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"It's my turn" Kaname whispered into Zero's ear, leaning into his neck. "What would you like me to do to you?" He asked grazing tattooed skin with his fangs. He felt Zero freeze under him. Kaname pulled away and looked at Zero, he hadn't bitten him but his eyes showed a paralyzing terror. Zero was breathing too hard and too quick. "Zero?" Kaname asked, in a very concern tone, "Zero what are you seeing? Can you hear me." Almost as quickly as the terror had come it faded from his eyes. "I'm sorry, Kaname." He said smiling at his lover. "What did you say?"

"I asked what would you like me to do to you?" He repeated. Zero thought for a second, reaching up he seized Kaname by the back of his head, pulling him down to his neck. "Could you start here?" He asked. Without hesitation Kaname gently pushed his fangs into Zero's neck. Zero's arms fell to his sides as he felt himself get weaker. Very slowly Kaname sucked the blood out. Zero gasped, "Harder…" Kaname went in deeper, drinking heavier. He could feel Zero hardening against him. Bringing his hand down to the erection he griped the younger teens shaft, pumping Zero as he took the blood out of his neck. "Ahh…Kana- Kaname!" Zero moaned his back arched, he threw his arms around Kaname's shoulders urging him on. "Kaname! Ahh!" Kaname pulled out, "You're getting excited from being touched?" He asked laughing slightly. "If you're ready for me, turn over."

Zero rolled over on his stomach. Kaname kissed Zero's shoulder, distracting him as he slowly worked his finger into Zero's entrance. He gasped as Kaname moved in and out "Shh…" Kaname said, "Just relax, I'm trying to make it good for you." Zero nodded, forcing his body to relax. Kaname put in another finger this time Zero couldn't muffle the cry that escaped him. "Kaname!" He cried out his body on fire, "Go inside please!" He begged clutching the blanket on the bed pulling it down to him. "Not yet," Kaname said, moving his fingers the way he had taught Zero. "I love you…" Zero gasped as Kaname stretched him.

"I love you too, my beautiful little vampire." He said taking his fingers out. Kaname held his own firm shaft it was already leaking the thick hot white liquid, as easily as he could he pushed inside. The force of Kaname brought him up to his knees. Zero cried out again, Kaname was much bigger then what had he had been prepared for.

"God Zero!" He gasped pulling in and out "You're so tight!" He pushed harder, hitting Zero's prostate making him scream in pain and pleasure. "Kaname!" He gasped reaching behind him grabbing Kaname forcing him to go deeper inside of him and bringing him to his mouth. Kaname tilted his head giving Zero full access to the blood he sought.. Zero's fangs sunk deep, as gently as Kaname had done to him taking in blood slowly making Kaname's ecstasy quicken, making him harder. Kaname cried out as he released inside Zero. At the same moment Zero retracted his fangs, he licked the blood away from Kaname's neck, sealing the wound. Kaname pulled out of Zero, and as it had been with Kaname a mix of the white liquid and blood came out of Zero. Both of the teens laid in one another's arms. "Did you enjoy that?" Kaname asked, running his fingers through Zero's hair. Zero nodded. "Was I good?" He asked. Kaname smiled kissing Zero on the forehead, "You were amazing."

"I want to try something," Zero requested as he lowered his head down past Kaname's stomach. Zero opened his mouth licking Kaname's tip.

"Zero.." Kaname whispered pushing Zero's head forward. Zero sucked roughly his teeth grazing the skin drawing blood.

"Don't bite…" Kaname instructed, shuddering as Zero sucked harder, but as asked not biting down. "Ahh!" Kaname moaned feeling himself hardening inside the tens mouth feeling himself reaching his climax "Zero, I'm going to…Ahh!" Kaname exploded inside Zero's mouth. Zero's eyes widened as some of Kaname's seed spilled out of his mouth, roughly he pushed himself away from Kaname clutching his throat. Breathless Kaname pulled himself up. "What's wrong?" He asked. Zero looked at Kaname with a panicked expression. Zero opened his mouth, a choking sound escaped his lips. Kaname placed his hand on Zero's shoulder. "What's the matter?" He repeated the question. Zero looked up at Kaname his hand still clutching his throat, his face turning red.

