Pairing: Kaname/Zero, Zero/Kaname

Rating: M

Genre: Angst, Hurt/Comfort, Romance

Warnings for this chapter: Lemon alert! :)

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Notes: Since there were requests for Kaname/Zero as well as Zero/Kaname I decided to write both versions in this chapter. As thank you for all the lovely reviews and your support, so to say. ^^ Thank you for staying with me until the end of this story and I hope you enjoy the last chapter of "You have to hate before you love".

Word count: 6,019

Summary: It's the aftermath of the battle. Kaname and Zero take some time to relax. Even though Kaname has some other things in mind entirely…

"My only love sprung from my only hate"

William Shakespeare- Romeo and Juliet.


One week later

It had been one week since the fight against Raiden and his untimely demise. One entire week spent recuperating in Kaname's room together on the pureblood's insistence. They had been hurt pretty badly, but as the saying goes: Time heals every wound. Kaname didn't want Zero to worry any more than necessary, but the wound on his stomach had taken a lot out of him. Therefore, even though they shared one bed and Kaname relished his lover's constant presence, they hadn't been able to do more than exchange slow kisses from time to time.

They'd both been way too exhausted after the current events and were content with the leisure pace that was set on their way back to normal. Well, at least as normal as it could get in their lives.

At the moment they had moved from the bed to one of Kaname's settees. Zero had decided to take the time and look through his lover's vast book collection until one of them caught his eye. Once he'd found one that looked interesting enough and Kaname had returned to the room after getting some documents from Takuma that he'd wanted to look over for some time now, they both stretched out on the settee, Zero's head resting comfortably in Kaname's lap. It had become a routine for them after spending so much time together in a room, but neither of them was complaining.

"When do you find the time to read all these books?" Zero murmured while Kaname's fingers carded through his silver hair. He moved on to the next page and resisted the urge to close his eyes and just enjoy the soft touch of Kaname's hand on his head. Kaname swept some bangs away from Zero's face so he could see the hunter's eyes.

"It can become kind of lonely when you're a pureblood." he said and put the folder down to take a sip of the wine he'd deposited on the table. "Believe me, I've had enough time to read all of them more than just once."

"But you're not lonely anymore."

It wasn't a question, but Kaname made an agreeing noise nonetheless and picked the folder back up with his free hand. The other had wandered from Zero's head down to his neck and the hunter shivered when Kaname's fingertips swept over a sensitive spot right beneath his ear.

"I can't really believe how everything played out between us in the end." Zero stated and closed the book to look up at his lover. There was an amused glint in Kaname's eyes that Zero couldn't define.

"Yeah… considering in the beginning I always thought this feeling I had towards you was hatred. It took me some time to realize that it was something else entirely. That it had always been so much more."

Lifting one of his hands, Zero placed his fingers lightly behind Kaname's head and pulled him down until he could press a gentle kiss to his lips. He enjoyed the slide of the pureblood's soft lips against his and the way Kaname's hand fisted into his hair while the fingers of his other hand caressed along his arm and down to the hand that was still holding the book.

"I don't think you'll find enough time to read this tonight." Kaname whispered against Zero's mouth. The book was set down on the table and Kaname linked their fingers together with a quirk of his lips. Zero couldn't help but reciprocate the smile while he gazed up and into Kaname's vermillion eyes. "And why is that?"

"Because I've got something better in mind to occupy your time."

With this he swept down and pressed their lips together in another kiss. This time there was nothing innocent and sweet about it and Zero gasped when Kaname bit down on his lower lip, taking his chance to sweep his tongue over the wound and into the hunter's mouth. There was a tang of blood, but instead of dimnishing Zero's desire the pain seemed to heighten it instead.

Kaname changed their positions until he had Zero laid out beneath him. Straddling his lover, the pureblood broke away and began to trail kisses down the hunter's throat. They were both just clad in pants and shirts since they'd spent almost the entire day inside of the Moon Dorm. The other vampires had mostly accepted their relationship by now, especially after they found out that Zero had been the one to save Kaname's life in the end. And even though Zero didn't see it like that (after all, he'd have been done for if Kaname hadn't decided to follow Raiden and rescue him) some of the Night Class students had even gone and thanked the hunter personally. Kaname had teased him mercilessly when he'd seen the blush spreading over Zero's face. This action brought him an admittedly impressive glare from his lover and after he'd been ignored for the better part of the day he'd apologized and snuggled back up into Zero's arms.

