thanks" he said blandly, being sarcastic. He didn't take it personal. He could take a joke.

They both just looked at them, unsure of what to say next. Since Abby wasn't really one for uncomfortable silences, she picked up on their not so subtle hints of wanting to talk, as the two of them barely seemed to notice they were there anymore.

"We're going to see if there's anything good in the cafeteria" she said, making up an excuse for her and Sam to leave them alone. Neela gave her a thankful smile. Abby always knew what she wanted without her even having to ask sometimes.

After they were away from ear shot, she said sweetly "What are you doing here, Ray?" Not meaning it rudely, but just asking. She was very happy he had come.

"I came to get those outstanding parking tickets I have off my record" he teased her, figuring the answer should have been obvious. Why did she think he was there?

"Very funny" she said, trying to hold back a smile. He always thought he was so funny. Ok. Maybe on occasion.

"So what did I miss? Is it over?" He hoped he hadn't missed everything and come all the way down here for nothing.

"No. We're just taking a recess right now" she said, telling him without actually giving him the whole story.

"Oh" was all he said at first, before noticing a bench there and being grateful there was. He was feeling a little tired now and needed to sit down and rest.

She took her seat right next to him, understanding what was happening as she could see it evident on his face. She had actually asked him not to come, thinking it was better for him to stay home at a time like this. She also didn't want Ray to have to hear what went on under these kind of circumstances. This wasn't the way to tell him.

"Are you all right?" she asked as she placed a tender hand on his shoulder and scooted in closer. There was now no space left between them.

Turning his head, he looked her straight in the eye and seeing all the care she had for him there, he said quietly "Fine. Stop worrying about me, roomie."

She could feel his breath on her cheek and that was enough to make her heart skip a few beats. This wasn't the time or the place to be having these kind of thoughts, he was still in some pain, not to mention they were in the middle of a courthouse.

"You shouldn't have come. It was too soon" she said sadly. Yes, she was glad he had come but she had also asked him not to. She would tell him what had happened that day in her own way. Doing it for the first time in front of a group of strangers, and the man responsible, was not what she had in mind.

"Don't be ridiculous, I wanted to come" he admitted. Ok, so he had gone against her wishes, but he felt he had a right to be there, and an obligation to.

She couldn't argue with him at a time like this. She hadn't been able to at all lately. Not with the way he was, and after what he did for her, she had been seeing him in a totally different way. Not that she was shocked he had done it, she knew what kind of guy he was, but knowing something and actually witnessing it, were two different things entirely. She would have done the same thing for him.

She placed her arm back at her side which was now touching his, and looked down. Her initial happiness to see him starting to wear off, now she was feeling sadness and dread as she started to think about what was coming.

"So, you done in there?" He figured that was why they had taken a brief recess, not thinking they would take one in the middle of her testimony.

"Not exactly" she said, wanting to avoid the subject, but it had never been easy to lie to him.

"What does that mean?" he asked confused, not sure what she meant but at least knowing something was going on. He had suspected something was off from the moment he had first seen her talking to Abby and Sam when he was walking up. Something was bothering her.

But he always knew when she wasn't telling him the whole truth. "I haven't been crossed examined. I haven't even finished my testimony yet" knowing if she wasn't straightforward with him about it, he wasn't going to give up until she told him. They were alike in that way.

Now he understood what she meant, but there was still something that didn't really make any sense "Then what are you doing out here? Why did they take a break in the middle of your testimony?" he asked, wondering what was going on. He had never heard of anything like this happening before. It didn't make sense for them to leave before she was done.

The tears started to come back in an instant and she just stared forward expressionless.

"Ray, please." She didn't want to say it. Especially not to him. Not like this. Not here.

"Neela" he said softly, picking up on her obvious anguish and feeling sorry for her. "Tell me" he urged. While he felt bad for her, it was pretty clear she needed to talk about this so she could go back in there.

"I can't." Tears finally fell down her cheek that she couldn't hold back any longer. She wished he wouldn't make her talk about this. It was bad enough she had to do it in there.

Stretching his hand out to meet her chin, he gently guided it, using mainly his index finger to have her face look back at his.

Closing her eyes as he did this, reawakening feelings she hadn't experienced since their night together. She had never felt this way about anyone before.

"Look at me" he pleaded, as her eyes were still closed, wanting desperately for her to open them. He was the only one who knew how to talk to her.

She kept them closed for a few more seconds, partly not being able to look at him, and also being swept away by the emotions that had been overwhelmingly created in a few seconds just by being in close proximity to him.

"What is it?" he said sweetly after she finally opened her eyes. She was crying, her eyes sad and turning red, her makeup smeared, but she was still so beautiful. Actually he had always thought of her as being attractive, even a blind person would know that, but didn't think she would ever be interested in him. He wasn't her type. All of his 'innocent' flirting attempts had failed in the past.

