Oh my god - It's been a while! Still, we're back, and more random than ever! So - JennyShadeSlayer - This is your chapter!!!


Everyone gasps as Captain Teeth pulls the next set of questions from a golden envelope

Captain Teeth: Oh brilliant!!!

Everyone: What!?

Captain Teeth: Can I read them in a different order, please?

Betsy - Tyler: Go right ahead!

Captain Teeth: Okay - Claudine - Why do you have to be so mean?

Everybody but Claudine: Ooooooh!

Claudine: Me? I'm lovely babes!

Ronnie: You wish! But I guess you're just so wrapped up in your own life that you don't give a damn about anyone else. Oh, and Jez? Your haircut is SO gay!!!

Lauren: Wow, Ronnie - What's with all the out - of - characterness?

Ronnie: Oh, but I'm not Ronnie...

She pulls off her Ronnie Fancy Dress costume, revealing herself to be Holly Barton from Emmerdale, Also played by Sophie Powles.

Ronnie: ...I'm Holly Barton from Emmerdale, Also played by Sophie Powles!

Told you so.

Betsy - Tyler: You can't talk!!!

Fine. It 'aint my fault your a *Fuzzy Wuzzy Pippin*

BB: No swearing, Man!

Holly: Hello!?

Jez: Oh yeah - How did you switch places with her?

Holly: It weren't hard! The not - so - great B.T hasn't bothered with this story for two weeks - Leaving me a fortnight to change places!

Everyone gives Betsy - Tyler a dirty look.

Betsy - Tyler: It isn't my fault nobody reviewed!

Holly: Anyway - The deed is done! Ronnie is locked in the janitor's cupboard - Making me Sophie Powles most famous character! Mwah ha ha ha ha!!!!

She jumps out the window.

Jez: Ronnie is locked in the Janitor's cupboard!? I will save her!

He puts on a knights helmet, and rides off on a large white horse

Jez: I'm coming, my love!!!

BB: I think what he means is ne-

Lola: Next question!!!

Captain Teeth: Right! Claudine - What did you do for your audition?

Claudine: You really wanna know? Okay! Hit the music!

She jumps onto a stage that seems to have appeared out of nowhere.

Claudine: 1, 2, a 1234 - Itseems these days, that all you see is violence in movies and sex on TV - But where are those good old fashoined vales on which we used to rely? Sing along!

Everyone: Lucky there's a family guy! Lucky there's a man who, positivley can do all the things that make us...

Danny: Laugh and Cryyyyy!

Claudine: He's. A. Family Guuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuyyyyy! Yeah!!!

Betsy - Tyler: You actually sang that?

Claudine: No. But I thought it would be a good idea to sing something heart - warming after the question about my 'mean' personality. I actually sang my own personal song. Want me to sing it?

Everyone: No.

Holly: That figures.

Claudine: Are you still here!?

She jumps back out the window.

Claudine: I know it'll all bore us to death - But you wanna know what Darren did?

Captain Teeth: Who?

Flashback to Episode Two - Behind The Mask - At the elections...


People do not understand our love shines so brightlyyy!

Oh - So brightly!

Our love shines brightly throoooooooooough!


Er, thank you Darren for that number from your working progress -

'Ant and Dec - The musical'!

Back to normal....

Everyone: Oh yeah...

Betsy - Tyler: So what did he sing?

She points to Darren, who is on the stage, in a tuxedo and rappers cap, with a huge gold necklace that says 'D' on it.

Darren: Oh yes, Oh yes - Gentleman D is in da house! Oh yes, Oh yes - So gettup on the dancefloor and sing this song! So gettup on the dancefloor - Party all night long! Put some party clothes on tonight, cuz' I'm the rapper who's hip, but polite!

Your sitting in the house and it's a bore, it 'aint gotta be like that anymore, put your dance shoes on and give us a twirl - Tonight I'm gunna ROCK YOUR WORLD! Oh yes, Oh yes! So gettup on the dancefloor, and -

Betsy - Tyler: Thank you, Darren!

Darren: You haven't heard the second verse yet!

Betsy - Tyler: I don't have to, I just know it will, erm, top the charts...

Darren: Aah - I'll die happy now.

Betsy - Tyler: Go ahead - Just do it elswhere! Next!!!

Captain Teeth: Oh - Some for Lauren. What's it like in New Forest? And where is it, anyway?

Lauren: In New Forest? Oh, We all sit under the burnt orange sky, where the main part of the city is enclosed in a giant glass dome. Wild animals roam free, at peace with all humans. There isn't a bad word I could say about anyone. Everyone is so nice. There's no crime. No hatred. Just love and happiness...Aah - New forest...Home.

Captain Teeth: Oooookay...

Claudine: So where is it?

Lauren: New Forest? Aaah - New forest. We all sit under the burnt orange sky, where-

Danny: Erm - Ask her the next one?

Captain Teeth: If you had to audition, what would you have done?

Lauren: Aah - There's a little song we sing in New Forest - Aaah - New Forest... We all sit under the burnt orange sky, where the-


Lauren: It goes like this -

The instrumental version of 'I know where I've been' from Hairspray! plays...

Lauren: There's a plaaaaaace, called New Foreeeest, where the skiiiiiies are burnt as the suuuuuun...

Captain Teeth: Right. So, erm, don't forget to ask us questions. We'll leave you with, well, Lauren and her song about New Forest.

Lauren: There's a dreeeeeeeeeeam, That I dream ooooooooof! There's a soooooooooong, that I must sing! But the loooooove, will be manyyyyyy - Worth the hate - Yes, the hate - That we feeeeeeeeel....

Lola: I thought there was no hate in New Forest...

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