A sharp bite to his neck brought Zero back from his thoughts and he shivered when Kaname growled against his skin.

"I'm definitely doing something wrong here if you can still think about other things. The only thing you should think about is me."

Zero wrapped his arms around Kaname's back and lifted his head until he could press his lips against his lover's ear. He knew that it was probably a bad idea to tease him, but part of him wanted to know what his reaction would be. He wanted Kaname to let loose and to not hold back in fear of hurting him.

"Then I think you ought to try harder. I'm just so easily distracted."

They looked at each other for a moment and Kaname grinned when he saw the challenge in the other's eyes. And who was he to deny such a promising event.

Brushing his hands back down over Zero's body, he started to unbutton the white shirt, so he could reach his lover's soft skin. Desire took hold of him, growing stronger the more skin was exposed before him and he smiled down at his mate. "You know, I think I never really thanked you."

"What for?" Zero replied a little breathlessly. His hands rested on Kaname's hips where their bodies rested together and his grip tightened when he saw his lover's smile. There was something melancholic in his gaze that hadn't been there since they got together.

"For staying with me." Kaname whispered and Zero's breath caught in his throat at the vulnerability reflected in the pureblood's eyes. "For believing in me and not giving up when all odds stood against us. Thank you for being just the way you are."

"You're welcome." Zero breathed and wrapped his arms around Kaname's shoulders. His fingers swept gently through the soft hair at the base of his neck and he had to swallow several times in order to hold back the emotions that threatened to overwhelm him at his lover's words.

All his life he'd never really thought that he would find someone to love and for that person to love him in return. He'd resigned himself to the fact that he would continue to hunt vampires until one day, he wouldn't be able to return from one of his missions. He'd imagined the reactions of the people he loved. Yuuki and the Chairman would have grieved for him, just as Yagari would have, but in the end they would have moved on with their lives as if he'd never existed. They would have spared him some thoughts from time to time, and there would have been sadness that could never completely vanish, but with time they would have replaced the sentiment with happier thoughts. And it would have been alright. He'd never wanted to cause them any pain. He was always praying for their happiness, and it had hurt every time to see the pain in their eyes when he had come back from one of his missions bloody and with wounds all over his body.

Zero would always be a hunter and nothing could change that fact. But now that he had Kaname by his side, he felt more determined than ever to stay alive, no matter what.

Concentrating on the present time and on the vampire currently looming over him, Zero initiated another kiss before pulling Kaname further down and on top of him. Their bodies were completely aligned and Zero relished the proximity between them. If not for his persistent arousal he would have been content to remain exactly as they were now. As it was, Zero was extremely aware of every single one of Kaname's reactions to their current position, the growing bulge in the other's pants more than enough proof that he wasn't the only one aroused by their extended contact.

"Is that a gun in your pants or are you just happy to see me?" Zero joked, hoping to lighten the mood. He was relieved to feel a huff of laughter against the side of his neck.

"That was really lame, even for you." the pureblood snorted and lifted his head to smirk at his lover. "But you're more than welcome to find out for yourself."

"Oh, I will." Zero replied, mirroring Kaname's smirk and unbuttoning the pureblood's white shirt until he could slide it down his arms. The only thing remaining on their bodies now were their pants, but before Zero could even attempt to remove them he was swept away in another mind-blowing kiss. His mind went blissfully blank and he moaned when a skillful hand traced a burning path down his chest, slipping to the front of his pants.

"I'm pretty certain that we're both overdressed." Kaname growled into his mouth before he resumed their kiss, at the same time popping open the button on his jeans and dragging the zipper down, intentionally brushing his knuckles against the straining length there. Meanwhile, Zero fumbled with the pureblood's clothes and emited a frustrated growl when he failed to slip the button on Kaname's pants free on his first try. The other vampire looked on in amusement as the hunter leaned back to get a better look at what he was doing, making a low sound of triumph in the back of his throat when he finally succeeded.

