Britannia High Q&A...

Betsy - Tyler: Okay - This is the first of a series of interviews I'll be writing, so you should feel honored!

Jez: Who is this small person?

Betsy - Tyler: Jez! Shut up! I, the Great B.T, am your interviewer - So button it! Oh, and FYI, I'm actually very tall for my age!

Claudine: Which is?

Betsy - Tyler: Hey! I ask questions, you answer them! Ronnie - Would you the disclaimer for me?

Ronnie: The Great B.T doesn't own any of the characters in the story, they all belong to ITV1. Thank you!

Betsy - Tyler: Thanks Ronnie! Now - I have a few rules...

Rule one: No questions are to be put to Georgina Hagen, Matthew Thomas, Mitch Hewer, Sapphire Elia, Rana Roy, Marquelle Ward or Sophie Powels - Oh, and you aren't allowed to put questions to Holly Barton, Sophie's Emmerdale character.

Rule two: No questions are to be put to me.

Rule three: No swearing! I'm an innocent young girl who has never sworn in her life - If you do swear, I'll replace it with a stupid word like 'Fuzzy Wuzzy' or 'Pippin' and delete the review from the list.

Rule four: Have fun, and feed the rabbits - You'll find them in the hutch marked 'Scary Animals'. Try to avoid touching the big one with two buck teeth and a quiff, he's evil!

Now hit that button and ask some questions!