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Soul Eater

After rejoining the rest of the Five they returned to the Jade Palace. When they presented the Canopic Jar to Shifu they thought that all is and will be well, however, Zhan Fray found himself between two rhinoceros prison guards in front of the red panda, his wrists and ankles in shackles. The Furious Five stood to the side, along with the Dragon Warrior, as Shifu paced back and forth.

The elderly master examined the Jar, with the head model of an owl, and was made entirely of gold. Such an item would be called valuable in someone's opinion, but in his eyes this would be an artifact to store away with the rest of the sacred relics.

Shifu set aside the Jar and turned to Fray, who was in shackles before him, "Zhan Fray, I thank you for your heroic deed, but I still am pressing charges against you for kidnapping the leader of the Furious Five, and my daughter."

"Whatever makes you happy, old man," Fray replied, one of the rhino guards strapped a shackle around his neck.

"However, I will shorten you time to serve within Chorh-Gom Prison," Shifu replied, "which adds up to only a few months. That burden I shall relieve."

"You always were a little forgiving," the cheetah mentioned as the rhinos picked him up to his feet.

Shifu looked at him and then nodded to the guards, signaling them to take him away. With that the rhinos grabbed Fray's arms and pulled him back, leading him out the door. As the took the cheetah away, Tigress stepped out. "Wait, Master," she started, although she was the most loyal to the red panda, she could not stand aside and watch Zhan be taken away, "Please reconsider, there must be another way..."

The old master raised a hand, stopping her in mid sentence, "I'm afraid there is not, Tigress. My mind is made up. I know the feelings you are suffering, but I must do what is right for you, and for the Valley of Peace."

"Then let him go! He has done nothing against the Valley, only me. He could join us and help us defend China from any other threats."

"Tigress! That's enough!" Shifu snapped, turning his back to her. Although, he could sense her down feeling, and just this once he felt cruel. Realizing his insensitivity, he turned back to her, "Very well, I will allow you each to say goodbye, at least, and within a matter of mouths he may return."

Tigress smiled at her father's generosity, "Thank you," she said, placing her fist in her palm, "Master."

With that, Tigress, along with the others left his presence to say one goodbye to Zhan Fray, while Shifu placed the Canopic Jar, the Jade Palace's latest relic, onto a podium. A final addition to the Sacred Hall of Warriors.

As the Chorh-Gom Prison guards led Fray out of the Palace, the Five and Po caught up with him, to say their final words before he left. They stopped the guards and each said goodbye. Crane tipped his hat to him, showing respect and graditude. Monkey simply shook his hand, Mantis on his shoulder. Viper, who was no longer mind-wiped, gave him a small kiss on the check, not noticing the jealous glare Tigress gave her. Finally, the tiger had her turn.

The two felines took the longest moment, "Looks like I'm leaving again," Fray said, chuckling only a little, "at least I won't be gone as long as before."

"True," Tigress replied, lowering her eyes, "I still wish you could stay now, but before you go again there is something I want to tell you."

"Alright, shoot."

"Zhan, when we were... children," she swallowed the lump in her throat, this was proving to be harder than she thought, "I- I- I had always... liked you..."

Fray's expression did not change, he simply smiled, "Well, of course. I like you too, you're my best friend..."

"No Zhan, I did not mean as a friend," Tigress stopped him, taking hold of her paw, "Zhan... I have had a crush on you for as long as I can remember... and before you go away again, I at least want to give you something." With that, Tigress leaned in and placed a small kiss, more real than Viper's. At first the snake thought it was to "upstage" her, but remember that Tigress was never one for doing such a thing. When she finally pulled away, she looked at Fray, hoping he was satisfied with the truth.

The cheetah looked at him and smiled charmingly, "Thanks, and now I have something to look forward when I get out."

Tigress smiled, and for one of the times that seem to only happen once every random time, she felt happy.

With both friends, soon turned lovers, saying their last goodbyes, the guards took Fray away. Until Po stopped them.

"Hey, wait up one minute," the giant panda told them as they stopped again. "Okay uh, Zhan," Po began, "Gee, I don't really know how to do this, but uh... well, see you in a couple of months. And uh, I'll make sure no one tries to hook up with Tigress while you're gone."

Fray grinned, "You better, because I know where you live, Dragon Warrior." With that final joke, Fray and the guards left.

As for Tigress, although she was sad to see her friend leave again, she was proud of herself for finally telling Fray how she felt, and as a award, she might have herself a boyfriend when he gets out of Prison. (Odd sounding sentence, I know.)

Meanwhile, back in the prison of Hell, Tai Lung was thrown to the ground before Werkhotep. The owl demon looked especially unpleasing with the damned snow leopard, for having failed him.

"I grant you my powers, I grant you my immortality, and still you failed me!"

"Please! Master Werkhotep! Forgive me! Grant me another chance and I promise you, I will not disappoint you," Tai Lung begged, bowing to the mechanical-looking owl.

"I know, because you will not serve me any longer," Werkhotep concluded, "For now, I will place my trust in... another. Someone with more potential than you."

"But, what becomes of me?"

"You?" Werkhotep chuckled evilly, "Your failure leads to your new punishment. For the next thousand years, your torture will be increased by one hundred folds. But do not worry, time works in a perculiar way. When pleasure, an hour feels like a minute, but when torture, a minute feels like a year."

With that, the demon owl laughed as chains tied around Tai Lung's neck, pulling him away as he screamed, begging for mercy of any kind.

Werkhotep ceased his laughing and turned away, facing a mirror-like formation. With a wave of his wing a projector showed the image of another villain.

"I am glad you are present, for I have an assignment for you," Werkhotep negotiated, "and the awards will be... great!"

The silhouette stepped into mortal eye's view, revealing himself as, none other than the infamous Rollo Kio, "I'm listening..."


There you have it. The ending that only leads to more calamities. But what you should all be aware of is the Canopic Jar, for that shall be in the future, and play a big part. So let me just tell you all that you should be alert for my next work, especially the crossovers...

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