"Oh shit!" Kaname exclaimed, "Are you choking!?" Zero nodded frantically. Quickly Kaname slapped Zero hard on the back leaving a dark red handprint on the bare skin. Zero clutched his stomach as he threw up the contents he has swallowed, gasping he sunk to his knees. Kaname tenderly placed his hand on Zero's shoulder. "You okay?" He asked. Zero pulled himself away from Kaname. Slowly Zero made his way to the bed, throwing himself on the mattress gasping in pain. Kaname swiftly sat on the bed he put his hands on Zero's shoulder. Zero's breathing became shallow. "Zero?" Kaname asked. Zero looked up at Kaname, a fierce hatred burned in his eyes.

"Why are you touching me Kuran?"

Kaname froze. 'Oh no…'

Zero jumped up off the bed he looked at Kaname seeing that he was naked he looked down at his own body. His face showed the confusion in his eyes.

"I want to go to a karaoke bar!" He heard himself say he saw him and Kaname along with three other people at a bar.

Kaname took a deep breath. "Zero calm down…" Zero shook his head wildly.

Another memory came up, "I want you to be healthy, I want you to smile."

He darted passed Kaname picking up his cloths from the floor. "What did you do to me?" Zero demanded. "Why do you look so sad when you're with Yuki?"

"I didn't do anything…"

"Was I good?"

Zero flew into a blind rage. "You fucking liar!" He screamed. "We're naked, I can smell you! I can feel you inside me, I feel contaminated!"

"I love you Name-Name chan…"

Quickly Zero threw on his pants, not wanting Kaname to see anymore of him. Kaname reached towards Zero, he had to explain. "Zero, " He tried. Zero flew past Kaname. "Don't touch me!" he said opening the door to Kaname's room. "Don't come near me again if you do I'll blow your brains out!" He promised as the door slammed behind him. Trying to shut the door on the memories that were not his.

Kaname sat back down on the bed, he covered his eyes with his hand. A sad smile crossed his face. "Good bye Zer-Zer kun"

A few days later....

The night class exited the moon dorm just as the sun was beginning to set. The cries of excitement from the day class echoed throughout the campus as the guardians tried to keep them at bay.

"Come on Cross!" a girl cried trying to get passed Yuki. "I just want to take one picture!" Quickly she pointed the camera at the night class and snapped a picture the flash going off right by Zero's face. Zero grabbed the camera and hurled it across the pavement. "Take your evil flashy thing somewhere else!" He shouted. Instantly he froze baffled at what he had just said. "I'm sorry." He told the girl who was shouting at him. "I'll pay for a new one." He said. Soon afterwards everyone had been gotten to their places. "God what a hassle." Zero said rubbing his head where someone had tossed a book at him. Yuki smiled softly at him. "I'm sorry," she said. "I know how much you hate seeing the night class." Zero blushed. "It's not the night class…"

He had wanted to see Kaname…to get answers for the confusing memories.

"Is it Kaname?" She asked. He hadn't talked about the time he had been under the side effect from the garlic and she really had no idea if he remembered any of it. Zero looked at her startled. "It's okay," She said. "I'm going to go and patrol the North East side." She said. "Can you handle the other side?" Zero nodded. "Yeah…I got it." Zero walked down the side walk, something in the air caught his attention. A familiar smell…Kuran.

"Come out." Zero commanded pulling out the Bloody Rose and pointing it at one of the trees. "Now vampire." From behind the tree Kaname emerged his hands in the air showing he had no intention of causing trouble. Zero lowered his gun but kept his finger on the trigger. "Why are you following me?" He asked.

"I want to talk to you." Kaname said simply. "You need to know what happened between us." Zero shook his head. "I don't want to know, I know what I saw, that's enough."

