Author's note: I've now edited all of the original 4 chapters. Depending on how the anime goes, I may write the final chapter... I'm just waiting to see if some new material comes up before I round it off (Don't worry I know where the plot is going still). Enjoy x

Kagura sighed as she lay against Sougo. She was happy, but extremely confused. She realized now that she must like him, or she would have left by now. What she did not understand was why. She traced around his pecks with her finger, and then began kissing his neck. She enjoyed this, and wondered why he had not stopped her. She sat up suddenly. Sougo sat up with her,

"What's wrong?" he asked her, actually looking concerned. Kagura did not reply. She sat there wide eyed. It had dawned on her that this could still be part of his plan. Was he luring her into a false sense of security? Did he only plan on enticing her so as to gain information? She had to think of a way of testing him to find out,

"I-I've lost it!" She began. It was the beginning of round three, the decider match between them,

"Lost what?" Sougo was becoming suspicious. He did not know whether Kagura was still playing the information game, or genuinely liked him. She had been asking strange questions about his past after all,

"My necklace! Its gone… no…" She faked a sob. Her bad acting was obvious, but Sougo had to play along,

"Necklace?" Sougo put more concern into his voice, wondering where she was going with this,

"It was a momento from my mother. She gave it to me before she died. It was so important to me…" She managed to force a tear to roll down her cheek,

"From your mother?" Sougo was well aware that Kagura had no such item, so he knew she was planning something. He didn't want to get caught up in her plan, so he would pretend he had, and revolve his plan around hers, "Where did you last have it"

"I… I think I was by the pond…" Kagura chose the first place that came to her head, "The one in the park."

"I'll find it for you. Come on." He grabbed her hand and stood up. Sougo grabbed his jacket and pulled it on, before walking out of his room.

Kagura followed Sougo all the way to the park. She had a strange feeling she had chosen a bad place. She couldn't remember why, but it sent chills down her spine just being there. When they reached the pond, it was already getting dark. Sougo began looking around for the necklace that he knew did not exist. He would have to figure out what her plan was before he could plan anything.

After a while Sougo turned and looked towards the pond. Kagura watched him. He walked right up to the edge, and peered in,

"You don't think it could have fallen in do you?" He asked her,

"I doubt it," She said cunningly, "But I was quite close to the edge." Without warning, Sougo dived. Right into the pond. Kagura stood gapeing at where he had been standing a moment ago. She hadn't expected him to go in without any prompts. Sougo swam right to the bottom of the pond, and around in circles for a bit. He could hold his breath for quite a while. Kagura wondered if he was genuinely looking for the necklace. He would never find it, so she would know if he was serious or not by how long he insisted on looking for it.

Sougo swam until he could hold his breath no longer. He came up for air, then went straight back down before Kagura could say anything. She stared after him, wondering if he would figure out that it wasn't there or not. She watched the water's ripples slowly fading away. She wondered why the pond creeped her out so much. It was getting dark, and Sougo's ability to see down there would be gone soon. He would have to give in at that point. If he did, she would have to find some other way of testing him. She suddenly remembered everything. The memory hit her like a bullet to the head, and she shrieked,

"Sougo! Get out of the water!" She yelled. She was terrified of the evil it could inflict. She called to him several times, but no reply came. He had been down there for a long time now – longer than any human could hold their breath. And no air bubbles had reached the surface. Kagura hesitated, but then jumped in after him. She didn't care if he failed the test. She remembered him carrying her all the way home, despite his past encounters with her. She remembered how he had guarded her little bedroom, sitting diligently outside for most of the night. She knew in that moment, that she cared about him.

Meanwhile, Sougo was still searching for the lost necklace. He felt like something strange was going on. He had been swimming for a long time now, but he had not needed to come up for air. He wondered for a moment if he should actually try putting effort into looking for this necklace – just in case it did exist. He overturned a few stones, and looked through some of the plants, but found nothing strange. He was about to give in, when he realized what was wrong. He was breathing. He was breathing water. He went up to the surface, but could not leave the water. It was like an invisible force was keeping him under.

Just then, Sougo heard a splash. He looked around, and saw Kagura swimming towards him, looking worried. He swam over to her as fast as he could, signalling for her to go back. He didn't want the same thing to happen to her. She kept coming towards him though, and refused to turn around until she had grabbed his hand. She climbed out of the water, but could not go all the way. Her hand refused to leave the water while she was still holding Sougo's hand. She gulped. She did not know what to do.

Kagura thought back to her nightmares. The true horror she had seen in them, and realized this was equally terrifying. She would not give in. She grabbed her umbrella, and started shooting at the water around Sougo. She tried pulling him harder, but her hand would not stay gripping him. She did not know how much longer he could survive down in the pond, and feared for his life. Sougo was beginning to loose nerve. He did not want to be separated from Kagura, and he certainly did not want to remain in the pond for the rest of his days.

Several minutes later, Kagura had tried everything she could think of. She was really panicking now. She had closely considered her nightmare for any clues as to how to get out of this mess, but could think of nothing. She fell to her knees, still holding Sougo's hand. She felt a tear make slow progress down her cheek, as if the tear felt as helpless as she did. She whimpered,

"Punk brat! Please come back." She felt her eyes well up with more tears. Sougo could only watch from underneath the water's surface. He did not like seeing her cry like this, and felt like it was his fault somehow.

Kagura sat there, and punched the ground with her free hand. After a short while, she did it again, but harder,

"Why can't you leave the pond!" She shouted, "You mean more to me than that stupid nightmare! Please come back! I'll tell you anything you want to know!" Sougo heard this, and realized why she had been testing him. She did care about him after all. He felt like a complete idiot. He had been the one acting suspiciously. He had been the one playing games. He had forced her into a corner, and made it near impossible for him to achieve his own goal. She had every right to think that he might be doing all of those things. He had started this. Sougo let go of Kagura's hand, and jumped. He jumped right out of the water.

Kagura's eyes widened. Everything seemed to happen in slow motion: Sougo leapt out of the water like a lion pouncing on its prey, but instead of attacking Kagura, he wrapped his arms around her.

"S-Sougo.." Kagura whimpered as she gripped him tightly.

"It's ok now. I'm here." He reassured her,

"How?" Kagura asked him,

"I don't know…"