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Kagura and Sougo - In the depths

Kagura was standing in a dark street. There were street lamps spread out along one side. She could see a railing that outlined a park in front of her. As she moved closer, she felt a cold wind brush past her. She was alone in this strangely familiar place, and it sent chills down her spine. She was usually strong willed and fearless, but this was too eerie to take light heartedly. The park gate creaked open, and she continued down the path. She eventually reached the large pond in the far corner of the park. She peered into its deep waters, and wondered why she had come there. Then she screamed.

Kagura sat up bolt upright. She looked around, and she was in her room. It had been a dream. But it did not feel like one. It was all too real. She remembered the feel of the harsh wind brushing against her cheeks. She shivered. It was early morning, and the sun was rising. She got up, and dressed, then went in search of food – that always helped.

After downing the usual fifty bowls of rice, Kagura grabbed her umbrella and went strolling out of the house, hoping to distract herself from the horror she had just witnessed. It wasn't something that one could just forget, but she could at least try and find something else to focus on.

Kagura had been walking for about half an hour when she felt the effects of the shock. Her eyesight was blurring, and she could feel the strength in her legs slowly leaving her. She was about to turn around and head back, when she felt a strong arm go around her neck, and a fist messing up her hair. Okita Sougo was giving her a nougie.

She managed to work her way out of his hold and throw him to the ground. Despite her weakened state, this was still possible. Sougo got up again instantly. They both took their fighting stances, willing and ready to tear up the other limb from limb. This would have happened too, if it weren't for Kagura's steadily worsening condition. Her balance was leaving her now, and her legs were becoming difficult to stand with. She looked up at the blurry Sougo, and let out what would not usually have been an empty threat,

"I'll beat the **** out'a you! You little ****!" Sougo was about to reply with a rather less empty threat, when she collapsed,

"Oi China… You couldn't beat up a fly in that condition." He said to her as he prodded her on the shoulder. She didn't move.

Sougo was going to leave Kagura lying there, but then remembered he was on duty, and that sadly meant helping-people-who-pass-out-with-no-one-else-around-to-help-them was on his to-do list. He scooped her up in his arms easily and slung her over his shoulder. He would take her back to her house and leave her on the doorstep. That was more than acceptable in his mind.

Meanwhile, Kagura was regaining consciousness. She was still feeling weak, but coconscious none-the-less. She opened her eyes, which had begun to un-blur a little, and noticed her favourite store to her right,

"Ah! Stop a second, I have to go in there."

"Why? You can't afford anything in that shop."

"Shut up, I'm not that broke."

Sougo carried her inside the shop, as she was still unable to walk, and Kagura bought a pack of Sukonbu. She ate this while Sougo carried her back to the apartment she lived in with Sakata Gintoki. Sougo was ready to ring the bell then leave Kagura on the doorstep, but she told him that Gin was out betting on the races with Hasegawa. He took her over to the sofa, then dropped her on it,

"I'll be going now then China," Sougo announced, heading for the door. He was almost there, but Sadaharu was hungry, and in a playful mood, so he showed this in the usual way by putting the nearest human head inside his mouth. The nearest human was Sougo.

Sadaharu sat on the doormat wagging his tail, while Sougo attempted to escape the dog's jaw. He emerged several minutes later gasping for air, and with thin lines of blood running down his face where Sadaharu's teeth had sunk in. He put some dog food in Sadaharu's bowl to distract the hound with,

"Can you please train your dog to not eat people?" He asked Kagura, as he left.

Kagura ignored Sougo's request, and lay there on the sofa. She fell asleep in seconds. She was inside a dark building with a tall roof, and stain glass windows. There were rows of seats on either side of her, and an alter at the front, dimly lit by two candles. Kagura realized she was in some sort of church. She walked up to the alter carefully, and felt the same feel of uneasiness that she had felt in the park. She reached the alter, and noticed a book lying next to one of the candles. It had her name written in gold lettering on the front. She opened it to the first page, and screamed.

Kagura woke up seconds after having fallen asleep, and realized she was screaming out loud. She had to clasp her hands over her mouth to stop. What she had seen in the book had been far too horrifying. It had been a reminder of what she had seen in the park pond in her dream the previous night. She barely noticed Sougo re-enter the room. He had returned because of her scream, as police officers of any kind ought to respond to loud screams. He walked over to her, a bored expression on his face,

"Oi China, don't scream, you'll break the windows." He complained. Kagura ignored his teasing; she was in far too much shock. She sat there on the sofa trying to get her heartbeat to return to the normal rate.

Sougo sighed. He was very lazy, and very uncaring of most people. He sat down next to Kagura, deciding the quickest way to get out of there, was to take the professional approach and then he would at least have done his job,

"Oi" He prodded her on the shoulder as she sat there staring at her hands as if there was something horrifying in them, "Why did you scream,"

"I- I saw…" Kagura attempted to speak, but the words came out as a whisper. Her eyes went blank, and her mouth stopped quivering. She swallowed hard,

"I saw something horrible, my worst nightmare. It was beyond imagination, yet so real, and if it were to really happen, I doubt I could go on living. I saw it in a dream; just now, and last night. And every time I see it, I wake up feeling weaker and more scared."

Sougo tried to read her expression. She was clearly truly petrified. She slowly slumped back onto the sofa, loosing the strength to sit up. Sougo hated this. It wasn't something the police could ignore. If it had been any other girl, it would have been different, but this was Kagura, and if Kagura was scared of something, something in vision like nightmares, then it was definitely something to worry about. Sougo knew this, as Kagura was probably one of his strongest rivals; his equal in combat. He sighed once more,

"I guess I have no choice then." He phoned the Shinsengumi headquarters to report the situation. Then returned to where Kagura was lying down. He would have to question her on the details of her dreams, and find out what threat they posed.

After eating some Sukonbu, Kagura eventually became able to talk, she described as much of the dreams as she could, but whenever she got to the parts where she discovered the horrible truth, she became unable to say it. Reliving the moment was too painful. Sougo decided that the only way to solve this, was to get Kagura to fall asleep again, and find out more details the next time she had a similar dream. Hopefully she wouldn't have another, and they would turn out to have been horrible coincidences. But Sougo had a strange feeling about this, and his instincts had never let him down before.

It was not easy to get Kagura to sleep though. She had had plenty the night before, and after the fresh memories of the terror, she was wide-awake, and unwilling to try. She tried to order Sougo about but that failed miserably. He turned the TV on, and put on the most boring program he could find, then forced Kagura to stare at it, hoping this would make her fall asleep. Kagura was being stubborn though, and would not close her eyes, even though her vision was blurring again. Sougo eventually decided that this stubborn girl would not fall asleep until she had to, so he would have to hang around until that time.

Sakata Gintoki arrived back from his day of epic failure at the races, to a rather odd scene: Okita Sougo was lounging on the floor in front of the sofa, and Kagura on the sofa, and they were both watching a documentary on the history of legislation in Edo. This seemed to Gintoki to be completely illogical, as firstly; Sougo did not live here, Secondly; Sougo and Kagura did not usually get along well, and thirdly; the program seemed to be the most boring thing ever created. Gin had had a long day, and could not be bothered to try and figure out what was going on, so he just ignored them and slumped off to his room, taking a carton of strawberry milk with him.