He made short work of pushing the last clothes out of the way, letting them fall in a heap on the floor, until there were no barriers left between them. Bracing himself against the soft cushions beneath, Zero ground their bodies together. He smiled when Kaname's breath stuttered. The sound of skin sliding against skin filled the room along with their laboured breathing and Zero arched his back with an embarrassingly loud moan when his lover's hands ran lightly over his side and around his body.

"I love the way you're so eager for my touch." Kaname murmured into Zero's ear. His hands continued their exploration and the hunter shuddered excitedly when gentle fingers brushed over his backside and down to where he wanted them most at the moment. "Your body's practically begging for more."

The words were confirmed by the desperate sound Zero let out when one of the fingers, that had been tracing along the rim of his entrance, suddenly pushed inside. Zero looked up with a confused expression when he felt the smooth glide of the digit that could only be possible with some kind of lubricant. Nothing new so far, except for the fact that there hadn't been anything in their surroundings suitable to be used in such a way.

"I've learned to always be prepared for every possible outcome." Kaname said with a mischievous grin when he saw the adorable look of confusion on his lover's face.

"Always the perfect little Boy Scout, aren't you?" Zero snorted, but he had difficulties to form coherent thoughts when Kaname decided to continue his ministrations by adding a second finger.

"I'm sure a Boy Scout wouldn't do what I'm about to do to you, my love."

The promise in those sultry words and the feelings the term of endearment evoked in Zero made him suck in a breath, his eyes fluttering shut at the sudden images that played before his eyes.

It had been a while since they'd last made love, so Kaname took his time opening Zero up, enjoying the soft sighs that escaped his lover with every twist of his fingers. Only when he had the hunter begging beneath him, arching with the pressure Kaname's deft fingers exerted on his prostate, did the pureblood pull the digits out of Zero's hot channel. By then, the hunter was lost in the throes of ecstasy, moaning helplessly at the sudden emptiness.

"Please, Kaname-!"

Feeling his own need mounting, Kaname couldn't find it in himself to tease his lover any longer. He buried his face against the side of Zero's neck, breathing in the scent of their mixed arousal, as he carefully pushed his engorged member into the tight heat of the hunter's body. The moan leaving Zero's mouth was nothing short of wanton and Kaname clenched his teeth with a deep groan while he tried to stave off his impending orgasm.

"Kaname…" Gentle hands framed the pureblood's face and when he opened his eyes it was to his lover's gentle smile. Leaning into the touch, Kaname listened to their breathing evening out before he pushed deeper into the inviting heat of Zero's body. They both moaned at the delicious friction and Zero pressed another kiss to the pureblood's lips before he dug his heels into the back of Kaname's thighs, urging him to move.

Soon their bodies writhed together in perfect sync. After everything that had happened in the past weeks Kaname still found it hard to believe that they'd come this far and were now able to consumate their newly shared blood-bond. Zero's wanton moans only heightened Kaname's desire and he growled when the hunter's nails dug deeply into his back with his next thrust. The sweet scent of blood filled the room and Zero clenched around the pureblood's erection when a shudder wrecked his body.

"God-! Kaname, I need…aah~!"

"What do you need, my love?" Kaname whispered and pushed deeper into his mate's body, wrenching another cry from his lips.

"More! I need more! Please-!" Zero's words turned into another series of gasps and moans when Kaname pulled him into a sitting position until he was perched on the pureblood's lap, the other's cock still firmly lodged inside of him. The angle caused the head of Kaname's length to constantly struck his prostate and every thought that had been swirling through Zero's head was lost in the haze of their pleasure. Only when a firm but gentle hand took hold of his head and pulled him forwards until his mouth was pressed against the side of Kaname's neck, was he able to stop the movement of his hips long enough to think more or less coherently. The gesture made Kaname's intentions more than clear. However, there was something that needed to be said before they were completely lost in pleasure.

