Author note: I watched To The Last Man this morning and... well... this happened. Small ramble. Bless Tosh. Comments?

To the End

This is what you do.

You put your heart in a box and pray it won't be broken

Inevitable as the pain is, you hold onto that box; you hope.

Then, when the inevitable inevitability ensues, when your heart lies shattered in the gutter, there's always somewhere to put the pieces....

That is what you do.

Toshiko knows this, and that's why she refastens the box holding Tommy's clothes while blinking unshed tears from her eyes, why she won't meet anyone else's sympathetic gaze, why she moves onward with the hope that, when the time comes again, she won't be as foolish.

Because that's what you do... that's what you have to do to carry on.

Right to the end.