Been a while, huh? Don't worry, I haven't given up on the Chronicles, for all the fans of that. Just having a bit of Writer's Block in that department. But not here! Enjoy!


By Rat

Angry Bob was angry.

Angry Bob wanted to be happy.

Angry Bob saw many successful writers, and they were happy and successful and rich.

"I will write a book," declared Angry Bob, "And then I will be happy."

So, Angry Bob got a writer's desk and started to write a book.

"It should be a romance," he thought. "People like a romance."

"Or maybe a science fiction. Those are fairly popular."

"But action has a successful crowd as well. Oh, what kind of book should I write?"

Angry Bob pored over this dilemma for many hours.

Finally, he knew what book to write.

He banged his fist on the desk in jubilation.

And sent his pen flying.

The full ink pen.

It came down straight into his eye.

Angry Bob quickly died from ink poisoning.


Rat turned to Goat, who was watching him type, and said, "The pen is mightier than the sword."

Yes, I know it's corny, but it's the best I have at the moment. See ya later, and peace out!