"I know you must have been confused, but Zero you," Kaname's body was starting to shake, he could feel tears coming up to his eyes. "You wanted to…" Zero put his hand up giving the signal to quit Kaname. "I know," He said "I kissed you, I saw the video."

"Video?" Kaname asked.

"Yeah, the one my brother made."

Kaname laughed at the memory. "I'm sure you have questions." Zero nodded He wanted to see if Kaname's answers went with his memories…

"Okay, ask anything you want and I'll answer it."

Zero fired question after question, what had happened to him, why did he keep thinking about Kaname? Kaname answered the best he could. Explaining how Level D's couldn't eat garlic and the blood bond that had been created between them would make them desire one another both in blood and in body.

"I have one more question." Zero said a question that had been plaguing his mind since that night he had awoke in Kaname's room., "Does the name Name-Name chan mean anything to you?" He asked "I keep hearing this voice in my head calling for someone and Kuran…" Zero stepped closer to the vampire pushing him against the tree. "Are you the one the voice is calling out for?" he asked pressing his body against Kaname's wrapping his arms around him. Kaname hugged Zero to him "I hate you…" Zero said softly pressing his mouth to Kaname's holding him tightly every part of his body crying out for the pureblood.

"But didn't you love me once upon a time?" Kaname asked when Zero pulled away. Zero didn't say anything. His lilac eyes turned red as he gazed down at Kaname's neck. Slowly Kaname tilted his head. "If you really hate me, then resist the blood in the body that the voice is calling out for. You haven't been able to drink any blood for awhile have you?"" Zero tried to push himself away "Let me go Kaname!"

But Kaname held tightly to him. "Tell me you don't love me. Tell me how you feel Zer-Zer kun!" Kaname commanded pushing Zero to his neck. Zero gave in, digging his fangs into Kaname's neck gorging himself with Kaname's blood. Zero pulled back for a moment, " Oh god.." he moaned "Your blood…so good…" He went back in for more. Kaname smiled cradling Zero's head. " I know somewhere deep down you remember but in case you don't you asked me why I looked so sad when I was with Yuki. Do you remember? " Still drinking deeply he gave a small nod. Kaname could feel himself getting weaker. "I…" His eyes were getting heavier, his arms fell to his sides. "I'm always sad because I see the one thing I will never full have."

Zero came out. Gently he licked the blood away from Kaname's neck. "What is it that you want?" He asked supporting Kaname who had become too weak to stand on his own. "I've always wanted you, Zero." He said closing his eyes darkness over taking him.

"Kaname…I love you"

Kaname smiled weakly, "I'm so happy to hear that…"

Zero felt Kaname go limp pitching forward. Zero caught him and pushed him back until he was in a sitting position against the tree. Zero reached into his pocket and pulled out his container of blood tablets. He pried Kaname's mouth open and pushed the tablet in. "Chew Kaname…" Zero instructed. Zero bit into his wrist blood rushed out of the wound Zero forced his wrist to Kaname's mouth letting the blood leak in. Gently Zero massaged Kaname's throat forcing him to swallow. Instinct took over Kaname as he grabbed Zero's wrist roughly he squeezed making blood come out faster. If this is it he wanted to taste as much of Zero's blood as he could…

"Name-Name chan let go." Zero said softly. Kaname immediately let go. He stared at Zero his expression full of hope. "Have you come back to me?" He asked. Zero shook his head. "That was always me," He said "The way I always felt about you. But I was to afraid to tell you." He leaned against Kaname his body shaking with a silent sob. "I didn't think you would ever return my feelings." He cried wrapping his arms around Kaname, his Kaname. "I want you..." He smiled at Kaname, "I should have killed you when I first met you." Kaname hugged Zero to him "And I should have stuck you in an orphanage."

Zero laughed as he got to his feet "C'mon Name Name." He said offering his hand "I will teach you how to be the lover of a vampire hunter."

The End

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