"I love you." Zero whispered, staring deeply into Kaname's eyes. He leaned in until their foreheads rested against each other. "And I'll never leave you. I'm sorry that it's taken me so long to figure out my feelings for you."

"We're together now." Kaname replied with a soft smile, his eyes shining with love for his mate. "That's all that matters."

Slowly starting up his movement again, he buried his face against Zero's throat, pressing his lips against the madly fluttering pulse beneath the delicate skin.

"I love you, too." It was barely more than a soft whisper, but Zero heard it nonetheless and his eyes softened at the words. "I know."

Mouths meeting for another blissful kiss their bodies continued their sensual dance. Already, Zero could feel a tightening in his gut and his mind went blank for a moment when Kaname scraped his fangs along his pulse point. However, he didn't want this to end just yet. He relished in the closeness between them and the way they were connected so perfectly. He could feel every movement of Kaname inside of him and how he filled him so completely. Their bodies were pressed together, slick with sweat as their hands ran over soft and unblemished skin. Zero's fingers lingered on Kaname's stomach where his wound had been after the fight with Raiden. The injury was completely healed by now, but still Zero could remember the terror that had consumed him at the sight of Raiden thrusting his sword through Kaname's body. He'd come so close to losing him. Too close.

"It's alright, Zero." Kaname whispered against his ear and gently took hold of Zero's hands. Prying them away from his stomach, he lifted them to press a kiss to the knuckles of each hand before he met the hunter's eyes. "I'm okay. We've both survived."

Zero nodded and leaned into the pureblood's body. His mouth latched onto the pale skin of Kaname's throat and he smiled when he heard a deep moan rumble through his lover's chest.

"Take my blood." Kaname pleaded, and Zero shivered at how wrecked he sounded.

"You too." he whispered against his lover's skin. As soon as he felt him nod in affirmation Zero leaned in and sank his fangs into the offered neck. At the same time he felt a sharp pain from his neck as Kaname bit him, but the pain soon turned into pleasure, and together with the taste of Kaname's rich blood on his tongue Zero couldn't hold back his orgasm any longer. Pressing back against his lover, a broken moan escaped his lips when their pace quickened, the sound being muffled against Kaname's skin. The pureblood's thrusts soon turned frantic with need and when one of his hands wandered down and took hold of Zero's straining erection, the hunter pulled back from Kaname's neck and cried out his lover's name as he came. His orgasm seemed to last forever and vaguely Zero could feel Kaname's body going tense beneath him as his own release was triggered. Withdrawing his fangs from Zero's neck, Kaname let out a short gasp before he spilled deep intside his mate's body.

When they came back down they were both breathing heavily. Kaname gently pulled his softening member out of Zero's still clenching channel and groaned softly when he repositioned them until they were stretched out along the silky cushions. His arms wrapped almost unconsciously around Zero's waist, so he was spooning the hunter from behind.

"We should do this more often." Kaname mumbled against Zero's shoulder with a lazy grin, while his hands ran lazily over the smooth skin of his lover's stomach.

"Sure." Zero snorted and turned his head to look at his lover, earning himself a peck to the nose that made him smile. "Because we aren't doing it as many times as possible already."

Kaname's grin only widened and Zero rolled his eyes at the next words that were mumbled against his skin. "I didn't plan for a crazy pureblood to interrupt our honeymoon phase."

"Keep telling yourself that."

Kaname hummed softly against the bare neck in front of him before he disentangled himself from Zero's body and strode over to the door leading to his bathroom.

"What are you doing?" Zero questioned and sat up on the settee, shivering at the cold air that hit his overheated body as soon as Kaname was gone. The other vampire only tilted his head back with a smug smile and continued walking. "I'm gonna take a shower. Feel free to join me whenever you want."

