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Summery: When the Riku Replica learns of the truth, he takes off in a frenzy of fear and anger; meeting up with a strange girl named Tora who seems to be able to make him drop his guard with just a look. The Organization soon learns of his whereabouts and he must make a choice. Go with the Order or in danger Tora farther, who can truly make him feel alive. Secrets and lies threaten to destroy him, and he's not sure if he should keep his new name or throw it all away.

Stolen Beliefs

"Vexen, why do you continue to lie to that thing? I mean, that creature is a fake, a mere copy of Riku." Larxene asked lazily.

"Because I don't need him running off on me, Larxene. Now wouldn't that be a major upset if he did run away since he can easily defeat Sora?" Vexen shot back.

Copy? Did I just hear that correct? I'm nothing but a replica of Riku! The replica stumbled backwards, wheeling to face the direction of a door, he bolted toward it. Pushing open the giant doors, he stepped out into the cold night air and looked around, gasping for breath when an icy gust whipped at his face.

"So cold," he gasped, startled by the brittle breeze that had greeted him.

Looking around for a second time, he weighed the options of which way was the best to go. His hair bristled as the sound of running feet grew closer and closer, panicking he bolted in a random direction that would take him away from the castle. Unable to see through the thick fog of fear and anger, he kept on running until he collapsed from exhaustion. "I... I don't understand, why would th...they hide that from me?" He asked breathlessly.

He heard the sound of footsteps a head of him; Riku Replica glanced up and summoned Soul Eater, having it ready in case he needed to defend himself. Confusion flashing across his face, he raised his hand forward and tried to concentrate on the figure. Feeling a gentle hand on his shoulder, his eyes fluttered closed for a moment. "Don't worry, you're safe now, they won't be able to hurt you anymore." A girl whispered.

"Wh.... Who are you?"

Riku Replica stared a head of him, trying to take in the girl's features. He felt her warm hand stroke his cheek, he found himself memorized as the girl spoke again in her soft voice, "You have to get some rest first, than I promise I'll answer all of your questions truthfully."

Unable to fight it off any longer, he gave into his exhaustion and drifted into a peaceful rest. Hoping, praying that this girl was still there. I still wonder what her name is; will she be there when I wake? Or will she have run off to inform the Organization? He asked himself.

He heard the words repeated over and over again, about him being a copy and that girl telling him to rest. Who is that girl? Why did she tell me what she did? Was it to gain my trust? What's this feeling deep inside of me? He asked himself, curious about all this and more. Unsure of why, but a wave of panic flooded him and Riku Replica found himself fighting to wake. I have to wake up! There's something wrong here, what if that girl's in danger? Wake up!

"Ah!" He exclaimed, bolting up right do to the force of his command.

His eyes snapped from one side to the other, searching for the reason of the panic. A smile touching his lips, Riku Replica watched the girl in the corner. Her skin was extremely pale; it was like she hadn't seen the sun in months. She was small compared to him, from the looks of it she would come to his chest. Her hair was a shiny sheet of white gold, and from what he could see her hair fell to her shoulder blades.

She had small, slim features, the soft blue, knee length skirt and white tank top revealing this to him. If he was spell bound the most by one feature it was her eyes: a clear, soft blue-green. He wasn't sure why it was her eyes that captivated him the most, they just did. Was it because they were so beautiful? Or was it because they were a lighter shade of his?

Pushing himself into a sitting position he felt a sharp stab of pain and slumped back over, holding his right arm, trying to control some of the throbbing. The Riku Replica heard something go clattering to the ground, he felt a warm hand touch his arm which caused the pain to ease up.

"Are you okay? Is there anything that I can get for you?" The girl asked, anxious to know if she could help him.

Trying to ignore the pain, Riku Replica asked, "What's your name? How long have I been asleep? Where are..." He bit his lower lip, surprised by the amount his arm hurt. Looking over, he watched the girl run back to the basket and come straight to him, a jar of water in one hand and a cloth in the other.

He felt her press it gently to the injury; the ice-cold feeling seemed to help a little bit. Waiting for her reply, he listened as the girl muttered, "As for your questions, my name is Tora; you've been sleeping for like three days straight and I don't know where we are, I just came here as soon as I found you."

Riku Replica's ocean blue-green eyes looked over at her, the images of that night flashing into his mind. So she was the one that found me, but why do I feel this way toward Tora? He thought, his hand hovering above where "his" heart was. Seeing the concern in her eyes, he smiled sheepishly and shook his head to assure her that he was fine. Reaching out a hand, he gently took a strand of her hair and tucked it behind her ear. "You look better that way you know Tora." He whispered.