She shook her head, pleading with him not to make her talk about it, but even though she would never show it to him, she was helpless in his hands. All the girls he had ever been with had been the same way, although not in the way she did. They would fall at his feet with just a look or a word, proving they didn't want anything more from him than to get in his bed. He had that power over Neela, too. Even the slightest touch or briefest glance made her shake and lose all her ability to think, and even now all she could feel was his skin touching hers, but that wasn't all this was about for her.

He could tell he was going to have to do this more delicately, he couldn't just force her to tell him, and he didn't want to. He would just wait until she was ready, and if she didn't want to tell him then that was ok, too.

He didn't say a word. He looked at her with so much care and tenderness as he moved his hand over to her face and used the back of it to wipe away the tears from her cheeks. Seeing her cry was more than he could take, and with his free hand, reached out to hers and squeezed.

"I thought I was going to have to listen to the tape" she said sadly, sounding so small and shattered, but him giving her the strength she needed to tell him. This was the first time they had ever talked about the accident.

His eyes never left her. He wanted to prove to her that he cared about what she had to say. Which meant a lot. Not that he didn't listen when girls were talking, just he didn't really seem to have much to talk about with them. With Neela it was so easy. She was one of the few girls he actually liked talking to.

He understood what had happened in there. "I don't have to now" she continued. He just listened, letting her get it all out. This wasn't easy for her.

"Good" he smiled, happy for her. He wouldn't want to listen to it either.

"I don't know if I can continue" she admitted. She didn't know if she could go back in there now that he was here.

"Why?" he asked curiously. Neela was never the sort of person to give up or back down from anything. She was the most courageous person he knew.

"I can't do it now that…" she stopped short. She couldn't say it, it was too horrible, and it wasn't going to come out the way she meant. He would just take it the wrong way.

But he could already figure out what was coming next "Now that…I'm here?" he whispered. He knew she wasn't saying it to be hurtful or because she honestly wanted him to leave. That wasn't why. He didn't take it personal.

"I'm sorry" was all she could say. She couldn't lie to him, but now she just felt so bad, and she was unable to look at him again after what she just said.

"Neela" he sighed, shifting in his seat to face more toward her. "You have to go back in there. Not for me, but for you" he emphasized, trying to get the point across. It was necessary for her to go back in there in more ways than one, aside from the obvious reason.

"But I don't think you should-" she started to say

"Listen" he interrupted, he didn't have very much time. He wasn't trying to be rude, but he had to get through to her. And fast. "Of the two of us, you're the one who is having a problem dealing with this." Couldn't be more direct than that.

Her eyes opened wide in shock. "That is not true" she said quickly, finally looking at him again. She wasn't mad, but that was a pretty stupid thing for him to say.

"When did I ever say I didn't want to talk about this?" he asked, not needing to spell it out for her, since they obviously both knew what they were talking about. It had to come up eventually.

Maybe he had a little bit of a point, but she had her reasons. She really was going to talk to him about it. Eventually. She opened her mouth, not really sure what to say to him "I…just" she started. So maybe she had been putting it off, but "was waiting for the right time. You just got out of the hospital." And that was the truth. How could she tell him during all that? It had only been a couple weeks.

Maybe he was being a bit unfair. She did have a point. "That's not all this is about" he told her, getting even more direct than before. It was true, and by saying so little, he was saying everything.

"I know!" she exclaimed, the hurt starting to overpower her. She wished he hadn't made her do this. She didn't want to yell at him, hating herself immediately after she had done it. Giving him a look as if she was begging his forgiveness, "I was going to. You know that" she sniffled.

He needed a different approach. This wasn't going to work this way. She couldn't be like this when she went in there.

"I do." He believed her. He really did. She would have. She had gone through the same thing he had, he just wished she would tell him what really happened. "But don't you think I want to know?" he said quietly, but sweetly, imploring her.

It's true when the mind goes through something that traumatizing, it can't be opened and closed like a box whenever you like. It deals with it when it's ready. If he wanted to know, however, that could be something different. It was a good thing.

Seeing how she had nothing to say to argue with that, he continued, trying to reason with her "You're not going to be able to move forward until you do."

He was right. She knew he was right. She had to do this to get peace.

Not saying a word still, she leaned forward until her head rested gently on his shoulder. He placed his head against hers ever so lightly, returning the favor and wrapping his arm around her. He had finally got through to her. He was the only one who could. He was the first person she had talked to about this and she knew she wouldn't have done it with anyone else but him.

And for the first time in weeks, she felt safe. He made her feel safe again.

But he had been wrong about one thing "I'm not doing this just for me" feeling she needed to say it.

"I know" he smiled, and sighed deeply, squeezing her arm.

She had to do this for both of them. After what he had done for her, she owed him this. She couldn't let him down.

The door to the courtroom opened again, and the bailiff appeared, looking directly at Neela, saying "Dr. Rasgotra, it's time."

They both looked. They had sort of lost track of time. It went by so quickly.

He said to her "Come on" and they both stood up and headed for the door as he held it open for her, ever the gentleman.