Zero laughed softly at the invitation, but instead of following his lover immediately he let his body sag back against the cushions. He knew that, as soon as he joined Kaname in the shower, there would be no way they could clean themselves before moving onto the next round of steaming hot sex. So, staying where he was, Zero decided to give Kaname some minutes before joining him. Stretching his limbs, he revelled in the slight soreness that almost always followed their more intense love-making sessions. His back ached and when the sound of the shower finally reached his ears, his mind immediately switched to images of his lover's body, soaked beneath the gentle spray of water, and the things he wanted to do to him. Already, Zero could feel the first tendrils of his newly awakening arousal. Staying where he was for another minute or so, he finally decided that he had given his lover more than enough time to clean himself. He pushed himself up into a standing position and strode over to the closed bathroom door.

Steam was billowing around the room when Zero entered and a surge of desire took hold of his body when he spied Kaname's lean form, hands pressed against the shower stall. His head was thrown back, so the water followed a path down his back and over his firm buttocks. Zero swallowed when his length twitched at the sight. Some minutes ago he'd thought that Kaname had worn him out with their previous round of love-making, but that had been before he laid eyes on this mouth-watering display of smooth skin and barely contained power.

Zero followed the water droplets with his eyes as they travelled down, until they vanished between the supple cheeks of Kaname's ass.

"Are you going to join me?" The hunter's head whipped up and he was able to detect a teasing smile on Kaname's face, even though their eyes didn't meet. "I don't care if you want to continue your staring, but I'd rather have your hands on my body than your eyes."

That was all the invitation Zero needed and with a low growl he walked over to the shower stall. He crowded his lover against the wall and wrapped his arms around his trim waist.

"I'm not sure if you even know what you're asking for, Kaname." he breathed against the pureblood's soft skin. He pressed his lips against his lover's shoulder and hummed appreciatively when Kaname tilted his head to the side to offer more of his neck to Zero. Taking the offer, Zero trailed gentle kisses along the length of Kaname's throat. All the while, his hands circled over the pureblood's stomach and up to his chest. Kaname let out a low moan when Zero's fingers caught one of his nipples, teasing it into hardness.

"Zero!" Kaname's eyes closed in bliss when his lover's fingers pinched the slowly reddening buds before they travelled back down the pureblood's abdomen. Zero grinned when he felt Kaname's muscles contract beneath his fingertips. His lips rested against his mate's smooth skin, so he was able to feel Kaname's quickening pulse and hear the way his breathing grew more and more erratic.

"Do you want me, Kaname?"

The pureblood moaned at the sudden role reversal. Some minutes ago he'd been dominating Zero and had the hunter begging beneath him. Now he was the one begging for more. Kaname had been in control all his life. He'd learned early on that it was imperative to always be in control, lest he wake up with a dagger through his heart. He'd needed to know every move in advance, every risk. He'd strived to know everything about his allies, and even more so about his enemies.

To have Zero take this control away from him was new but arousing at the same time.

A sharp nip to his jugular vein brought him back from his thoughts.

"I don't like to repeat myself, Kaname." Zero growled and pushed the pureblood against the cold wall, crowding him from behind. "Do you want me?"

"Yes…" Kaname breathed, pushing back into Zero's body. He moaned when he felt the hunter's erection move against the cleft of his ass.

"Sorry, I can't hear you."

Kaname whined when Zero pulled back and away from him, but before he could complain further he was spun around. His back collided with the wall and he gasped as Zero's lips covered his in another hot kiss. A strong thigh was pushed between his legs and he cried out at the sudden pressure against his groin.

"Answer me."

Another moan fell from Kaname's lips and Zero gripped onto his wrists, pinning them roughly against the wall.

"Answer. Me."

"Yes." Kaname groaned out through clenched teeth and thrust his hips forward, rubbing his straining erection against Zero's thigh. "I want you. Please, Zero! Please… nngh… just take me!"

Apparently, that was all it took for Zero's last ounce of self-control to break down. It was as if something inside of the hunter had suddenly snapped. Before Kaname could utter another sound he was hoisted up against the cold stone wall, his legs wrapping automatically around Zero's waist. His breath stuttered in his chest when Zero's completely erected length pressed against his opening, teasing but not penetrating.

"Zero… lube-!"

