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A Punk Professor?

They had been the hottest group around - "The Half-Bloods", they had called themselves, and they had shaken the whole Wizarding World with their black leather look and their songs about sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll. Black eye makeup, booze and bitches had been their image, and he, he had been their "Prince".

Those idiots at school had classed him as a loser, but they knew nothing. Nothing. Not about him or his alter ego. When The Half-Bloods were centre-stage, they rocked and screamed as hard as the rest of them.

Until the band broke up. Arguments had started and the boys had drifted apart. At the same time she had left him for his nemesis. In less than a week, everything had fallen apart.


Severus Snape sharply shook his head, clearing away unnecessary memories, and strode quickly through the dungeon corridors of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in the direction of the Great Hall.

The start of another horrendous day attempting to teach hopeless fools how to tell poison from pumpkin juice. Every day the same. Except when that Potter brat was in his class, arrogantly ignoring his authority and impudently flaunting his "celebrity status". Then life for the Potions Master got worse.

Black cloud settled comfortably around his dark, greasy hair, and frustration at this sheltered life already building in his chest, Snape swooped bat-like into the bright hall, robes billowing ominously around him.

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