Chapter 1

The street was lit as the moon light fell on the quiet street of Privet Drive in Surrey, England. Privet Drive was always a quiet, normal area to live. Normal in the sense that no freaks lived there or visited. Privet Drive was normal. That is, it was normal until this Halloween night.

At the dark end of Privet Drive, away from the streetlights, a man appeared, seemingly out of thin air. If anyone were still awake and looked out their window to see this man, they might think he was crazy. For this man had a great white beard that reached down to his waist and looked to be about 100 years old, even stranger were his clothes. He was wearing a dark blue robe with moon and star patterns all over it. Most on Privet Drive would think him crazy; in fact all of them would, except those living at number 4. They would know he was one of those freaks that had never come around before.

If one were to look closely at the man, they would see that he looked worried. Such a description of the man would be an understatement. For this man was much more than simply worried, he was also feeling afraid. This feeling was a rare one for the man to experience, being who he was. For on this night, the greatest evil that he had ever known was defeated. Rather than feeling joy, though, he was left afraid. This fear came because a child was the cause of the end of the evil. A one year old child defeated the evil that he could not.

Waiting at the dark end of Privet Drive, this strange old man could not stop thinking, "Where is he. He should be here by now. Hagrid must get him first." As these thoughts ran through his head, a faint rumbling could be heard in the air. The sound of a rumbling engine from the sky continued to grow as the man was lost in his thoughts.

Eventually, the old man was pulled from his thoughts when a motorcycle descended from the air to the pavement of Privet Drive. Upon seeing the passengers on the motorcycle, the old man visibly relaxed, and a faint smile made its way to his face.

Now, if anyone had been watching, and thought the old man or flying motorcycles were strange; they would be at a loss to describe the motorcycles driver. Climbing off the motorcycle was a very large man, if it was indeed a man. This man was almost as tall as two full grown men and larger than any sumo wrestler around. No, this was no man; he was some kind of giant.

The giant approached the old man carrying a small bundle of white blankets. Upon reaching the old man, the giant said, "'Ere 'e is, sir. I got 'im from Sirius 'fore anyone else got there."

The old man responded, "Excellent work, Hagrid. I'll take him to his relatives from here. I want you to get back to headquarters and offer your help where needed."

"Alrigh' sir," Hagrid said. "Still don' think we should leave 'im with 'em muggles though," he grumbled. He returned to the air on his motorcycle, and was gone in a flash.

The old man turned to the bundle of blankets that contained a small child within. Though the child was only a year old, the old man could feel the power coming from him, surrounding him. The old man's face once again became worried. He knew that the Dark Lord was only defeated temporarily, not truly destroyed. He would need this child in the future to completely destroy the evil. But the child's power was too great. The old man would not be able to control the child properly in the future. "There was only one solution available," he thought.

Quickly so Minerva could not see what he was doing, Albus Dumbldore took out a long stick and waved it over the sleeping baby and wordless said a spell in his mind so the others would not know his plot.

"Conceal his power in this hour."

The old man placed the child on the ground and pulled the blanket future up around the child as he bent and kissed his small forehead. "There now, Harry, that's much better," the old man said. No longer could the old man feel the great power coming from the child. Smiling once again, he took the child to number 4 Privet Drive. Placing him on the ground in front of the door with a note for his relatives, the old man turned to walk away. Leaving, the old man thought, "I'll see you in a few years young Harry. Then we can begin our work." Smiling even bigger now, the man took one last look at the child, and disappeared just as he had appeared only minutes before.

Petunia Dursley was driving home from her meeting. She sighed as she took up a picture of herself and a young woman with fire red hair and green eyes. A tear fell from her eyes as she put the picture down.

"Why did you have to leave me Lilly? Why didn't you listen to my vision? So I'm a Wiccan and not a Magical born Witch I'm still the leader of my coven. If your son is on my door step you can bet my magic I'll raise him secretly in the ways of magic both yours and mine. Vernon will never know. And your hero Dumbldore will never be able to control him."

And when she pulled into the drive way there on the doorstep was a bundle. Rushing to the front doors she picked up the bundle and pulled back the blanket to reveal Harry James Potter her nephew.

She kissed his head and smiled down to find Lilly's Green eyes watching him. "Hello my little angel. Don't worry Harry you're safe with me." And so Harry Potter went inside with his aunt and so began his training as a Wiccan secretly, right under Vernon's nose. For years Vernon Dursley was none the wiser that his wife's cousin was really his nephew from his wife's Witch sister Lilly Evens Potter.

But that was going to change soon.