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He looked out the window, night had fallen twice since he'd last seen Tora. His lips drawn into a thin line, Comet paced back and forth; he clenched his fist. Unable to process anything clearly, he glanced at Namine, the blond was too focused on the door a head of her. Comet had to admit he was a little anxious, but he couldn't figure out why. He searched his mind and heart, and of course, came up empty.

Comet groaned; he should have known he'd get that from looking inside him self for the answer. Whipping around, he stepped in front of Namine, shielding her from the person emerging from the door. His muscles tight, Comet stood in a battle ready stance, relaxing only when he saw that it was Sora, Donald and Goofy, not Marluxia.

They defeated him, that's great. He thought, relieved at this information. Comet stepped aside to let Namine through, deciding it was time for him to leave, Comet headed toward the door.

Tora easily slipped behind the tree, the ebony cloak protected her from the shadows around her. She glanced around, checking if the coast was clear, when she saw that no one was near, Tora continued on her way. Focused on her mission, the dark headed teen kept moving; she wasn't about to break her promise to him.

Shaking her head, she called upon her memories of not only Comet, but her brother too. She stopped and closed her eyes, summoning the final words her brother said to her; two years ago:

"Tora, you have to remember something."

"What's that brother?"

His green eyes locked onto her blue-green; the soft, gentle brother-father look in them warmed her, much like they'd always done whenever she was frightened. "No matter what, even if we haven't seen each other in years, I'll always be there when you need me." He rested his hand over her heart, smiled and than pulled away from her; his eyes kind.

Tora didn't frown but instead opened her eyes and got moving again, she knew that he was right, that he always was there, even if it wasn't physically. Reaching the doors, she pushed them open, stepping in side she froze and sniffed the air, detecting a strong stench of darkness. "Despite that, I know he's here," she murmured, nodding at what she said, Tora kept moving; heading straight for the basements.

Comet had already exchanged words with Sora, declining his offer to stay with him. It wouldn't matter if he had wanted to anyway, Namine was fixing Sora's memory, the brunette would have forgotten him. Walking down the hallway, he thought about the fact he was a replica, that he was nothing but an empty shell.

Looking up he saw Axel leaning casually against the wall, he sighed but still approached the redheaded Nobody. He stopped two feet from him, looking at Axel he asked, "What do you want?"

Axel smiled a friendly smile, pushing away from the wall; he walked over, causing Comet to take a step back. He wasn't about to forgive the nobody for his stunt earlier, and it must have been clear on his face, because Axel stopped and frowned at him. "Honestly Comet, is that anyway to act toward a friend?" The Nobody asked.

He looked away and snorted, not about to fall for that trick, he met the emerald-eyed pyromaniac's gaze before tapping his foot impatiently. He didn't want to waste time on this creep, but he knew that he couldn't lose him. "How about I make you a deal? I'll help you become someone that's not Riku, your own person." Axel commented lightly.

That pricked his interest, looking at Axel he blinked and thought about how much he wanted that, to be real. Comet nodded his head, he also thought that maybe, if he was real, than Tora wouldn't have kept that stuff hidden from him. Axel smiled at him, turned and summoned a portal; stepping through it the redheaded man left it open for the replica.

Sort of timidly, he stepped through the swirling mass; unable to shake the feeling of uneasy that washed over him. He scanned through his memories, fighting off the darkness to keep his skin from darkening, or his eyes going an amber color. Stepping through the other end, he checked to see where they were, the basements of the castle. Confused, he looked at Axel to see if he would explain anything; but the redheaded man kept his mouth shut. Growing frustrated he clenched his jaw briefly before unclenching it. Not saying a word, Comet stared at Zexion and watched him back up against the wall, only to a moment later relax. "Oh? Oh yes, the replica, of course.

"We can use this Riku to defeat the real one," Zexion said.

Silence, than in a slightly worried tone, Zexion asked, "Axel?"

"Wouldn't you like to be real?"

He slowly nodded his head, and right after that motion several things happened at once. "All you need is the kind of power that the real Riku doesn't have. If you get that, than you can be a new person, not Riku, nor anybody else. You won't just be a copy of someone, you'll be unique, your own self." Axel said, the promise in those words were something he couldn't refuse.

