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Vampire catnip

By: Wolfalchemistofmoon

" Kaname, Zero, Headmaster, dinner is ready!!" Yuki called from the dinning room. She had spent all evening preparing a delicious dinner for the four of them and really hoped they would enjoy it, even though cooking was not her best trait. The headmaster came running in first.

"Yuki Chan it all looks so good, Daddy's so proud you want to learn how to cook great like him!" Tears of joy fell down his face as he picked up his spoon and dipped it into the soup that was placed in front of him. Yuki slapped his hand. " We have to wait for Kaname and Zero!" She scolded shaking her head.

With a heavy sign he put down the spoon and held his head down like Yuki had just disowned him.

Yuki looked towards the doorway and saw Zero and Kaname standing there. Both of them had smiles on their faces and they really looked pissed as they looked at one another. Kaname gestured towards the open doorway.

" After you Kiryu, I insist." Kaname said to Zero his smile never giving.

Zero smiled right back " no, after you Kuran "

At this rate either two things would happen, Either someone was going to get thrown through the doorway or they were going to keep this up and dinner was going to get cold.

Headmaster Cross's head suddenly came up and he looked quite demented as he shouted at the two quietly feuding teens." Hey you two quit it now get in here thank Yuki and eat or I swear to God I will fucking expel you so fast the ink on the papers won't have had time to dry!"

All three of them stared at Cross in horror. Very quickly Zero and Kaname came in sat and sat down. Yuki sat by Kaname and across from Zero.

The men bowed to Yuki " Thank you, very much!" They all began to eat their soup which really tasted terrible but they weren't going to say that.

" It's great Yuki." Kaname lied. Yuki beamed with happiness. " I'm glad! I was afraid I used too much garlic."

Kaname accidentally broke his spoon and Cross dropped his. They both stared at Yuki like she had just come out of the closet. Then at the exact same time they looked at Zero. Zero took another bite put down his spoon and glared right back. " What?"

" How do you feel Kiryu?" Cross asked concern. Ever so slowly pushing his chair away from the table. Kaname pulled Yuki's chair back and moved his away as well.

" I feel fine why?" He asked taking another bite.

" Yeah why?" Yuki asked Zero seemed fine.

Zero's head slammed into the table. He looked like he had passed out. Yuki quickly got up and went over to him " Oh my God Zero!" She shook him. Nothing. " Kaname what's wrong with him? Should I get him a blood tablet? ( she knew perfectly well he'd throw it right back up anyways.)" Kaname shook his head, " Don't worry he'll get up in a minute."

"But what's wrong with him?" Tears were filling Yuki's eyes. Kaname assured her it really wasn't nothing to worry about. " He'll just be a little different when he gets up."

" A little different!" Cross exclaimed ducking under the table. " Kiryu is going to kill us when he gets up!"

" You mean he'll become a Level E? Oh, no Zero you have to hold on!"

Kaname pulled her away from Zero, "He'll still be a Level D. Just don't expect him to act the same for a few days."

"What do you mean Kaname?"

Zero stirred and jolted up. He looked around with a confused expression from Yuki to Kaname and then under the table to Cross. Zero hung his head down and a small really creepy laugh escaped his lips. He rose from the table and calmly placed his hands on Yuki's shoulders he leaned close to her neck. Kaname tried to shove Zero away but Yuki silenced him with a glance.

"What is it Zero?" she asked expecting him to sink his fangs into her.


She closed her eyes " What do you want?"

Zero smiled, " I want to go to a karaoke bar!" Yuki pulled away from him with a 'what the hell did he just say?' look. Zero began to bounce around like a child on Christmas " Karaoke!!!! I want to do karaoke!!!" Not getting a reaction from Yuki he went over to Kaname and all but jumped on him " Kaname wants to go to a karaoke bar don't you Kaname?" He asked staring at him with very big eyes.

Kaname shook his head. " No, I'm afraid I don't I think you need to go to bed." Zero looked devastated. His eyes filled with tears " I want to go do karaoke!!!!!" he screamed. Yuki covered her ears to try to block out the sound.

"Zero stop now!" Kaname ordered. Instantly Zero's tantrum stopped.

"Karaoke?" Kaname ran out of fuse " We are not going to the fucking karaoke bar!!" Kaname reached inside Zero's jacket and pulled out his Bloody Rose gun. " Here, take your gun, and go shoot at birds or something!" Zero looked at the gun and took off. Kaname sat down and Cross got up from beneath the table. " It's going to be a long three days." Kaname said.

Cross agreed with him sitting down in his chair.

" But what's wrong with him?!" a confused Yuki asked. Kaname looked up as if he had forgotten about her. Shots could be heard in the distance, He looked at Cross " YOU explain." He got up to go see what Zero was shooting at.

"Yuki, I'm sorry I should have told you. I guess it just never occurred to me to tell you about Kiryu." Yuki scoffed " Yeah like you didn't tell me he was a vampire and we all know how well THAT worked out!"

" Ex humans have a weakness none of the other vampires do." Cross explained. Yuki still did not seem to be getting it. Cross sighed. " Tell me Yuki, what happens when you give a cat catnip?"

" It makes the cat act crazy."

Cross nodded. " That's right. Now what do you think will happen when you give a vampire like Kiryu something that is the equivalent to a cat with catnip?"

Yuki looked towards the doorway to see Zero running away from Kaname. " Oh Hell he's going to drive us crazy!!" Cross nodded. "Yes yes, he will most likely annoy us to death before the effects ware off."

" Kaname can't catch me!!!" Zero yelled through the hallways laughing like crazy and shooting at Kaname, of course he was missing on purpose. " You better watch out Kaname these bullets could actually hurt you." He put his gun back into its holder and jumped-up to the second floor railing right as Kaname was about to grab him. He removed his gun again and fired into the ceiling. Kaname jumped up so fast it frightened Zero causing him to drop his gun. Kaname smiled "Got you." He grabbed him pulling him back down to the floor. Cross and Yuki ran towards the two, Kaname held Zero down by the shoulders as he struggled to get free. "Let go!" Zero cried, "You're cheating!"

" Will you calm down?"

" I am calm!" Zero yelled struggling to get free. Kaname took a deep breath, ' I'm going to end of throwing up the rest of the night…' he thought to himself, applying more pressure to Zero's shoulders.

Quickly, he drove his fangs into Zero's neck. Instantly Zero froze from the shock. Instinctively he tried to dig his fingers into Kaname's arms but to no avail. Kaname drunk deeply and quickly. In a few seconds Zero's eyes clouded over and closed. Kaname pulled away, wiping Zero's blood off his mouth. Yuki ran to him and slapped him. " Why did you do that?" she demanded . Kaname shrugged. "He'll be fine. And he was shooting at people so I had to stop him. But most important he's asleep." Kaname bent down and picked Zero up. " He shouldn't need any blood when he gets up. However you two should buy a bottle of aspirin because you're going to need it. I'll be back in an hour when he gets up." He carried Zero towards the back room. " And Yuki." He called glancing over his shoulder.

"Yes Kaname?"

" Please throw away the garlic and anything you made with it. We really don't want to repeat this again."

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