The hunter nodded with a slightly dazed expression and grabbed for one of the shampoo bottles on the shelf next to them. Squeezing a generous amount onto his fingers, he coated them evenly before letting them wander down to Kaname's entrance. Every other time he would have taken his time to tease his lover until he was going half mad with desire. However, right now he was too excited himself. He wanted to be inside of Kaname, to feel those tight walls clenching down on his manhood and relish in the noises the pureblood emitted when he was completely lost in pleasure.

Pushing two fingers at once into the welcoming heat of his lover's body, Zero was surprised to meet almost no resistance.

"Didn't want to waste any time." Kaname panted in aswer to the unvoiced question and pushed back onto the fingers that were still buried inside of him.

"So you prepared yourself?" Zero couldn't deny the desire that coursed through his body at the thought and he easily pushed in another finger, slightly crooking the digits and pressing them against Kaname's prostate. The cry that was wrung from the pureblood's throat was bordering on desperate as he nodded his head in affirmation, too far gone to form a coherent sentence.

"Did you think about me when you had your fingers up that sweet ass?" Zero purred into Kaname's ear and grinned when he felt the shudder that worked itself through the brunette's body. This opportunity was just too good to pass up on, and even though everything inside of him wanted to finally lay claim to the pureblood Zero decided to wait another moment. The look on Kaname's face when he continued to whisper dirty words and promises into his ear was a pretty good alternative though. "Did you imagine it were my fingers, opening you up? Did you think about the way I'm gonna fill you up so good until you cannot think about anything but me? Or were you hoping for a rough ride?"

Zero's smirk became downright smug when he felt Kaname's hole contracting almost painfully around his fingers at those last words. The pureblood's head was thrown back against the cold wall and his eyes were screwed shut in pleasure.

"I see…" Zero hummed and sucked a dark bruise into the skin right above his lover's collarbone. He was rewarded with Kaname's hands in his hair, pulling him forward until their mouths crashed together again. When they parted Zero continued to whisper lowly against Kaname's lips, grinning all the time.

"So you like the thought of me manhandling you? Did you think about me lifting you up against the wall like this, of me thrusting into your body without a second thought, taking what I want from you? Do you get off on the image of being used like this?"

"Just… when it's you." Kaname huffed out. They were still rocking together and the pureblood could already feel the pressure building in his lower abdomen. If they didn't move on to the next stage soon, he would come before Zero could even penetrate him. But before he could warn Zero about his impending orgasm, he felt the fingers retracting and something bigger and hotter taking their place. Kaname let out a contented sigh when Zero finally pushed into him until he was buried to the hilt. Both of them remained motionless for a moment, just enjoying the feelings that swept through both of them. Soon though it became too much and Kaname squirmed against the hunter's firm body.

"Move… please!"

His plea was met with a firm thrust from his lover and Kaname moaned in delight, gripping onto Zero's shoulders when the hunter began to move in earnest. If he were human Kaname was sure that he would have bruises all along his back where he was pressed against the wall. Zero's grip was unyielding and every time he thrust forward Kaname was pushed roughly against the cold stone of the shower wall. However, at the moment he didn't care for comfort at all. Everything he wanted was for Zero to keep moving, carrying them both towards their release.

Kaname gasped when Zero buried his fangs in the sensitive skin of his neck. Everything before his eyes began to blur, but he knew that it had nothing to do with blood loss and everything with the immense pleasure the bite was awakening inside of him.

All this time Zero kept moving in and out of Kaname's tight channel, his pace picking up when he realised that his lover was almost at the brink of his own release. His hands gripped onto the pureblood's waist, leaving dark bruises on the marble-like skin. Deep red lines adorned his own back where Kaname's nails had raked along the flesh. If his lover wanted it rough, who was he to deny him this pleasure?

Water was still falling down on their heated bodies, but neither of them was aware enough to care. The droplets rolled off of their skin and Zero leaned forward to follow the path they drew along Kaname's clavicle and down over his chest, catching them with his tongue and relishing the sweet taste of his lover's skin mixed with the residue of the pureblood's blood that still remained in his mouth. Feeling his own climax near, Zero picked up the pace of his thrusts. The world around them seemed to vanish. There was nothing but them and the pleasure they shared.