Blinking, he lifted his head and looked at Zexion; wanting to cringe as Zexion demanded, "Axel, what are you saying to him?" He hated it when people acted like he wasn't there, clenching his fist; Comet waited for Axel's next words, to hear if he could get started on killing Zexion.

"You know," Axel started, what did he know? Or at least he was supposed to know? "He's as good as place to start as any."

Comet blinked again, remaining silent through the entire conversation between the two members. He snarled inwardly as Zexion exclaimed, "You can't do this!" Sick of his whining, Comet moved over quickly and grabbed a hold of the collar of his cloak, lifting him high into the air, he choked the sixth member of the Organization, tired of all these lies. He felt Zexion struggling, trying to pry his hand loose, but that only caused him to tighten his grip; soon Zexion started to fade and Comet started to absorb his powers. "Sorry Zexion," Axel began, no regret in his tone, the redhead continued, "Hm, you just found out way too much."

She ran through the first basement, trying to make her way to where he was, frantic as she felt a familiar sensation of uneasy wash over her. I can't do this; I need more information here. How am I supposed to find him by myself? Isa, please help me, she thought, knowing that her brother couldn't hear her. Tora shook her head and kept running, she skidded to a stop as Heartless barred her path. She didn't have time for this; she had to get to Comet right away! Frustrated, she pulled out a kunai knife and flung it at a Neo Shadow. This was going to take some time.

After he was finished, Comet turned to see that Axel was gone, looking down at his hands, he felt anger start to overwhelm him. Axel lied to him. He wasn't any stronger, and he wasn't his own person. "How could he lie to me?" Comet muttered, and instantly knew what he had to do. Stalking off to basement two, it didn't take the replica long to reach it. Glowering at Riku's back, the replica clutched Soul Eater, already knowing that his original was different, he wasn't afraid of the darkness anymore.

"Maybe Namine is here," Riku whispered.

Anger flashing, Comet couldn't take it anymore. "Hold it." He snapped, getting a reaction that he had hoped for, the original jumped and turned around, startled by his order. He held his original's gaze, he stood near the entrance of the forest if you were leaving the mansion; after a moment he moved forward. Stopping with still a decent amount of space between them, he never broke eye contact with the original.

"Hmph. You've changed. Your own darkness--- it doesn't frighten you anymore." He said coldly, and he couldn't believe Riku's comment. How did he know? Comet shook himself mentally, unable to tell if this was for real or if it was Riku's idea of a sick, twisted joke. "Because I'm you," he muttered bitterly. Hating that he was admitting what he was, to him that meant he was giving up on all hope of becoming his own person.

"No, I'M me."

Comet laughed inwardly, he nodded once and repeated, "'I'm me', he says. Must be nice being real. A fake like me could never get away with saying that." He paused, knowing that it cut him deeply to hear himself say that out loud; he could never say something like that. His anger getting the better of him, Comet snarled, looking at his hands, "That's right. I'm a phony, a fake!" He put his hand over his heart, leaving it there for a moment; he hung his head and let his hand drop to his side. "The way I look, the way I feel, everything I remember! And even this new found power!" He sneered, looking down at the ground; he started to glow a bluish-purple color.

He lifted his head, looking at the sky now, he heard Riku's startled "Huh?" but didn't respond right a way. Still glowing, he continued in an angry, self-mocking tone, "I thought by finding some new strength, I could finally be someone...." The dark aura faded away, leaving him once again staring at the ground, ready to break. "Someone who is not at all you! But...nothing changes...I'm still just empty!" He snarled, his voice starting to hint at his inner pain.

"Everything about me is borrowed. As long as you're around," he said, anger and pain lacing every word; he summoned Soul Eater and continued, "I'll never be more than a shadow!" Angry, hurt and confused, Comet glowered at Riku who just glared back, holding his blade above his head; he waited for his original to follow suit.

A few minutes after he had, Riku did the same.

He exchanged blow for blow, even attempting to use Dark Aura, only to be knocked back by the original. He eyes sweeping the area around them, searching to see if there was anything that he could use to his advantage; he froze as his eyes locked on a certain girl. "Tora," he whispered under his breath. His gaze snapping back to Riku, he felt Riku's Soul Eater connect with him. Cuts up and down his arms were bleeding, even a nasty one running along the top of his right eye. Laying defeated in a pool of darkness, he watched as his body started to disintegrate; thinking over some questions he was figuring out should he ask or not. "So, it's over." He whispered his voice weak.