She flashed him a smile and saw the girls heading back towards them, walking faster as they noticed how little time they had, going in immediately following Neela.

Three of them sat down, with Ray at the end of the row while she made her way to the witness stand again, and watched her being sworn in.

"Dr. Neela Rasgotra, will you please continue where you left off?" he asked, hoping the time off gave her what she needed in order to be able to finish this.

Ray was straight ahead in the front, with no one in their way, watching her intently.

She wanted to finally get this over with. The sooner the better. "Dr. Barnett left for a moment, then came back suddenly. We all work very closely, so he could tell from my behavior something was off." Although now she was admittedly more talkative and descriptive than she was before.

Looked as though his talk with her had helped. She seemed her old self again. He was glad.

"I thought you said the door was locked?" he asked curiously. Even though he knew everything that went on in the room, it was his job to ask her; for the record.

"There was another door that hadn't been locked which both of us had overlooked, except for Dr. Barnett. He came in through there, and was able to fight the knife away from the patient and he became momentarily unconscious" she explained everything, starting to dread the next part. She still hated having to say it, especially with Ray in the room.

"So that's when you escaped?" he asked, his questioning starting to near it's finish.

"No" was all she said at first, shaking her head "I was very out of sorts and Dr. Barnett was helping to ease my nerves." She was trying to put it more delicately, not wanting to get into specifics. What had happened between them was their business, and she really wasn't going to have Ray find out about it THAT way.

"Nothing wrong with that, Dr. Rasgotra" he said, not needing to but doing so to encourage her. He hadn't asked her to make her feel badly, but he knew the defense would try to argue with it, so he just decided to be more upfront about it.

She was glad he said it. Anything would help right now, however small.

"I know this is hard for you" he started, trying to be more thoughtful of her after the whole incident earlier "but, please tell us what happened when the patient came to."

This was it. She just needed to say it. Finally. Once and for all.

She looked at Ray, who had been watching her this entire time. He gave her this look like he knew she could do it, and that it was going to be ok. That was all she needed. She couldn't do this on her own. He had given her the courage she needed to do this. She wasn't afraid anymore.

"The man started moving about the room, unknowingly to me, because my back was turned. Dr. Barnett could see, and intentionally kept this information from me, not wanting to frighten me, or let the patient know" she described in the best way she could think of how, hoping how she felt that day was coming across to everyone in the room. She paused a few moments before saying what was next.

Ray's eyes suddenly opened wider, as a brief flash came to his mind. He had protected Neela from the man who was trying to kill them. He didn't just figure it out by putting two and two together just now, but he knew. He could see it as clearly as he could see Neela. That was why she didn't want to talk about it or want him to come.

But not long after it started, it was over. He could remember just bits and pieces about the accident, but that was all. It was fuzzy, but at least it was there now, and he could hardly contain his happiness. He wanted to stand up and shout it at her, but knew he couldn't. Unfortunately it would have to wait for later, but at least she was going to be excused soon.

She was finally ready. She could do this. "The patient started coming towards us with the knife again, Dr. Barnett pushed me out harms way. I looked up and saw him stabbing him in the stomach and ran away."

She looked back over at Ray with a glisten starting to come in her eyes and a bittersweet smile forming in the corners of her lips as she said "He saved my life." She wanted everyone in the room to know what he had done for her that day, as a form of pride started to appear on her face.

"Will you please tell us…who it was that held you hostage and stabbed Dr. Barnett? Is that man in the courtroom today?" he asked, starting to walk to the side, giving her a more clear view of the defendant, allowing everyone in the room to be able to see who she was about to identify.

"He is" and looking straight over at the man sitting behind the table on her right, said "Mr. Murphy" and with deadly determination, looked him square in the eye as she pointed at him to give further proof. She hated him in every possible way, but she could at least look at him now. He wasn't going to stop her from what she had to do.

"Your honor, ladies and gentlemen of the jury, let it be known that the witness has just pointed to the defendant…Mr. Thomas Murphy" he said, as he glanced back him for a second.

It was in this moment, that she looked over at Ray again, who was looking at her with a smile. Not in his usual, ordinary way, but in a way she hadn't seen him do since before the accident. What was going on? Maybe she was looking too much into it, but to her, he was more himself than he had been earlier. He seemed more real to her, in the way only she knew him. She didn't know how she knew, but she just knew, something had happened to him when she had been talking just now.

She searched his eyes deeply, looking for the answer. It could have been too much to hope for right now, and she could be wrong, but…did he remember, even if it was just a little, of what she just said?

He held her gaze and didn't look away. No one looked at her this way except him. That look that made always made her heart melt.

She had been right. It was him. He had come back to her.

She was hoping this wouldn't be what he remembered first of all things. He didn't remember everything, he could have, she wasn't sure, but she was just grateful he had remembered something. Didn't matter what it was, and however little, just something. It wasn't much, but it was a start.

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