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Tai Lung has returned to life...

BTW: The Shadow Rogue's Epilogue is not included in this, change of plans. So don't get confused.

Special Thanks to The Mummy, because this idea is sorta based off of it.

Soul Eater

Within the Devil's Lair, also known to many as Hell, former Kung Fu Master Tai Lung roared in pain. After being defeated by the Dragon Warrior, vanquished by the Wuxi Finger Hold, Tai Lung was sentenced by the gods to Hell, where he would be tortured for all eternity.

After two years within the underworld prison, Tai Lung had the appearance of a walking corpse. His skin and flesh was rotted, almost completely decomposed, his lips were chapped and drought due to dehydration, his stomached ached due to starvation, and deep within his tortured soul, he was desperate to escape this eternal fate.

As he was thrown into his personal cell, he struggled to get back on his feet. According to his senses, thank goodness they had not left me, he thought, warned him of another soul approaching him from behind.

Tai Lung spun around, only to come face to face with another corpse. The other walking corpse was an owl, but also a demon. He was marked with a black skull, the sign of those who have become the Devil's servant. Despite the corpse-part, owl appeared Egyptian, his eyes glowed red from the hatred that fueled him, and the armor made him look completely metallic, forget demon and corpse, he looked like a machine. But how could a machine be sent to Hell, Tai Lung wondered, obviously he tried to mechanized himself to prevent death. Clever, yet noneffective.

"Who are you?" Tai Lung asked.

The mechanical owl was silent for a few moments, and then spoke, "I have gone by only one name for centuries, by I will allow you to call me by my original," he said, his voice grim and mechanical all the same, "I am Werkhotep."

Definitely Egyptian, Tai Lung thought, "What are you doing here? What is it that you want?"

"This is not about what I want," Werkhotep concluded, "But merely about...what you want.

"I have lived for centuries, I have killed many as the times went by, I have even witnessed the glory of immortality," he described.

"Immortality?" Tai Lung repeated, "Is that even possible?"

"It is possible for me, and it can be for you," Werkhotep mentioned.

Tai Lung's eyes widened, what was this owl offering him?

"I think we can assist one another to our personal objectives," he said.

"What do you mean?" Tai Lung asked, suspicious.

"I have experienced the glory of immortality upon the living, I have much unfinished 'business' that must be completed. Serve me, and we both can walk among the living once again...as their eternal rulers."

Tai Lung felt honored by this, but at the same time confused, "What is this you offer me, Werkhotep?"

The demon owl's eyes flashed to yellow, "I offer you an escape from this prison. To escape and never return. Serve me, and I will grant you the glory of an immortal, and if you carry out my orders to the end, forever shall you be... an immortal."

Tai Lung hesitated. He was sentenced to suffer the endless torture of Hell forever, and this immortality was looking like the best offer he could get. Forever was a long time, and he was not going to be spending forever in Hell.

Tai Lung scurried to his knees, bowing to him, "What is your bidding?"

"There are enemies above the surface, enemies that could stop us," Werkhotep explained, "I want you to go up there and drain them of their souls, with this you will regenerate into your formal form."

Tai Lung watched as the owl raised its talons, revealing a golden medallion with a red crystal embedded within it, tied into a necklace.

"With this medallion, you will once again walk among the living, you will possess my strength, my powers, and the immortality of the damned," Werkhotep explained, handing him the necklace.

Tai Lung nodded and accepted the medallion, placing it around his neck. And as soon as it was on, the crystal flashed a bright red. Little by little, a red glow overtook his form and lifted him off the ground, and as Werkhotep's eyes flashed, Tai Lung was launched from Hell, spat out from the damned prison.

Within a few seconds, he emerged from the earth, like a flower in the spring, only this flower was a plague. He reached his fist out from the ground, and pulled himself up. As he stood in the night's dark, he looked all around. He was in the woods, which was only a few miles from the lake, and beyond that, the Valley of Peace.

He lifted his chin and roared into the heavens, his mouth extending in stature, Tai Lung was back.

Although he was distances away and his roars were likely silent to most, his roar echoed into the dreams, turning them into nightmares.

Within the Jade Palace, Master Shifu's eyes snapped open, sensing something most unpleasant.

But Shifu was not the only one to sense it. Formal Kung Fu Master and Shadow Rogue Zhan Fray awoken, sitting up from his hammock. Something was wrong, a threat was heading towards his old home the Valley of Peace.

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