Kaname was the first to fall over the proverbial edge, and with a shout of Zero's name he clenched down on the cock moving inside of him, coming between their bodies without his own erection being touched. The call of the hunter's name was lost in another drawn-out moan and when Zero felt Kaname's hole twitching around his own length his mind went blank. With a bitten-off curse he buried his face against the side of the pureblood's neck, shooting his seed deep into the clenching channel of his mate. Judging from the choked sound that Kaname emitted and the wetness spreading between them, Zero realised that the brunette had reached climax once more at the feeling of the hot release coating his inner walls.

Kaname felt completely claimed and he leaned his head contentedly on Zero's shoulder for a moment. When he'd catched his breath he pulled softly on Zero's hair, tilting his head until their mouths could meet in a languid kiss. The passion from before had mostly vanished, their need being quenched for the time being. Their tongues brushed together lazily until Zero broke the kiss to meet Kaname's eyes. There was a loving smile on his lips that the pureblood couldn't help but return. Kaname would have been content to remain like this for the rest of his life. At last, Zero carefully pulled back from their embrace, his softening cock slipping out of Kaname's body with a soft squelching sound that made the pureblood blush. There was a moment in which he felt unbelievably empty and vulnerable, but Zero pulled him back into his arms without a second thought, maneuvering them so they stood under the shower stream.

He let the water wash over them, hands dancing over Kaname's skin as he helped to clean him from the residue of their love-making. From time to time he kneaded and massaged the firm muscles beneath his fingers, smiling when the last of Kaname's tension evaporated. When he deemed them both clean enough Zero ushered the pureblood out of the room, throwing him one of the fluffy white towels and watching him dry himself before he pulled him over to their shared bed.

Laying himself down on the cool sheets, Zero reached for Kaname with a questioning look in his eyes.

The gesture was met with a gentle smile, and Kaname let himself be pulled down next to his lover. Tangling their legs together, Kaname used his power to move the sheets over their naked bodies.

It was a while before Zero broke the silence during which they'd listened to the sound of their heartbeats slowing down again until they were almost perfectly synchronized.

"What are we going to do now?"

There was a short silence in which Kaname thought about how to answer the question. After some moments he pressed a kiss to Zero's forehead and pulled him closer.

"We'll continue with our normal lives. You'll work for the Hunter Association and help them control the Level E vampires. In the meantime, I'm going to further the coexistence between humans and vampires. I'll try to keep the vampire society in check and if we're lucky I'm gonna be able to help you out on some of your missions. I mean, we are a pretty good team. It would be a shame to not take advantage of that."

Zero couldn't help but smile and intertwined their hands where they laid together between their bodies as he listened to Kaname.

"I admit that there's still much to do and there'll certainly be difficulties along the way, but I'm pretty sure we'll be able to deal with those as well. However, I intend to think about all of this when I'm not lying in bed with my ravishing and- more importantly- naked mate. So, what do you say we use the rest of our time off for some more productive activities and leave the unpleasant stuff for later?"

Zero laughed and nestled further up against his lover, wrapping his arms around Kaname's waist and brushing his lips over the skin right above his heart.

"Can't you think of anything else but sex?"

He rolled his eyes when he was pushed onto his back, Kaname towering over him. The expression on the pureblood's face morphed into a mischievous one as he pushed Zero's legs apart to settle down between them.

"At the moment my answer would be a definite ´No´. It's your fault really, for being so tempting."

"Oh, really? Now it's suddenly my fault?" Zero snorted and pinched Kaname's side, eliciting a gasp from his lover. Rolling them both over, Zero settled on top of Kaname, looking down at him with a smug expression. "In that case I'll probably have to take responsibility. Why don't I start right now?"

With a sparkle in his slowly reddening eyes Zero leaned down to slant their lips together.

There would come darker times again, and Zero knew that his life was going to change irrevocably. The changes had already begun, even though, he admitted with a look at his lover, they weren't all bad. New problems would arise and unknown enemies would step into their way. But Kaname was right. They would deal with these things when the time came.

For now, Zero had his hands full dealing with the vampire spread out beneath him on the bed.

And he was completely okay with that.

The End