Silence settling in, he muttered softly, "Hmph. Death doesn't frighten me. Good riddance to a phony life." Despite this, he was afraid about what did Tora think; how long had she been there watching? And last, but certainly not least, where would his heart go? Shaking on the inside, he kept up the tough guy act, not wanting Tora to be upset. "My heart was never real;" he finished.

"That's not true, your heart is real; and there are two things you have that Riku does, and never will." Tora said, tears in her voice.

Looking over at her, he raised an eyebrow as Tora whispered softly, "Our memories together and me."

Surprise entering his numb mind, he looked away from her, not wanting to see the tears sliding down her face. To cover his own despair, he ranted, "I'm sure even what I'm feeling now is probably all fake." He was surprised when Riku asked, such innocence and curiosity in his voice, "What are you feeling?"

Quiet, Comet continued to stare up at the sky and answered truthfully, "What happens when a fake dies ---- one like me? Where will my heart go?" The orange and black clouds drifted over head, not parting so he could see the sunset one last time. "Does it disappear?" He asked quietly.

He didn't look away from the sky, but he heard Tora moving closer as Riku answered firmly, "It'll go somewhere." Riku paused, his head down, he continued, "Maybe to the same place as mine."

Comet laughed a little, finding it funny on how much they were a like. "A faithful replica until the very end." He sighed; quiet he felt the tears starting to try to escape. "That's...okay." He said, and he was thankful when he was swallowed by the darkness.

She watched helplessly as he faded away, just like when her brother took the attack from the Heartless for her. Shaken, she looked over to see Riku still staring at where Comet was, stumbling over she gripped his arm and met his blue-green eyes. So, this is Comet's original? she asked herself, taking in his features she could see some resemblance, but Riku wasn't hers. Shaking her head, she pulled away and asked quietly, "Comet, why did you have to disappear?"

Tora felt Riku touch her arm, stepping away she heard him said comfortingly, "You can come with me if you want, and don't worry; I promise I won't ever forget him." She looked at him, and to her that wasn't good enough. She didn't want that; she wanted him here. Shaking her head, she watched Riku walk inside the gate and inside the mansion. Sitting down, she just sat there and allowed the tears to fall.

"And I don't know why, but you always seem to give me another try, so I'm going home. To the place where I belong, where love has always been enough for me. Not running from, though I think you got me all wrong; I don't regret this life choose for me. These places and these faces are getting old," she sang softly, trying to comfort herself, but it wasn't working.

Her knees to her chest, she had her arms wrapped around them and looked at the ground. I wish you didn't have to die Comet, she thought. Her eyes widened, as suddenly a pool of darkness showed up in the exact spot that Comet was. Standing up, she inched forward, peering at it she squeaked as a familiar person started to appear out of it. Instead of silver hair it was pitch black, only the tips were silver. His skin was a still the same shade, but his eyes was the most beautiful shade of emerald green she'd ever seen. "You're, you're here." She said, surprised by the fact that he was there, even though he'd faded not too recently.

Squeaking, Tora flung herself at him only to hear Comet grunt, obviously still wounded from his fight with Riku. Holding him at arm's length, she smiled at him and didn't mind when he asked, "Who's Saix?"

She smiled and chimed, "Well, you see...."

He stared up at the full moon, his blue hair brushing his shoulders, he turned to see Axel. Raising an eyebrow, the gold-eyed young man watched him as the redhead smiled, it was a friendly one. "Hey Saix, you won't believe who I saw." Axel piped up, clearly excited by what ever he saw.

Saix didn't say anything, so Axel continued, "I saw your little sister the other day, remember her?"

He froze completely, looking at the emerald-eyed pyromancia; he shook his head and dismissed Axel. Putting a damper on the redhead's mood, Saix waited until he was gone before drifting over to his desk, opening a drawer he pulled out a photo and looked at it. It was one of him and his sister; she was twelve while he was twenty-five. "Can it be true?" He asked quietly, confused he turned his gaze back to the moon right outside his window. 'Tora, are you really alive?"

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