Confusion coming to his face at the low laughter, he tried to figure out what he said that had been funny to Tora. What did I say that was so funny? Or is Tora just laughing because she wants to? Gr, this is so confusing! Riku Replica thought flustered, blushing slightly out of embarrassment do to her laughter. Looking away from Tora he tried to think about what he could say, what else did he want to ask this girl? He thought about his questions from earlier, deciding against it he looked at her and continued, "Why did you chose to take care of me? How come you didn't turn me into the Organization? Why didn't you destroy me?"

Riku Replica wanted answers to these and more, looking at Tora for a few moments; he felt his confusion giving way to anger. "Calm down, I choose to take care of you because I felt the need to. I didn't turn you into the Organization because you deserve better, and the reason I didn't destroy you was answered when I told you why I decided to take care of you." Upon hearing this he looked away, the color retreating from his face out of embarrassment.

He tried to collect his thoughts in order, so Tora believed he didn't deserved to be there. Did she know about what he was? Surprise flickered in his eyes as Tora said quietly, "Do you mind if I call you Comet?"

Looking at her at this question, he blurted, "Sure!"

If it was even possible, Comet's face paled even farther, his words caught in his throat he looked away from Tora. This is becoming more and more embarrassing, he thought to himself. Scrambling away from her, Comet eyed the girl, trying to figure out who she was. He saw her concern flickering a cross her eyes, possible another lie. But it seemed so sincere, so he highly doubted that it was an act. He never broke eye contact with her though; he remained where he was watching her; Soul Eater in hand.

"I won't hurt you; I swear it." She said, this shook him even more. Comet couldn't understand how she could read him so easily, when he had trouble reading her; even her darkness was different.

Her eyes glistening in the light from the fire, he saw that she seemed sad about his reaction; he cringed when she moved closer, not liking how she could easily disarm him.

Slapping her hand away, Comet stood up and backed away from her, his eyes guarded he demanded, "Why are you faking that sadness? That pity?" Having just had a hard time, he wasn't too surprised by the girl's reaction, her eyes blazed briefly before they returned to their sad state.

"I'm not faking any of it; you can make me feel for real." She muttered; he heard that under current in her voice. It resembled the same one the nobodies would get.

Comet eyed her; she seemed so fragile, so delicate. It actually hurt to see her that way, looking away so he wouldn't have to see the pain in her eyes; Comet muttered something under his breath. He knew that this caught Tora's attention, matter of fact; it caused her to move toward him. Backing away out of reflex, Comet shook his head at Tora.

He took another step away from her, his thoughts churning endlessly; he snapped, "Why don't you just leave me alone!" Without another word on the matter, Comet stormed off, furious with Tora. He hated that look on her face, that way she could disarm him with just a look.

He didn't take in any of his surrounding; he didn't see the trees thinning little by little. Soon he was out of them, near a pond of crystal-clear water; sitting down near the edge, Comet stared into it. He scowled at the reflection; all he could see was Riku, his original. How could she possibly think he was anything different? He knew that he had to deal with it; and this stupid information he found out, but he couldn't wrap his mind around it. Why am I the fake and he's real? Why was I chosen to be his copy? Why me of all people? he thought.

Comet thought about these questions, turning them over in his mind again and again. He tried to think about it, about his reactions to Tora; the way she made him feel like a lost, scared child. There were only three words to describe his feelings about it: He. Hated. It. He felt the fog settling in, he already knew that daybreak was approaching. It was only when the sun started to rise did he get up, heading back to the campsite Comet tried to suppress the shock when he saw Tora awake.

"What are you doing up? You should be sleeping," he muttered.

Tora's light blue-green eyes held his, pulling him deeper into them than they had before. Shaking his head to clear the trance, Comet glowered at her and remained where he was, at the edge of the clearing. He saw the frown that came to her lips, it unnerved him a little bit, but not as much as it had the night before. "You should have been sleeping too," she retorted.

Comet knew this was true, he cringed a little at that glare, he knew she couldn't see it though. Meeting her gaze with a cold one of his own, he moved forward to stand two feet from her. He could touch her arm if he wanted, but he didn't want to; if he was being honest with himself, he wanted to run away from her. "Your right, I should have been asleep, but just because I wasn't didn't give you any right to stay up." He sneered, without waiting for her reply, Comet walked off, more like stalked off, heading straight back to that pond to clear his thoughts.

Reaching it, he sat down and thought, She's so infuriating, I wish I could just leave her by herself. He knew that's what he wanted more than anything, but it seemed as if he was stuck with her. Running a hand through his hair, Comet sighed and continued to look straight a head of him. He would avoid her as long as possible only returning every few hours to check on her and that was it. He didn't realize how exhausted he was; standing up he moved over to a tree and laying down next to it, grateful for the shade that it provided. Closing his eyes, Comet drifted off to sleep, allowing his mind to block out everything and everyone.

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