There are days when the pain all but shuts him down. Those days, which used to be few and far between, are more frequent now. The mornings where the pain wakes him up, the throbbing in his leg is beating in time with his heartbeat. Sitting up to swallow two Vicodin exhausts him and he needs to lay back down until the throbbing is down to a dull roar.

Showering is another ordeal. The hot water feels wonderful, but is overwhelmed by the act of balancing and care not to slip. After, he has to rest once more before he can begin the act of getting dressed. He debates the pros and cons of another Vicodin before his morning coffee and decides to wait just a little longer.

He manages to get dressed, sweating slightly from the exertion. He limps slowly out to the kitchen, where the automated coffee pot has brewed his morning coffee. He gulps it down with two more Vicodin in hopes it will give him the boost he needs to get to work.

He ends up having to sit down again before he can leave. He's sweating again and shaking ever so slightly and despite the excess Vicodin, his leg isn't feeling any less painful.